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  • Wholeheartedly Willing

    Chapter 9: In a Pinch

    “It’s Jiu jiu’s birthday in a few days, right?”

    “Yes, yes. They started announcing it half a month ago, and Mr. Li said he  was going to book the whole club that night for her. I’ll see how she’ll play the piano…” 

    Lin Xi always felt that because of this set-up, the club was like the brothel establishments in ancient times. Not only did the women need to be beautiful, they also needed to be talented. They need a skill to boost their status. 

    “She’s the only one who plays the piano here…” 

    The girl would play her skills for the guests and it was only a matter of time. There was a lot of time to communicate with the other girls.


    “Hahaha… If Mr. Tao doesn’t buy me the Chanel dress I wanted that day, I’ll call in sick and won’t come on her birthday, so I don’t have to watch her flaunt in front of me.”

    Lin Xi sat in the corner, occasionally glancing at the pretty girls through the mirror. They sat a few meters from her, laughing and giggling. The lipstick brushes were still in their hands as they were doing the finishing touches on their makeup. 

    “Hey, Lin Xi, is  Yu Xiucheng coming to Jiujiu’s birthday party with you?” 

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    After Lin Xi Left, the girl who spoke to Lin Xi earlier, rolled her eyes and said, “I don’t understand what these guys like about her.”


    The reason for their envy was simple: during the month that Yu Xiucheng didn’t come to visit, Lin Xi never had free time while she was at work, and was basically staying in the  customer’s private room all the time. Tips and gifts were sent to the dressing room, and piled on her dressing table. 

    Lin Xi traversed the long corridor of the club, and when she entered the room, there were already several familiar faces sitting beside the middle-aged man, Mr. Wang. The impatience on his face didn’t dissipate until Lin Xi came.

    “Lin Xi, it’s not easy to see you.” Mr. Wang stood. “You’re quite a catch, how long has it been since I’ve seen you?”

    The man had  been Lin Xi’s customer since she first started in the club, and would always ask for Lin Xi to come and keep him company whenever he came to the club. It changed when Yu Xiucheng became her customer, and the club prevented this man from getting closer to her. But now that Yu Xiucheng hadn’t visited for over a month, there was no reason why the club would prevent Mr. Wang. There was no need to invite trouble, and it was money. 

    Lin Xi’s lips curled, and walked over to Mr. Wang’s side and sat down. “I was sick a few days ago, and took some time off from work. Today, I didn’t get my eyebrows done, so I don’t want to be ugly when I come to see you. I arrived late.” 

    “Yo, you were sick?” Mr. Wang immediately took Lin Xi’s hand and held it in his palm. “You didn’t call me to inform me you were sick. How can you be so insensitive to me? If you had told me earlier, I would have gone to see you. If you get a cold in the middle of the night, I can even warm up your bed.” 

    Talking to such a middle-aged, greasy man was actually not a test of mental quality, but of expression management. While other ladies either pretended to be laughing or rolled their eyes to hold back their disgust, Lin Xi was the only one who listened as if he was saying something serious and nodded.

    “It’s just a small cold, it’s not a problem, and I took time off mainly because I was afraid of spreading it to you.” Her tone of voice wasn’t warm at all, but rather a little bit distant, but the words were incredibly sweet, with the right amount of aloofness.

    So it was not for nothing that some people were popular.

    The expressions on the faces of the girls next to her had changed several times up to this point, but in the end, they could only roll their eyes silently.

    “Look at Lin Xi, how considerate.” He grabbed Lin Xi’s hand and put it onto his lap. “I heard there’s a girl’s birthday party coming up in a few days, you should go, too. I’ll go with you, and take you to buy some  clothes and jewelry that you can wear to the party. How about that?” 

    The birthday party was, after all, a matter of face, the hosts wanted to make everyone jealous, and the guests wanted to be the best.


    But before Lin Xi could say no, a knock at the door interrupted their conversation. Mr. Wang looked at the door with displeasure and saw Manager Liu cautiously opening the door. “Mr. Wang, please continue, I’m looking for Lin Xi for a small matter, sorry.”

    She looked at Manager Liu’s ugly face and thought to herself that this was not a small matter, but just as she went out to close the door, she saw Manager Liu’s bitter look on his face. “Mr. Wang, please stay here.”

    “What’s wrong?” Lin Xi leaned lazily against the door.”When I came here today, you said that you had refused him many times.”

    Manager Liu suddenly looked remorseful. “Wasn’t Mr. Wang angry with me at that time, he was also a big customer, I couldn’t keep him hanging.”

    “Then why aren’t I not with him now?” She tilted her head and looked lazily at the man in front of her.

    In fact, she had already guessed everything, but she just needed a last-minute confirmation – what other reason could there be for a place like this to call her away from a big moneymaker?

    An investor. 

    Sure enough, the next moment, Manager Liu came up to her and lowered his voice.

    “Yu Xiucheng is here, he just arrived.”

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