Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 67.2: Finale (Part 7)

  Shi Sheng continued, “However, the latter two are entirely different. For a male, the times when he can enjoy beauties are the shortest, probably between 18 to 50-ish years old. Once he has gone beyond that age range, he would not be able to get it up anymore. Not only that, but there’s also a time limit for one to enjoy good food. When one’s age catches up with them, their sense of taste and smell deteriorates. Why don’t you take my paternal grandfather as an example? He’s going to turn 80 this year. Ever since he was around 65, his sense of taste has deteriorated so much that he can no longer detect any taste from the food he eats. Sigh, so he hasn’t been able to enjoy any good food for the past 15 years. To live like that, I don’t think there’s any meaning to life.”

  Initially, Jiang Dai was able to endure his antics, but as soon as she heard these words…… F*cking hell, it had undoubtedly triggered an acid reflux, nearly causing her to throw up.

  With that, the corners of her lips quirked up stiffly. “Well, you sure are honest.”

  Being an intelligent and sensitive man with an incredibly high EQ, Shi Sheng sensed something was wrong from the slight fluctuations in Jiang Dai’s mood.

  In a split second, he reined himself in before asking cautiously, “Could it be that……I’ve said something to upset you, Miss Jiang?”


  Upon hearing that, there was a blank expression on her face. “There’s nothing to be upset about, but I’d like to know what you fear losing most?”

  However, Shi Sheng was rendered stunned. “What? What are you talking about?”

  Nonchalantly, Jiang Dai placed her knife and fork down and wiped the corners of her lips with a napkin.

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  No, that was impossible! It must be an illusion. Yes, he must have been so nervous that he was experiencing delusions.


  ‌Wanting to prove himself wrong, he pierced a massive piece of foie gras in spiced red wine with his fork.

  ‌The flavors of this foie gras were supposed to be incredibly rich, yet he felt as though he was chewing wax.

  There was not a smidgen of taste……

  What’s more, he could not smell any scent from the food on the table! There was not even a single waft of fragrance at all!

  Feeling as though he was stuck in a nightmare, Shi Sheng stared at Jiang Dai in disbelief. “Wh-What have you done to me?!”

  On seeing Shi Sheng’s reactions, Jiang Dai’s brows drew together as she came to realize what had actually occurred.

  Grabbing her bag, she got to her feet and muttered, “It’s been ages since I’ve last used this buff, but it seems even more effective than before, or should I say, it seems to take effect instantaneously now?”

  As her voice faded into silence, the scumbag plumped onto the sofa, devastated and incredulous of all that had occurred. With her bag in her hands, she strode away in her heels.

  On the other hand, Shi Sheng froze for a couple of seconds before chasing after her like a desperate lunatic. As he attempted to grab Jiang Dai’s arm from behind, he yelled, “No, you can’t leave! Explain yourself, woman! What have you done to me? Why do I not have my sense of smell and taste anymore??”

  Jiang Dai turned around and rolled her eyes at him. “As I told you before, those 3 items will be taken away from you. Anyway, I’m going to take my leave first, so why don’t you move it along and pay the bill? Who knows when your money will become useless? Since this meal will cost you at least thousands, you better watch out and not be withheld here to wash dishes to pay the debt.”

  It was really nice of her to have given him a reminder.

  After all, this buff of hers was pretty cruel. Sometimes it would take effect immediately; at other times, no one could tell when it would take effect.


  From what she had gathered, things involving money and self-interests tend to take effect very slowly.

  In any case, there was no way Shi Sheng would be willing to let her leave. As he tugged on her arm, his true colors began to reveal themselves.

  Annoyed, Jiang Dai gradually lost her patience with him and walloped Shi Sheng on the head with her bag——

  He cried out in pain and fell to the ground, seeing stars in his vision.

  Casting a glance at the bag in her hand, she recalled that Bai Zhi had given her this black Birkin “Best Friend” handbag. However, she had never really liked it as the bag was hefty from all the black diamonds. She begrudgingly agreed to use it occasionally because Bai Zhi kept entreating her persistently in the name of their 20 years of friendship.

  ‌Yet, she would have never expected the handbag to come in handy.

  In actual fact, ever since her university days, Jiang Dai had already mastered the ability to keep her temper in check. Hence, there was no need for her to step forward and beat someone up herself.

  As a president of a listed company, all she had to do was to use the law to take care of a scumbag like Shi Sheng. It would be illegal and wrong of her if someone filmed her beating someone up.

  Now that she had already done so, she no longer had to restrain herself.

  With a smile, Jiang Dai stepped forward and lifted her heel-clad foot to stomped downwards——

  Once again, Shi Sheng screamed in excruciating pain.



  Since the restaurant was located just across the street from the office, Jiang Dai had her chauffeur knock off work earlier. Hence, she planned to drive home herself.

  There was always a limited number of parking lots during the dinner rush, so she could just make her way back by crossing the road.

  Jiang Dai was in a pretty good mood at this juncture, so she decided to walk to her car, aiding her digestion simultaneously.

  Much to her dismay, she did not make much progress in her walk. As soon as she arrived at the intersection, it dawned on her that the road was blocked off as it was currently under maintenance. It seemed that she could only walk on the other side, so she had no choice but to retrace her steps.

  After wasting 4 to 5 minutes of her time, she once again arrived at an area near the restaurant. She noticed a car had parked along the roadside with the hazard lights switched on. Looking closely, she found that the car model and number plate were somewhat familiar.

  As she went over, she discovered someone was in the driver’s seat.

  “Hi, Old Huang. What a coincidence!”

  Currently taking a puff on his cigarette, Chauffeur Huang trembled with fear at the sight of Jiang Dai and hastened to stub out the cigarette. “M-Miss Jiang…… I-It’s indeed a coincidence, hahahaha!”

  Noticing Old Huang’s lack of eye contact, there was a nagging doubt in Jiang Dai’s mind. “Where’s Liang Jingche? Why are you alone in the car? Also, isn’t this the no-parking zone? What you’re doing now is illegal, don’t you know that?”

  Old Huang explained, “Chairman Liang will be back real soon. He mentioned that……it’ll only take 3 to 5 minutes.”

  Since Old Huang was an honest man, he had no control over his mind. As he said so, his eyes would subconsciously flicker toward the alley behind the restaurant.

  On seeing that, Jiang Dai was struck dumb. “Pfft! He couldn’t have wanted to go to the washroom so badly that he went to the alley…… Oh my god!”


  In a split second, Old Huang’s face turned pale from fear. “No, no, no, no! How can that be????? It’s nothing like that!”

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