Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 75 Rural Non-Mainstream Little Ghost

Ning Meng didn’t understand a word the director said.

She reached out a hand and touched the beads, feeling it very comfortable. The constant heat transmitted from above, like a heat pack that was shaken.

When she originally entered the swimming pool, her body felt a little cold, but now, she had completely lost that feeling, unsure of how the beads were able to do that.

She was still sighing when she heard Shi Qi’s cold voice ring out, “Does the director have anything more to say?”

Ning Meng looked over in surprise.

She didn’t understand the meaning of his words, but seeing Wang Tianmin’s unsightly face, she was sure he knew what Shi Qi had meant.

The moment Wang Tianmin was questioned, his heart clenched tightly.

It was unknown whether he was afraid of being asked such a question.

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The surroundings suddenly fell into silence.

“When?” Ning Meng started to ask, “Who was it at that time?”

Wang Tianmin glanced at Shi Qi, and seeing that he wasn’t going to interject, he reckoned that he held the same questions as the female student.

He sighed and said, “A long time ago, probably about 20 years ago, when the swimming pool was newly built during summer vacation, and within a few days of using it, a female teacher had drowned here. I was still a small employee at that time so I couldn’t get in touch with the specifics of the situation. The principal at the time decided not to make any announcements, and the female teacher had no relatives, so the matter soon came to a close.”

When it came down to the last few words, Wang Tianmin’s tone was a little weak.

This kind of speculative matter was really not glorious. The swimming pool was only newly built and having people that died in it certainly didn’t make it lucky.

Wang Tianmin added, “In fact, there was another reason. The funding for the construction of the swimming pool was drawn from the Education Bureau and it took a lot of effort to persuade them for it. If such an ominous matter was leaked out, the swimming pool would most likely be sealed, and everything would be wasted by then.”

C University happened to be competing with another school in the past so the news would have exposed their weakness to them. As such, they decided to cover it up.

Twenty years ago, the Internet was not very developed, and there were very few people who were present at the time so it was easy to hide it, only a few insiders knew.

Shi Qi suddenly asked, “How did she die?”

Wang Tianmin was still recalling the matter and when he was asked this question, he quickly said, “It was a very common drowning incident. It wasn’t as bizarre as what had happened this time.”

He recalled for a moment and described, “Back then, it was not long after the pool was filled with water. The teacher stayed at school during summer vacation. In the evening, she had a whim to go and swim, but something went wrong.”

By the time she was discovered, she already had no vital signs.

Ning Meng frowned, always feeling that something was wrong.

If you think in terms of looking for a simple scapegoat, why was Gu Miaomiao’s method of death so complicated?

Or did it mean that the murderer was someone else?

She observed her surroundings. Meng Ning had been to this swimming pool many times, and tonight was the first time she had come here after possessing Meng Ning’s body.

As for whether there was a ghost in here, she didn’t know.

But regardless of that, since Shi Qi went to school here before, he must’ve already come to this swimming pool and if there were any ghosts here, he would have already dealt with it.

Shi Qi only nodded and pushed open the door.

The small room was sealed close. Upon opening the door, wind breezed in.

Wang Tianmin walked at the end, and shivered before shutting the door.

Staying here to watch the footage used up a lot of their time, who knows what happened outside.

No words were spoken along the way and when they reached the door between the swimming pool and the changing room, they came to a stop.

Wang Tianmin moved forward, “I’ll open the lock.”

He took out the key and opened the lock.

During this period, he didn’t even dare lift his head, because there were two pieces of glass above the door, which was similar to ward doors in a hospital.

As soon as the door opened, he quickly backed away.

Shi Qi frowned slightly, “Step back a little bit.”

From the glass pieces, one could see that the other side was pitch black, and three figures were reflected on it like a mirror.

Wang Tianmin’s heart leapt up to his throat and just as he was about to say something, his figure froze up. He pointed above, stuttering, “The-The-There’s something!”

Ning Meng was so startled by him, she looked over without any mental preparation and saw a face leaning on the window. Its eyeballs were rolling around, looking at the three of them.

Out of the blue, a ghost face popped out.

The glass piece was only a tiny bit big, so the ghost’s face was the only part visible. It pressed against it, blood flowing out of its facial features, looking extremely terrifying.

Seeing Ning Meng watching, it even bared its teeth at her.

Ning Meng: “…”

Just because she’s a coward doesn’t mean the ghost could easily scare her.

The director stuck close to the wall, watching Shi Qi stand by the door, and as he lightly touched the door, the ghost face wrinkled.

Then it disappeared behind the door with an ugly expression.

