Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapter 8: F*cked Hard

Lin Xi’s two legs went soft, and Yu Xiucheng automatically captured her small waist with his strong arms, and he quickly withdrew his p*enis and picked her up horizontally. 

“My legs… are so tired…” 

She was still in the throes of her orgasm, and her eyes were dazed as she mumbled in a rare moment of innocence. Her face was wet with tears or sweat, trailing on her red-pink cheeks like a rose covered in morning dew.

Yu Xiu Cheng moved directly into the living room, pressed the still soft person onto the sofa, and forcefully entered her again. 



Lin Xi’s body jolted slightly at the excitement, and her misty eyes looked at the man pressing against her like a black cloud that was destroying the city, and reached out to grab his wrist with her last bit of strength. “Why are you so violent tonight? I almost died a few times…” 

“You don’t like it?”

Yu Xiucheng lowered his eyes to meet her red eyes, throwing out the question while his lower body moved without any intention of stopping, the c*ckhead penetrated the woman’s soft, deep place, causing her body to shudder once again.

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By the time it was over, Lin Xi’s clothes were half wet, clinging to her chest and back. Watching Yu Xiucheng take off his coat and throw it on the sofa, she stretched out and pulled his sleeves. “My legs are so soft, take me to wash. Let’s go together, okay?”


Yu Xiucheng looked back at the woman who had only just managed to close her legs and leaned down to pick her up easily.

Lin Xi obediently leaned into the man’s arms, like a quiet porcelain puppet. She was put into the bathtub by Yu Xiucheng and took a few moments to feel relieved under the warm water.

Yu Xiucheng’s move was not an impulsive or subconscious one. He had made that aggressive gesture without really pushing, but it was enough to make her feel in danger.

That was the answer to her seduction.


The next day when Lin Xi turned on her phone again it was when she left Yu Xiucheng’s place, she opened her phone and checked WeChat that was blocked yesterday.  There were WeChat messages and phone calls all night long, but she didn’t have time to read all of them.  Then, she immediately went to a crowded park and made a call. 

“Luo Quan, you received the location that I sent you yesterday?”

“Received, but then no matter how I contacted you you are off, I thought something wrong happened!” The clear male voice on the other end of the line spoke very quickly out of nervousness, “So what happened to you yesterday? What was in that bar?”

Lin Xi sat by the lake in the park, still feeling the cold, hard touch of his palm from last night. She thought about it, looked over at the old men and women working out, and lowered her voice.


She was one hundred percent sure that the hard object the man had in his pocket last night was a gun, the muzzle of which was pressed against her hip bone just outside her wrap-around skirt, and when Lin Xi ran her hand over it, she could be sure it wasn’t the specs of a toy gun.

“Are you sure?” After a short silence on the other end of the line, Luo Quan’s voice had calmed down completely.


“Yes.” Lin Xi looked at the swan boat floating on the lake in the distance, the three families on it were talking and laughing, so that her eyes could not help but soften. “But the most critical problem now is that I do not know where the man I met last night is now.”

The man had already been taken away by Yu Xiucheng’s men, right in front of her last night.

“Well, you can describe the man’s face to me later, I’ll keep an eye out for him.”

“Okay, I’ll hang up now, I’ll send you a text message later.”

Their calls have always been this concise. After hanging up the phone, Luo Quan was standing at the office door pondering this matter, but was tapped on the shoulder by a colleague behind him: “Luo Quan come to work!”

“Oh, let’s go.”

Luo Quan immediately put away his mobile phone and walked out, the small colleague followed behind the team leader.

“Luo Quan, who did you just talk to on the phone?”

“No one, an informant.”

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