Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 66.1: Finale (Part 6)

  Noticing that Liang Zhenyu looked at herself with a pale face, Jiang Dai had an inkling that something must have happened.

  Without further ado, Liang Zhenyu began sharing the details of how Bei Yunyun had threatened her.

  Even though her countenance gradually darkened, Jiang Dai spoke calmly to Liang Zhenyu. “Alright, I’ve got a fair idea of the situation. But what are your thoughts on this?”

  Clenching her fists, Liang Zhenyu’s forbearance was tinged with traces of outrage, but it eventually winded down to calmness. She took a deep breath to steady herself and enunciated every word very carefully. “These are the mistakes I’ve made, Sister Dai, even though it’s not uncommon to see things like this in the entertainment industry. Although I absolutely abhor these foul matters, I still love my career. So long as I wish to continue this path, I mustn’t be afraid and give in to those villains. Anyway, I’ve already thought it through and decided not to withdraw from the competition. I’ll let her do it if she actually dares to expose them. If the worst comes to worst, I’d be cursed by the netizens. As for this hurdle, it’s something that I have to overcome by myself.”

  Upon hearing that, one could say that Jiang Dai was pretty pleased with Liang Zhenyu’s response.


  In the beginning, it was only because she agreed to Liang Jingche’s request did she come into contact with Liang Zhenyu. Subsequently, her interactions with Liang Zhenyu became out of pity and responsibility, as she felt obliged to help innocent girls, like Liang Zhenyu, out of their plight.

  In the course of three months, Zhenyu has garnered numerous fans through the talent search variety show and recordings. Moreover, her stage performances were becoming even more outstanding each time. Even though she was temporarily ranked third-best in the competition, Jiang Dai reckoned that her capabilities were pretty much on par with the top-ranked trainee. Even if she could not clinch the number 1 ranking, she believed Zhenyu could easily move up to the second place at the very last moment.

  What was most gratifying was that Zhenyu had grown more mature and made much progress with her interpersonal skills. Not only that, but she has also become even more emotionally stable and improved her stress tolerance immensely. 

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  The first thing one needed to know was that Shi Sheng Entertainment was where one began their career. Hence, all the artistes would join the company very young——the eldest would probably be in their twenties, while the youngest could even be as young as 15-16 years old.


  Based on what Zhenyu had told her, those girls whom she discovered to have ambiguous relationships with Shi Sheng were in the age range of 18-20 years. It seemed that he did not dare to touch any minors for fear of trouble. Yet, he deliberately targeted girls who were no less mature than minors…… How malicious to have used such despicable means!

  Anyway, Jiang Dai had plenty of time to take care of this man in the future. However, it never even occurred to her that someone would try some funny business when the program had yet to end. After all, many artistes from Shi Sheng Entertainment participated in this, so they could be considered the strongest mainstay of this competition, apart from a top-notch company like Qiao Yi.

  If anything were to occur to Shi Sheng Entertainment at this time, it would be unfair to the other innocent trainees.

  She had yet to make a move, yet Bei Yunyun, on the other hand, was digging her own grave.

  Patting Liang Zhenyu’s head, Jiang Dai took on an unprecedented, serious attitude as she taught Liang Zhenyu in a gentle voice. “There are some things I must tell you clearly, so I hope you’ll keep them in mind. First, you have done nothing wrong in this relationship since you were merely dating a man and doing things a couple would eventually do. However, your only mistake is you do not know the person well enough. Not only did you not see the true colors of this sc*mb*g, but he lured you into leaving behind evidence that could be detrimental to your future. Even so, you have to believe me when I say that many girls have experienced the same thing as you have, yet they love and cherish themselves. In any case, it won’t be a big deal as long as you can overcome this. So, don’t blame yourself for this, alright?”

  Before the sound of her voice could fade, Liang Zhenyu’s eyes welled up with tears. She was actually a good-looking girl with a little nose and a pair of small eyes. What’s more, even her face was small and exquisite. So, if anyone were to gaze upon her teary eyes that were rimmed with red, it was no doubt that her appearance would hit you right in the feels.

  Instead of comforting her, Jiang Dai continued, “Second, you didn’t show any weakness, fear, and even make any mistakes this time. It’s fantastic that you came to me promptly. Third, what Bei Yunyun has done is illegal, and it’s a classic example of blackmailing. So long as we have evidence, she will be found guilty. Fourth, if Shi Sheng had provided her with these things on his own initiative, he would then be an accomplice, and I would have them apprehended. If he had not done so, he is still a dreg of society, and I’ll make sure justice is served and have him pay the price.” 

  Eventually, Liang Zhenyu could no longer hold it in as tears streamed down her face. However, her eyes remained resolute as she held Jiang Dai’s hand. “I’m still young, Sister Dai, so I still have the courage to start over again. But I’ll keep all that you’ve said in my mind. The only thing is that I don’t wish for my brother and parents to know of this…… Most of all, I don’t want them to see any of this.”

  Thinking about that point, Jiang Dai could understand her feelings.

  If she were in Liang Zhenyu’s shoes, she would also rather be beaten black and blue than let her loved ones face the same humiliation.


  In the dark of the night, Liang Zhenyu stepped into Bei Yunyun’s room with red-rimmed eyes, causing her to look like an injured fawn. 


  As Bei Yunyun was applying a face mask to her face, her eyes swept over Liang Zhenyu. “Yo, you’re here. So, what’s your decision?” she laughed, calm and composed.

  Liang Zhenyu’s lips trembled as she sobbed, “You do know that taking these things is an invasion of my privacy, as well as that of President Shi, don’t you, Yunyun? If these were to be exposed, the effects would be horrid. You’re currently in 8th place, so you still have a chance to grab a spot in the girl group. I can always tell the fans that you’re my friends and help you get more votes. As for this…… Can’t you delete this?”

  Upon hearing such an utterance, tidal waves of great joy washed over Bei Yunyun. Noticing how Liang Zhenyu was backing down, Bei Yunyun realized how sharply different it was from the initial righteous indignation she displayed when she first approached Liang Zhenyu.

  Now, if Liang Zhenyu were to help her this way, Bei Yunyun could probably acquire numerous votes.

  However, it also clearly showed how frightened Liang Zhenyu was. If this were the case, she would definitely withdraw from the competition, and Bei Yunyun was determined to win.

  With that in mind, she sneered, “Delete it? Dream on! Why don’t you hurry up and withdraw from the competition? The ultimatum expires tomorrow night. If you don’t feign ill and withdraw from the competition by tomorrow night, heh…… Who does Shi Sheng think he is? I’ve been with him for half a year, yet he only allocated me this measly bit of resources. So, I’d be more than happy to see a pair of *ssholes like the both of you be utterly discredited!” 

  Liang Zhenyu’s eyes were rimmed with red, and her eyelashes were also trembling. “I beg of you, Yunyun! Don’t be like this! What’s more, what you’re doing now is blackmailing, and it’s illegal. Even though what you want isn’t money, what you desire most can be converted into benefits. You would definitely be apprehended if I were to call the police.”

  Liang Zhenyu’s words seemed to have infuriated Bei Yunyun as she tore the face mask off and threw it into the bin. Without a moment’s delay, she yelled fiercely, “So what if it’s illegal? Do you dare to call the police? I’m telling you, I’ll take you down with me. Before you even have the chance to call the police, I’ll expose the pictures first and let everyone see what you look like beneath President Shi…… Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

  Thinking that that was close enough, Liang Zhenyu reigned in her emotions and did not put so much effort into her acting. With a slight smile, she jibed, “Seems like you do know that what you’re doing is illegal.”

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