Chapter 14 – If Only He Had Been Earlier

“Nan Feng, I’m An Ran!” She had a wretched expression. Whoever saw her appearance would not be able to bear saying more harsh words.

However Ji Nan Feng remained expressionless.

“Third Brother, it seems that you have great luck with women.” Gong Ze Yun stared profoundly at Duan An Ran. He knew best what kind of person Duan An Ran actually was.

Due to some unknown reasons, it looked like the development of things had changed in this life. Gong Ze Yun recalled his previous life; although Ji Nan Feng did not pamper Duan An Ran unreservedly, he was still protective of her. Yet, currently despite the stares from the surrounding crowd, he was not moved.

“What is Second Brother saying? Li Xin, alone, is more than enough for me,” Ji Nan Feng rebutted.

Mo Li Xin listened as the two men countered each other at every turn. Their words were odd and the atmosphere felt a little fishy. The two were brothers but why did it seem like there was an underlying tension between them?

Duan An Ran was unreconciled. Nevertheless, noticing Ji Nan Feng’s disregard for her and the nosy gazes of the crowd, she had to suppress her torrent emotions and walked out of the banquet hall.

Poor Duan An Ran was the winner in the previous life, but in this life, she had lost. Even Ji Nan Feng had changed, from being a refined gentleman to a black-bellied man.

Although the surrounding crowd was a little surprised by Ji Nan Feng’s attitude. They exercised discretion and did not say anything. No matter how curious they were, they had to swallow it. After all, they all came from influential aristocrat families; self-restraint was a necessary skill.

Not long after, the banquet commenced. Elder Teng entered looking benevolent dressed in a Chinese tunic suit.

“I thank everyone for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend my birthday celebration today. Apart from that, there is one more thing I wish to announce. My little granddaughter, Teng Qian Qian, has also reached a marriageable age. Therefo-“

“Grandpa!” Elder Teng had yet to finish when a cute chubby girl ran over and interrupted him.

That girl was the granddaughter of Elder Teng, Teng Qian Qian. At twenty-three, she looked like she was just seventeen or eighteen. This was the first time Mo Li Xin laid eyes on this rumored beloved granddaughter of Elder Teng. The first impression Mo Li Xin had of her was pretty good; Teng Qian Qian looked like she had a sunny personality.

Said to have been studying abroad since she was a child. She studied medicine and had achieved extraordinary accomplishments despite her young age. She had only recently returned to the capital last month and was currently working at Xin Hospital.

It was through Man Man’s gossip that Mo Li Xin inadvertently learnt of this. Based on what she heard, she thought that such an intellectually gifted woman would look dignified and elegant, hence she did not expect that Teng Qian Qian would be such a lively and adorable girl.

“Qian Qian, don’t be rude.” Hearing her voice, Elder Teng happily turned towards her. Although he phrased it as a reproach, his expression was gentle and soft. It could be seen that Elder Teng loved this granddaughter dearly.

“Grandpa, I have my own plans regarding these things. You should just leave it to me. I’m only twenty-three this year. Does grandpa think that no one will want me in the future? Or does grandpa not want me anymore? Hence you’re trying to chase me away, ” Teng Qian Qian whimpered as if she was about to sob.

But of course, it was just an act. On such a big occasion where it was her grandfather’s birthday, how could Teng Qian Qian do something so inauspicious as to cry.

Elder Teng panicked, “What nonsense! When did Grandpa try to drive you out? It’s just that Grandpa is getting on with age and cannot accompany you all the time. Isn’t it better to have someone to be with you?”

“Grandpa, what are you saying? You’re still healthy and I’m still young! It’s too early to be worrying about these things. Plus Qian Qian only wants Grandpa to accompany me. Hehe,” Teng Qian Qian beamed.

“Nonsense, how can Grandpa keep accompanying you? Just look at Brother Ji. He’s already married and your sister-in-law is your age,” Elder Teng said. Just as he finished speaking, he realized in surprise that he still had the microphone near him.

What? Third Master Ji was married?

This news shocked everyone.

Mo Li Xin’s heart also skipped a beat. On the day of her wedding, she signed a contract. It stated that if their relationship was exposed, it would be the end of their marriage. Although Ji Nan Feng might not remember anything now, he would inevitably remember as time passed.

“Do you remember the agreement?” Mo Li Xin asked weakly.

Ji Nan Feng’s eyes were deep, “I do. I accidentally came across it previously, and it made me recall some things. But don’t worry about it. Back then, I was not… rational.”

‘Not rational?’ Mo Li Xin did not understand. If something like that had happened to her, she would not be so forgiving. Let alone the victim, Ji Nan Feng, himself. Yet he did not seem to place much importance to it, and even used the words ‘not rational’ to describe his previous actions.

“Let’s discuss this next time. Be Mrs Ji with a peace of mind and don’t stress about unnecessary things,” Ji Nan Feng assured as he caressed Mo Li Xin’s head.

Gong Ze Yun watched the couple from afar. His fists relaxed and clenched continuously. Why? Why did he not meet her earlier? If he had been earlier, the man beside her right now would have been him.

“What? Brother Ji is married? Who is my sister-in-law? Is it the girl standing next to him?” Teng Qian Qian descended from the stage and headed towards Mo Li Xin.

“Sister-in-law? So you’re my sister-in-law? You’re so beautiful! So much better than that… that Duan An Ran!” Teng Qian Qian declared without any qualms. Firstly, she did not like Duan An Ran. Secondly, it was not like Duan An Ran was someone she could not afford to offend.

