Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 66.2: Finale (Part 6)

  Bei Yunyun gave her a snort, appearing devoid of any fear.

  With a bang, Jiang Dai opened the door and entered the room.

  Intending to wash her face, Bei Yunyun got up and was about to make her way to the sink, only to bump right into Jiang Dai. It happened so suddenly that her face paled with fear.

  “President Jiang, w-why are you here? Are you here for Zhenyu?”

  Jiang Dai could not be bothered with her and simply walked straight to Liang Zhenyu. Removing the Bluetooth pinhole camcorder from Liang Zhenyu’s chest, Jiang Dai praised with a smile, “Not bad. Apart from singing and dancing, I never knew you could act either. If there’s a chance in the future, you can always join a production crew and give acting a try. Who knows, you might just end up like Qiao Jinye and become so famous?”


  As she wiped her tears away with the back of her hand, Liang Zhenyu’s face broke into a radiant smile.

  Now that she had been with Jiang Dai for such a long time, she truly felt that she had undergone massive changes from within. Not only had she grown stronger, but she also became more confident. Regardless of how significant or dreadful something might be, it seemed as if she had the courage and capabilities to deal with it.

  Seeing how things had panned out, Bei Yunyun was rendered stunned by their conversation. At this juncture, she no longer cared about washing her face as she ran up to the both of them with wide eyes. “W-What…… What did you say?”

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  “Heh. Don’t get too excited, President Jiang. So what if you’re wealthy and powerful? Sure, I may be just a little artiste that you can crush like an ant, but the pictures are in my hands right now. I can upload them online whenever I wish to. If the worst comes to worst, both your beloved Zhenyu and I will be done for!”


  Jiang Dai could not help but heave a sigh. “Tsk! Do I look like a villain who would start feigning and uttering nonsense before things have stabilized?”

  Pfft! After all, she was still a villain. _(:з」∠)_

  Just as Jiang Dai’s final words fell, Bei Yunyun stood there in a stupor.

  Before she had a chance to react, several police officers appeared out of nowhere.

  Upon seeing this, Bei Yunyun was rendered so stupefied that she collapsed on the floor with fear.

  Pulling out his police badge, the police officer declared justly and impartially, “You’re Bei Yunyun, right? We’ve received a report that you are suspected of utilizing private videos for blackmailing. We need you to cooperate in the investigation, so please come with us.”


  Three days later, the final stage performance was just around the corner.

  Now that Bei Yunyun was suspected of breaking the law, the police officers had taken her away for investigations. As such, she was forced to withdraw from the competition.

  With that, Shi Sheng Entertainment’s official Weibo page was bombarded by netizens.

  In an attempt to figure out what exactly had happened to Bei Yunyun, her fans were lamenting and yelling for the company to provide them with an explanation.

  At this moment, Shi Sheng Entertainment had its hands full with managing its internal affairs, especially when something occurred to the company’s only artiste who had advanced to the top 12. It, of all things, had to be something illegal…… If the netizens were to find out about this matter, it would definitely drag the boss into the mire. Hence, they could only do whatever they could to suppress the popularity in the list of most searched hashtags on Weibo and denied any connection with Bei Yunyun.


  Shi Sheng Entertainment took this chance to publish a post on its official Weibo page.

  It is reported that the company has no involvement in this matter relating to Bei Yunyun as it is the result of individual action. As a result, the company has incurred massive losses and experienced a series of adverse effects. Thus, we hope that all netizens will take a more rational approach in their speech and respect the law.

  As she read the so-called clarification, Jiang Dai’s face contorted into a sneer.

  Once all the performances were over, the final results were released. It turned out that Liang Zhenyu had overtaken Ran Mengmeng and came in second. Undoubtedly, the list of seven trainees who would be debuting in a girl group was cast in stone. With that, the program had come to an end.

  Now, it was finally time to take care of Shi Sheng.

  On this day, Bei Yunyun put on her mask and made her way to Bao Li Group on the sly, requesting to see Jiang Dai.

  Only when Jiang Dai saw her did she remove her mask and sunglasses, revealing a badly battered face.

  It was not difficult for Jiang Dai to figure out what exactly she had experienced. However, not a smidgen of concern welled up in her, to the extent where she even wanted to enjoy skewers and barbequed gluten1 烤面筋: It’s a type of grilled noodles that is commonly eaten in Xi’an. It’s actually a gluten dough that has been shaped into spirals on a skewer. It looks smth like this: barbequed gluten .

  At the end of the day, Bei Yunyun deserved it, especially after what she had done. Not only did it bring harm to Zhenyu, but it also affected her company’s interests. Hence, how could a scum like Shi Sheng, who would exploit and sleep with young girls, tolerate her?

  With a thud, Bei Yunyun went down on her knees. “President Jiang, I have come here today to apologize to you formally. I know you will not forgive me for what I’ve done, nor will I ask for your forgiveness. Even so, I’ve already paid the price for my ignorance and impulsiveness. As for this matter, the police have already filed a case with the evidence you recorded with the pinhole camcorder. Currently, it has already been handed over to the court, and a trial will be held in court next month. In any case, I will definitely be charged and go to jail, but……this has nothing to do with Boss Shi, and the police have also investigated this matter. I was the one who secretly copied those things from Boss Shi’s phone when he fell asleep. Anyway, I made my way here today in hopes that you……”

  Forcing herself to sit through Bei Yunyun’s confession and sympathy seeking, Jiang Dai interrupted Bei Yunyun just as she was about to get straight to the point. “Hope I won’t take my anger out on Shi Sheng? Geez, was Shi Sheng the one who sent you here? Am I right to say that he would force you to pay the massive penalty for breaching your contract if you don’t make your way here?”

  With that, streams of tears flow from Bei Yunyun’s eyes. “President Jiang, you……”


  Jiang Dai sighed, “Whatever dispute you have with your talent management company has nothing to do with me, so it’s time for you to leave. Anyway, I won’t get involved, so if Shi Sheng asks you, you can tell him that he should watch his step these days.”

  With the risk of incurring the massive penalty that was as high as 60 million bucks, how would Bei Yunyun be willing to leave? Even if one were to sell her, she would still be unable to afford it.

  As tears streamed down her cheeks, Bei Yunyun crawled towards Jiang Dai. Without any hesitation, she attempted to grab Jiang Dai’s calf to beg her with all her might.

  On seeing this, Jiang Dai reached Assistant Wen through the internal line. In a matter of seconds, he rushed into the office with a team of security guards, dragging Bei Yunyun away.


  Sure enough, Shi Sheng could no longer sit back as he took the initiative to set up a meeting with Jiang Dai. 

  Accepting his invitation, Jiang Dai even arranged the meeting to be held at a restaurant near Bao Li.

  With that, Shi Sheng even purchased a huge bouquet of fresh pink roses before rushing to the venue early.

  He could not help but reckon he had a chance since Jiang Dai was willing to meet him.

  After all, Shi Sheng Entertainment was an incredibly profitable agency. So long as Jiang Dai was willing to let him off, he would always be able to rake in profits even if he were to give her some shares.

  What’s more……

  At this juncture, Shi Sheng fixed his slicked-back hair, feeling pretty confident about his looks.


  Regardless of whatever stunts Jiang Dai would pull, she was still a woman, and all women would take a fancy to this mien of his.

The author has something to say:

Huo Rongshen, Liang Jingche, and Qiao Jinye: Bah! I think you must have a loose screw! Daidai doesn’t even like me, so why would she even fancy a layabout like you?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

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