As soon as it left, darkness returned to the glass, and at this moment, it gave people an unfathomable feeling.

Ning Meng breathed a sigh of relief.

Shi Qi had an indifferent face, and he took out something from his pocket, blowing on it. After it fell to the ground, it grew at a speed visible to the human eye.

Not long after, a child-like thing appeared in front of the three people.

It was a little ghost.

Ning Meng’s eyes widened when she saw what it looked like.

Wasn’t this the rural non-mainstream ghost in red and green she complained about before?

She had a deep memory of this. At that time, in Ningning’s body, the little ghost came over to scare her in the middle of the night, and in the end, it squeezed out the window and ran away.

She didn’t expect to see it here today.

It was still dressed in that red and green floral clothes, its face possessing two red lumps, and its skin was white as if it had been smeared with white paint, appearing terrifyingly pale.

Its figure was chubby and it stood there motionless.

Shi Qi’s taste was really…

Ning Meng deeply felt that she had left him too early back then and had not been able to help him cultivate proper aesthetics, which led to the birth of such a terrible-looking little ghost.

She stared at it intently.

It was unknown whether it had sensed her gaze, but the little ghost suddenly looked at her, and pulled a face. Paired with its face and the redness of its cheeks…

It can be said to have looked very scary.

Shi Qi followed its gaze and turned his head.

Ning Meng quickly cleaned up her expression and pretended that nothing had happened.

The fact that she possessed Ningning in the past can’t be discovered, otherwise there will be no good fruit to eat in the future, but the life of Ningning was really comfortable, she really missed it now that she thought about it.

The little ghost turned back again, and not knowing what it heard, its big head nodded, its little hand pushed open the door, squeezing in along the seams.

Naturally, Wang Tianmin could see it too, and was very frightened.

He continuously stepped back, panting for breath, nearly bursting out screaming.

Looking at the kid-like little ghost run out after squeezing through the door, he tremblingly asked, “Student Shi, what was that?”

Ning Meng replied, “Um…that’s a robot.”

Wang Tianmin: “……”

Don’t fool him and think he doesn’t know, Student Meng.

Although he had guessed it in his heart, he didn’t get an answer verbally but alsol didn’t dare to deny that possibility.

The little ghost disappeared into the darkness after opening the door.

Very quickly, it ran back, moving around happily, seemingly to convey some information.

Shi Qi turned his face and calmly said, “Let’s take a look.”

Ning Meng stuck close to his side and replied, “Ok ok ok.”

Seeing a female student act unafraid, as the director of the Academic Affairs Office, Wang Tianmin felt that he should act as a role model and hence, also pulled out a smile, “Okay, then let’s go and take a look.”

Perhaps because the little ghost had opened the way for them, until the nearest swimming pool, it was very safe, nothing happened.

Even the ghost face disappeared.

As for the owner of that ghost face, it was even harder to find out.

The little ghost squeezed beside Shi Qi whereas Ning Meng stayed on the other side.

Wang Tianmin saw that the two best positions were occupied, so he could only walk behind silently, looking at the two people and child who looked like a family in front, and deeply feeling that this world had become different.

Tonight, he had not only seen a ghost’s face, but also saw a paper turned into a child and started running!

After walking through half of the hall, they arrived at the swimming pool.

There was still a short distance from the swimming pool when Ning Meng felt something was off.

She was wearing sandals today, with a very flat bottom, and the sound of stepping on the tiles had also changed, as if she was stepping on the surface of water, making small splashing noises.

As they approached the pool, her feet seemed to feel the water too.

Ning Meng wiggled her toes before reaching out her hand to pull Shi Qi, and reminded, “There is water on the ground.”

Since the light wasn’t turned on, she was not sure whether it was water or some other liquid. There was no scent of blood at the tip of her nose, so it shouldn’t be blood.

When Wang Tianmin heard the movement, he shook the flashlight.

The strong light shone in front, allowing a large area to be seen clearly.

The water in the swimming pool was very calm, but surrounding it was a circle of water which gradually spread to their feet.

And among these water marks, was a pair of footprints.

One could only imagine that the owner of the footprints climbed up from the swimming pool and walked all the way, leaving water stains until they reached them.

Ning Meng was terrified by her hallucination.

Suddenly, a faint splash rang out, and she abruptly looked up at the swimming pool.

The usually calm waters bulged at a visible speed.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, no one would believe how such non-scientific things could happen.

The bulging part of the water travelled from the center of the water all the way to the edges.

Then, it calmed down.

Ning Meng couldn’t help but think, has ‘it’ climbed up ashore?

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