Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 67.1: Finale (Part 7)

  As soon as Jiang Dai got off work, she made her way to the restaurant, still clad in her suit-dress. Standing at the entrance, her eyes swept over the restaurant somewhat. Needless to say, one could recognize someone like Shi Sheng even when they met for the first time.

  However, it was not because she understood the man. Instead, it was far too easy for her to create a profile for this sort of man with the information she gathered from Ling Zhenyu.

  His fair skin and outstanding features were of a 90-ish grade. With just one glance, most women would probably be blown away by his appearance. However, it did not take long for one to discern the greasy vibes the man exuded, especially with his gaze and that classic slicked-back hairstyle he had styled with a copious amount of hair wax.

  Despite standing ten meters away, she was still able to detect the man’s frivolousness and greasiness.

  Hence, it was not hard for Jiang Dai to figure out the scheme he had going on here.


  Despite that, she strode over nonchalantly and took a seat after casually throwing the black Birkin in her hands onto the left side of the sofa.

  On the other side of the table, Shi Sheng could not help gasping inaudibly as he marveled at Jiang Dai’s striking beauty at a close distance.

  In the past year, Jiang Dai has appeared in public countless times, from the trending Weibo hashtags to becoming a special mentor in “Youth Camp.” Not only that, but there were also snippets of her live streams in which she appeared without makeup circulating on various popular short-form video hosting websites.

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  The colors of the pink roses looked exceptionally tender and beautiful when set in her current complexion.


  Yet, Jiang Dai still wished to watch his performance.

  What sort of enjoyment she would acquire from abusing scumbags was watching the lowlife not being able to shed any tears after she gave him a fatal blow when she caught sight of him brimming with hope.

  Thinking about that point, the corners of her lips raised in a light wisp of a smile. “These flowers sure look dewy. But it’s a shame that……I’m allergic to pollen.”

  As she said so, she had even covered her mouth and coughed very lightly.

  On seeing that, Shi Sheng’s countenance changed for the worse, and he called for a waiter promptly. After instructing the waiter to get rid of the roses, he broke into profuse apologies. “I’m so sorry. It was negligent of me not to know that you’re allergic to pollen.”

  Although Jiang Dai’s reaction might not have been genuine and was even somewhat exaggerated, was this of any importance?

  No, it was not!

  After all, Shi Sheng deemed that all beauties were born with the right to be willful and brash.

  What’s more, her voice sounded so gentle……

  As she watched the appetizers being served in succession, Jiang Dai began her meal.

  Without further ado, Shi Sheng went straight into explaining the purpose of this meeting. “Apart from feeling infuriated, I’m also deeply sorry and incredibly ashamed about Bei Yunyun stealing the pictures and video clips from my phone when I was asleep. Since she is a self-motivated artiste signed by my company, I had absolutely no clue that she’s someone like this……”

  Even so, Jiang Dai ate her steak slowly, remaining noncommittal about his explanation. 


  After clarifying that he had no involvement in Bei Yunyun’s actions, Shi Sheng once again began to explain his past with Liang Zhenyu. “Zhenyu is indeed an outstanding girl. Otherwise, she would not have become a friend of yours. At that time……I truly fell in love with her and didn’t mean to deceive her. It was mainly…… Forget it, I do not wish to delve deep into this matter, but I will admit that I’m relatively more open-minded when it comes to relationships. In a universal sense, I’m also a scumbag of the entire country. However, I had assumed that a girl, like Zhenyu, would also be more open-minded in that aspect since she had grown up abroad. Who would have thought…… In any case, it’s all my fault. Whatever that had occurred here was all my fault.”

  The more she listened, the more Jiang Dai was itching to laugh out loud. Yet, it seemed as though she was no longer able to laugh.

  In the past, she had never encountered any scumbags, so she could not figure out why scumbags could win over so many beautiful young girls. Now, she had pretty much a pretty good idea of it.

  Shi Sheng was truly well-versed in this aspect.

  Though he might appear sanctimonious, one could detect his true nature of being a scumbag. Even so, he made no moves to defend himself, but instead, he confessed honestly and admitted his mistakes. Furthermore, his words even carried traces of grievance as if the error in his cognitive judgment was the only reason for the hurt brought about by his true nature.

  ‌If it had been a simple and naive young girl sitting before him, she would have probably believed 70 percent of his words?

  Apart from his attitude in his speech and actions, he also possessed a halo.

  There was no doubt that the man’s halo would have clouded countless young girls’ judgment when choosing a partner to enter a romantic relationship with.

  Since he was a young and handsome founder and boss of a thriving company, he did not look in the least like an obscene and decadent person.

  Jiang Dai remained noncommittal throughout his self-analysis, not uttering a single word.

  Even so, Shi Sheng was still hanging on to hope as he reassured himself inwardly that regardless of his investigation, he still could not find any form of kinship between Liang Zhenyu and Jiang Dai. As such, he assumed that they were merely ordinary friends. After all, it was not impossible for a wealthy and influential woman, like Jiang Dai, to take a liking to a little trainee because she intended to bring fame to Liang Zhenyu. Now that she became one of Qiao Yi International’s shareholders, Liang Zhenyu was also one of the artistes under the company and would undoubtedly become a cash cow in the future. Hence, she indeed had a significant commercial value.

  By the time he had said all that he could, Shi Sheng had asked awkwardly, “Having said all that, Miss Jiang…… Do you agree with any of it?”


  Without a flicker in demeanor, Jiang Dai, however, questioned him in return, “As a matter of fact, your matter with Zhenyu has nothing to do with me, President Shi. I’m only doing what I think is right. Beyond that, I’m not interested in anything related to emotional entanglements. Speaking of which, why don’t we talk about our outlook on life? What do you think is the most important enjoyment in life, President Shi?”

  On seeing her reaction, Shi Sheng’s heart was filled with joy. ‘Is Jiang Dai trying to say that she wasn’t going to pursue this matter anymore?’

  In any case, Bei Yunyun was done for, and Liang Zhenyu had already come in second and made a debut in the girl group. Since Jiang Dai was a businesswoman, she probably would not go as far as to duke it out with him for the sake of a little girl.

  With that in mind, Shi Sheng began to relax. Taking a sip of champagne, he spoke with much ease and fluency. “Sure enough, you are not an ordinary person. As for this particular topic, I’ve always found myself pondering over it. However, I find it difficult to do whatever one pleases, yet I do not wish to lie to a beauty such as yourself. So, I’ll just speak honestly.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai stated, “Go ahead.”

  Without a moment’s hesitation, Shi Sheng stated, “I think that money, beauties, and good food are indispensable. Well, there’s nothing more to be said about money. In this era, you’re nothing without money. I’d say that beauties and good food are tied in second place. Though they may not be as important as money, one has to seize the moment to enjoy them. After all, one can only appreciate these 2 enjoyments for only a limited time. Whereas, they can enjoy the wonders of money from 3 to 80 years old, or even till the last moments before their death.”

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