Luckily Duan An Ran was not present. Otherwise, she would have fainted in anger.

Mo Li Xin blanked out and it took her a while to react. This Teng Qian Qian was talking to her.

“Hello, I’m Mo Li Xin.” She decided to introduce herself as she did not know how to reply to Teng Qian Qian’s last sentence.

“Oh! Hello, I’m Teng Qian Qian. You can just call me Qian Qian. Grandpa said that you’re my age. That means you’re twenty-three too? I was born in July. What about you?” Teng Qian Qian asked directly. She was an amiable person, and could easily get along with those that she just met.

“June, I’m a month older than you.” Mo Li Xin did not expect that the first time they talked, they would be so close.

“Sister-in-law is so beautiful. Excluding myself, you’re the best looking person I’ve met so far!” Teng Qian Qian stated confidently.

“…” Mo Li Xin. How should she answer that? To agree felt wrong, but to disagree was inappropriate too.

“Qian Qian, I haven’t seen you in a year. Seems like you’ve become prettier,” Gong Ze Yun said, unknowingly solving Mo Li Xin’s predicament.

“Hehe, but not as good-looking as Second Brother. As I’ve said before, within our social circle, only Second and Third Brother are the most handsome.

“Now that Third Brother is married, when is it Second Brother’s turn? Do you have someone you like?” Teng Qian Qian cheekily asked.

Someone he liked… Of course he did…

“I do, but that girl may not reciprocate my feelings.” When Gong Ze Yun said this, his burning gaze was directed towards Mo Li Xin.

“Who is she? Not liking Second Brother back?” Teng Qian Qian felt that she received too many shocking news this evening.

“You don’t know her. Additionally, liking her is my choice. She doesn’t have to return my feelings. It might be because she doesn’t know of my feelings yet. These things cannot be rushed. In the end, she… will belong to me,” Gong Ze Yun’s eyes contained inexplicable sadness and need to possess.

At that moment, Ji Nan Feng was conversing with Elder Teng. Hence he did not notice nor felt Gong Ze Yun’s invasive gaze.

It was tradition that the first dance was to be danced by the hosting family. So when the sound of music filled the banquet hall, Teng Qian Qian invited Gong Ze Yun.

“Second Brother, may I have the honor of this dance?” Teng Qian Qian asked.

Gong Ze Yun hesitated for a moment before extending his hand.

To liven the atmosphere, the song chosen for the first dance was a relatively cheerful and upbeat jazz music. The two who led the first dance were captivating. The combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman was pleasing to the eyes of the audience. It did not take long before the atmosphere got lifted.

As the first dance commenced, Ji Nan Feng introduced Mo Li Xin to Elder Teng.

“So this is Xiao Mo. Last time your grandfather told me that you’re married. Since you grew up, I have yet to meet you in person. It turns out you’re Xiao Mo. Did you know, when you were a child, I snatched you from grandfather’s arms to carry for a while?” Elder Teng reminisced.

“Carried me? You know my Grandpa?”

“It was through Xiao Ji’s Grandpa that I met him by chance. Back then when I carried you, I thought you were a pretty little thing. I even joked that I wanted to arrange a betrothal between you and my family’s grandson, Ze Yun. But who knew that you would be married to Xiao Ji instead? Fortunately, Xiao Ji can be considered as half my grandson.” Elder Teng laughed boisterously.

Mo Li Xin naturally nodded.

Ji Nan Feng was upset as he continued to listen to the two people next to him. What, wanting to arrange marriage for her and Second Brother? Should these things even be said in front of him?

The banquet ended shortly afterwards. Mo Li Xin had a few drinks while chatting with Teng Qian Qian. Hence, when she boarded the car, she was somewhat intoxicated.

“Ji Nan Feng, Nan Feng, Ah Feng, do you… do you really have amnesia? Or are you faking it? You clearly said that you don’t remember anything, but it feels like… feels like the recent you is acting strange… a little strange…” After blurting those words, she knocked out.

The car was silent, the girl occasionally slurred in between the times she woke up.


When Ji Nan Feng carried her into the house, she was still asleep. He had no choice but to personally bathe like the last time. After all, they were still husband and wife. Even with the prior misunderstandings, they still did what other normal couples did. It’s just that every time they did it… it was not a pleasant experience.

Mo Li Xin’s clothes were stripped off by a certain someone. This time she came to the moment water hit her. Unlike the last time, where she was completely drunk and unconscious. Till this date, she was unaware of the fact that she was stripped and bathed before.

“Water…? Why is there water? Umm… is it raining?” Mo Li Xin groggily asked.

“Be obedient and take a bath. This way, you won’t feel uncomfortable later.” Fuck. She? Feel uncomfortable? It was obvious that he was the one suffering okay?

“En… take a bath obediently, I want to take a bath obediently.”

“Yes, raise your hands,” Ji Nan Feng suddenly ordered wickedly when he saw her ‘soldier will follow as command’ look.

Mo Li Xin obediently raised her hands.

“Turn around.”

Mo Li Xin turned.

“Put your hands down”

Mo Li Xin lowered her arms.

“Say, Hubby I love you.”

Mo Li Xin did as told.

In the steamy bathroom, it took Ji Nan Feng a good half an hour before he carried Mo Li Xin out and onto the bed. Then, he grudgingly went back into the toilet. As for what he did in there…

After extinguishing the flames, he was greeted with the sight of Mo Li Xin’s exposed long legs. The way she laid on the bed… truly was torturous.


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