Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 73 Little Quick-Witted Thing

Ning Meng was very excited in the face of this incomparable temptation, but she still righteously said, “No.”

Shi Qi lowered his lids and responded, “Alright.”

His originally exquisite face seemed to be dyed with a touch of loneliness, and his chin was also strained, appearing a little pitiful.

Ning Meng hesitated.

She couldn’t stand seeing this appearance of Shi Qi the most. It was like he had gone back to the time when he was young and adorable, making her want to stuff his face into her arms and rub his head.

She struggled for a moment and coughed slightly, “I think it’s better if I listen to you.”

Shi Qi raised his eyes and replied, “Okay.”

Ning Meng felt that she had heard hints of delight in his tone, and deeply felt that the decision she had made was correct.

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The second person they invited was a Taoist priest with a big beard and looked very decent. Who knew that after holding a peach wood sword for a long time, he said that he was useless. That ghost’s skills were too profound, scaring people into believing him.

If it wasn’t because they found out they were cheated out of money in the end, they wouldn’t have remained oblivious.

Fortunately, he was finally caught in the police station, where he was sentenced to stay in for several years.

As for this current one, the principal didn’t say where he had come from, and merely said that he was not an ordinary person, so he should treat him well and must not be sloppy.

Seeing that it was not early anymore, he took the initiative to break the silence, and asked, “Shall we go now?”

Shi Qi said, “En.”

The farther they went, the closer they got to the changing room.

The changing room in front was the one the three boys had mentioned when they left a while ago, it was also the changing room closest to the pool where the accident occurred.

Director of the Academic Affairs Office Wang Tianmin was very nervous.

Originally, he was supposed to go home and sleep today. He didn’t expect that the principal would leave this matter with him during the meeting in the afternoon. The principal shook his hand and said earnestly, “Xiao Wang, you have been in school for so many years, and I haven’t asked you to do anything troublesome..This time, since everyone is busy, i can only leave tonight’s matter to you.”

Wang Tianmin looked at the principal’s unyielding gaze, and knew that he definitely had no right to refuse, so he could only agree.

He was most afraid of going to some dark place in the middle of the night. This time, he had arrived at the swimming pool where a person had died at night, no matter how he thought of it, it was simply outrageous.

As soon as the three noisy boys left, the swimming pool recovered its peace again. It was so quiet the sound of a needle dropping could be heard clearly.

Ning Meng looked at the director’s expression, sympathizing deeply with him.

Both of them were caught up in this matter, and even if they were cowardly in nature, they still had to stay here.

Wang Tianmin looked around the dark surroundings, and finally couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Student Shi, are there really unclean things here?”

The last few words “unclean things” were very quietly spoken in fear that he would attract attention.

Although he was not clear about Shi Qi’s abilities, he could hear respect from the headmaster’s tone. Moreover, to be able to work in this line may perhaps mean that they would confront the supernatural, so he did not dare to act rashly.

It was said that people who had the ability, had their own unique tempers, and if he made a mistake, and angered him off, that would be a terrible outcome.

Shi Qi’s eyes swept over his side, clearly saying, “If there was nothing, would you have needed to ask my help?”

Wang Tianmin chuckled… That was true, if they thought there was nothing, why would they still need to look for an expert? He felt extremely uneasy, always feeling as if something was about to happen.

Two people in the school died bizarrely one after another. There were so many rumors on the Internet including superstitions, and all kinds of speculations. Someone even predicted that three people were going to be killed next.

If this was true, the reputation of the school would probably suffer a big decline.

If their reputation was not good, the supply of students would be affected, leading to his promotion and salary increase becoming a problem.

Shi Qi didn’t speak any more, and walked inside.

The floor was tiled, and the leather shoes of the director produced crisp sounds when they stepped on it. One could even hear panic and unease from it, echoing in the air.

After this hall was a corridor with several rooms on both sides, these were the changing rooms of the swimming pool.

And what the three boys mentioned just now was the changing room at the end, and from there on, pushing a door open was the swimming pool where the accident occurred.

As they approached, the door of the changing rooms appeared in front of them.

Wang Tianmin’s pace slowed down, and his voice was very low, “We later found Gu Miaomiao’s things in the changing room. Nobody had taken them. The police said the murderer did not kill for money.”

But the weird thing was that after Gu Miaomiao had died, she was covered up with her dress which was dyed red by the blood in the swimming pool.

There was no surveillance in the changing room so they could only rely on guessing. Gu Miaomiao’s underwear was left in the changing room, and her swimsuit was on her, just like her roommate said, but the reason why the murderer put her dress on after was still unknown.

When they entered, they didn’t turn on the light, otherwise, it would attract other people’s attention.

The matter was already strange. If the closed swimming pool turned on the lights this evening, Wang Tianmin could imagine that tomorrow’s hot searches on Weibo would contain similar topics like “Late Night Swimming Pool Mysterious Ghost Figure”, “C University’s Big Swimming Pool Late Night Ghost Light” and so on…

By then, he wouldn’t be able to eat and walk around at ease.

The door of the dressing room was ajar, and the director’s flashlight shone through, reflecting the dark inside, like a monster with an open mouth.

Ning Meng swallowed.

She seemed to have seen the red figure, and the corners of it were still fluttering.

The number of ghosts she had encountered as of late, aside from the one in the water room, was not a lot apart from the hanged ghost in the academic building, but he wasn’t scary at all. Comparing him to what she saw here, she was already a little bit terrified.

