Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 65.2: Finale (Part 5)

  Instead, what might be the only program that could garner utmost attention from its viewers across the entire summer vacation was this program. 

  Taking a seat in their air-conditioned rooms, over 100 million viewers munched away on their ice cream and watermelon as they vied to vote in support of their most beloved trainee. 

  Finally, they have reached the final performance, where only seven out of the remaining twelve trainees would be able to advance. Moreover, this was also where the competition had reached the most climactic stage.

  Ever since the downfall of Bao Li’s rival, the truth of all the things the Zhang clan siblings had done—stock market manipulations, insider trading, and malignant competition—came to light. As such, an increasing number of people began paying attention to Bao Li, a cosmetics group that had true capabilities to expand into overseas markets.

  As for the president of the top domestic brand, there was no doubt that admiration also came with the job. Even those, who once assumed Jiang Dai had relied on her beauty and money to create hype, could now find traces of Bao Li’s road to revival.


  After all that had occurred thus far, one could get a real good look at Jiang Dai’s capabilities.

  Now that ‘Young Camp’ had a beautiful and wealthy investor with countless treasures overseeing things, no one dared to cause a scene right under her nose.

  Even those artistes from Shi Sheng Entertainment, who attempted to step on Liang Zhenyu, dared not utter a single word. 

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  Upon reaching the final moment, all the trainees would all the more go all out for a win. Some would tap on various online means to garner more votes, while others would lock themselves in the training rooms and practice so hard that they only had two hours of sleep each night.


  Shi Sheng Entertainment’s top leading dancer, Bei Yunyun, was currently ranked in 8th place, but she was merely a step away from moving up the ranks. However, the number of votes everyone received was far too close, especially when there were times when changes occurred in the rankings overnight.

  Now that it was the final episode, most trainees had already left the dormitory, leaving only twelve young girls. At this juncture, the management was not as strict as before, and the so-called closed-off management had already concluded.

  Seeing how impeccably precious these last few training sessions were, no one would even think to sneak out to have fun.

  Yet, Bei Yunyun was the only one who had sneaked out and spent the night outside for three consecutive days.

  It was no doubt that the person, whom she had checked into a hotel with, was her boss, Shi Sheng1 Apparently, he has the same name as the company. .

  During that lapse of time, Bei Yunyun intended to attempt another bout of pillow talk for the sake of her chance to debut in a girl group. Hence, she had done all that she could to serve President Shi. 

  However, Shi Sheng had simply slept with far too many female artistes, and Bei Yunyun was merely his most recent pet for the last half year. Without any hesitation, he would utilize his company’s resources to get her to her current position. In Shi Sheng’s eyes, he reckoned that he had already shown great patience and magnanimity towards her. That was why he had no intention of spending any money to maintain this relationship.

  What’s more, there would always be people overseeing the online voting platform, and this was no longer an era where one could rely on splurging money to acquire an advancement opportunity.

  If someone were to expose whatever illegal actions Shi Sheng had done, not only would things be over for Bei Yunyun, but all the artistes under Shi Sheng Entertainment would also be affected adversely. Seeing how this could give rise to a loss of immeasurable wealth, there was no way Shi Sheng could ever do something to screw himself up.

  Noticing how useless the pillow talks were, Bei Yunyun clasped her hand on her chest and wiped her tears.

  Her aggrieved countenance was so moving that anyone could not help but love her upon seeing her. “It’s not that I don’t have the capabilities, but I’m only one step away from joining the girl group. President Shi. I’m an artiste that has signed with your company, so it will bring you loads of benefits if I can join the girl group. Are you really unwilling to help me?” 

  Shi Sheng replied perfunctorily, “In the past three months, the company has already invested countless resources in you. Even your senior, who participated in the previous season, has received much fewer resources than you, yet she was able to acquire the 4th place and debut in the girl group. If you ask me, we should let nature take its course. After all, you now have both fame and a fan base. So, even if you are unable to acquire a spot in the girl group, your future development wouldn’t be that bad either.”


  Upon hearing that, Bei Yunyun’s body continued to shake with convulsive sobs. “But…… I really want to be in the girl group since that has always been my dream. If we can remove one of the people in the top 6 rankings, then…… I’ll have a spot.”

  Shi Sheng asked, “Who do you want to remove? At the moment, you’re only a step away from 7th place. However, that trainee happens to be the daughter of some mining group’s president. Perhaps, she might continue to climb in the rankings at the last moment.”

  Bei Yunyun’s watery eyes sparkled as she looked at Shi Sheng. “Have you forgotten that the trainee at the 3rd place was once an old acquaintance of ours?”

  As his brows snapped together, Shi Sheng clarified, “You mean Liang Zhenyu? With her current popularity and how the netizens are stating that she is a treasure trove2 宝藏女孩: It’s an Internet slang that describes any celebrity has tons of negative scandals/news circulating, but in actual fact, the person has tons of talents waiting for people to discover, so much so that it’s as though their body is a treasure trove. , there’s no way for her ranking to fall below the 7th place.”

  Biting her lower lip, Bei Yunyun feigned a weak and delicate appearance. However, her utterance spoke volumes. “Wouldn’t she be unable to participate in the last performance and have to withdraw from the competition if she fell ill all of a sudden?”

  Narrowing his eyes dangerously at her, Shi Sheng warned, “What are you trying to do here? I advise you not to do anything right under Jiang Dai’s nose. After all, who doesn’t know that she’s under Jiang Dai’s care right now?”

  Bei Yunyun refuted, “I mean, there’s nothing Jiang Dai can do if she withdraws from the competition herself. As for the matter involving you and Liang Zhenyu…… Everything would be over if the fans were to know about it. If we use this to threaten her to withdraw from the competition, there might be a chance that she’ll do it obediently. Based on her current fan base, she can continue muddling away even if she were to withdraw.”

  The moment the words left her mouth, Shi Sheng’s face contorted into a dark scowl. Suddenly, he grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her to the bed. Pressing her onto the pillow, he bellowed, “You f*cking…… Are you trying to drag me down as well?”

  Frightened by his reaction, Bei Yunyun shook her head as if her life depended on it. “N-No, I… President Shi, that’s not what I meant……”

  Repeatedly, the man used his palm to pat her face and threatened, “I’d hate for anyone to discover this thing I once had with her, so you better put away this thought of yours. If I were to be targeted by Jiang Dai, god knows how much I’d have to lose. So, don’t even think about it, you hear me?”

  Who was Bei Yunyun to defy him? As such, she had no other choice but to cry and agree. Before long, she had to be tossed around the bed once more.

  After midnight, she woke up stiff and achy, only to find the man lying next to her was snoring away and sleeping like a pig.


  At this juncture, Bei Yunyun wished she could tie this sc*mb*g up and beat him up mercilessly!

  This sc*mb*g was nothing but a despicable and vile beast.

  If she had known he was such a stingy person, she might as well not follow him in the first place. In her mind, she had simply relied on her capabilities to acquire her current ranking, and the company had done nothing to help her.  

  Just as she lay on the bed, a thought crossed her mind. Gritting her teeth, she fished out Shi Sheng’s phone cautiously without any noise before using his thumb to unlock it.

  Sure enough, she could find something she desired in his photo gallery.

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