She blinked, then widened her eyes and looked carefully, making sure that she wasn’t seeing a hallucination before tugging Shi Qi’s sleeves, “There’s something red in the changing room…”

Before she finished speaking, the director’s hand holding the flashlight shook and he suddenly took a few steps back. If Ning Meng weren’t standing behind Shi Qi, he would have hid behind him as well.

He tremblingly asked, “Where? In red clothes?”

Wang Tianmin had heard of many stories, naturally including some rumors between schools, but he had never put them to heart.

Unlike other schools, C University wasn’t built on a grave, but on a carefully selected site. It had a long history and naturally, there weren’t such strange rumors.

When Shi Qi followed Ning Meng’s gaze, he discovered something.

He said softly, “Huh, there really is something.”

Wang Tianmin: “…”

Why did his tone seem as if he was very curious and at ease about it..

It was so dark in here, one simply couldn’t see the inside at all. Ning Meng also couldn’t see the black air.

She silently asked the system: “What’s inside?”

The system replied, “A piece of clothing.”

So it was just clothes… Ning Meng’s fear dissipated a lot, so she stepped out from Shi Qi’s back and felt curious about where the clothes came from.

Shi Qi said indifferently, “Since there’s something there, let’s go in and take a look.”

Wang Tianmin tremblingly asked, “This…are we just going to go in?”

He followed behind, walking very slowly. Seeing that Shi Qi didn’t take anything with him, not looking at all like those experts in the TV series should have, he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

He wouldn’t be one of those people who were fishing for compliments but was actually a cheat right?

Shi Qi glanced at him, “Then you can stay here.”

Wang Tianmin immediately stayed at the side like a chicken, and after a long time, he said, “It’s not necessary, I think it’s better if I go together with Student Shi, you are after all students from the school….”

But the truth was, he felt it terrifying to stay here by himself.

The changing room was not far from here and was only a few steps away. Wang Tianmin kicked the door open first, stepped back, and pressed against the wall behind him, flashing the flashlight brightly.

“Director, it’s just a piece of clothing.” Ning Meng said.

“Clothing?” Wang Tianmin opened his eyes and saw that Shi Qi had already walked in, facing a hanger that held a red dress which dragged on the ground.

Wind was blowing in from the small window above the dressing room, causing the red skirt to flutter.

From the outside, if one didn’t look carefully, they would probably assume that it was a person.

“Sigh, I knew those boys were making a fuss out of nothing, the school is so upright, how can there be unclean things.” Wang Tianmin was not the least bit ashamed, speaking frankly with assurance, “This must be a prank by them, pretending to be decent and honorable. I’ll definitely warn them once I return!”

Ning Meng watched him chatter on endlessly with a dumbfounded expression, and he never even stopped for a rest.

When it came to changing faces, no one could surpass the director of the Academic Affairs Office.

The originally quiet changing room became a bit more lively because of the teacher’s words, and it didn’t look so scary anymore.

Ning Meng walked in, her gaze focusing on the red skirt.

The skirt was made of gauze, so it gave an elegant feel when blown by the wind. When it dragged across the floor, it was indeed easy to mistake it as a person from far away.

The three boys who came to explore and do a live broadcast apparently just opened the door and ran away without taking a closer look.

She asked, “Did you find anything?”

Shi Qi said, “The scent of blood.”

Ning Meng moved closer, feeling that the skirt looked a bit familiar. She took out her phone and shone her flashlight on it.

As she moved closer, the strong smell of blood rushed into the tip of her nose, almost making her hurl.

“This seems to have been worn by Gu Miaomiao before…” Ning Meng said in surprise, feeling a little afraid. “Am I wrong?”

Shi Qi stood there and looked at her: “That’s right.”

Ning Meng pursed her mouth and took a step back, feeling that this place was not very peaceful, and the safe feeling she had felt just now had disappeared.

Wang Tianmin suddenly said, “Student Meng, don’t use frightening words to scare people.”

With a serious expression, he said loudly, “Gu Miaomiao’s body is at the police station. How could her clothes appear here? That’s impossible!”

Ning Meng tilted her head and looked at him, “But It’s true, Director, come and take a look.”

The dress she had seen in the photo at the time looked exactly like this, and it still smelled of blood. If there weren’t any other accidents in the swimming pool, it could only mean that this was Gu Miaomiao’s belongings.

Wang Tianmin looked serious and was determined not to be moved.

Seeing the student stare at him, he coughed abruptly and said righteously, “Student Meng, we are good citizens under a socialistic society. How can we believe these feudalistic superstitions, strange spirits and demons? This is wrong…”

Ning Meng: “…”

The director of the Academic Affairs Office was amazing.

A few minutes later, Wang Tianmin changed the topic of his conversation and said with a serious face, “Come and chant with me: Prosperity, democracy, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, friendliness…”

Ning Meng cast a glance at Shi Qi then looked at the eloquent director.

As soon as she was about to speak, she saw a shadow flashing behind the door where the director was, but it had moved so swiftly she was not able to catch a clear view of it.

Ning Meng squinted her eyes, pointed at it, and carefully interrupted Wang Tianmin’s words, “Director…that, there is someone behind you.”

Wang Tianmin’s voice suddenly got stuck and his body froze up.


Little quick-witted thing.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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