Chapter 13 – Second Brother, Gong Ze Yun

More than anyone else, he hoped that she could protect herself better.

“Nan Feng!” Duan An Ran hurriedly held onto his arms when she noticed that he was about to leave. In the past few days, she thought about the situation long and hard due to his amnesia. In the beginning, she was resentful and helpless but as the days passed, she accepted it and was somewhat comforted.

So what if he lost his memories? After he knew what Mo Li Xin’s mother had done once more, he would hate her all the same again. Now, what she had to do was to let Ji Nan Feng fall for her again. Pertaining to filling Ji Nan Feng on those events, she had to take it slowly.

However, the current situation seemed to be spiraling out of her control, making her ill at ease.

Ji Nan Feng disregarded her and continued his way to Mo Li Xin.

“Why have you arrived so early? It will take a while before the banquet officially starts,” Ji Nan Feng informed as he looped his arm around her waist.

Mo Li Xin did not expect that Ji Nan Feng would not only not blame her but was being so amiable. From her perspective, he even sounded somewhat doting.

“You’re not angry?”

“Why would I be angry? Wifey is jealous, I’m pleased!” Ji Nan Feng laughed.

Jealous? Mo Li Xin was unsure of how to continue the conversation.

“Regardless of what I said in the past, I’ve already forgotten them. Trust me,” Ji Nan Feng reassured.

“But…” Mo Li Xin cried in her heart. It seemed that she had to go back and practice her eloquence. It was too taxing on her brain when trying to dispute with an educator.

“Alright, stop quibbling. It’s not that you can’t outtalk me, but you have nothing and no reason to refute.” Ji Nan Feng said lightly.

Mo Li Xin scolded Ji Nan Feng thousands of times in her heart. ‘Based on what you said and did last time, how can I not overthink this situation?’ Yet, she was extremely thrilled by his words.

At that time, a waiter approached the couple.

“Are you Mr. Ji? Elder Teng wishes to discuss something with you in private.”

Ji Nan Feng hesitated for a while as he glanced at Duan An Ran. She stood to the side, with her face paled. He could not help but worry. After much consideration, he instructed, “Wait here for me obediently, I’ll be back soon.”

After that, he left with the waiter. With so many people around, he believed Duan An Ran would not dare do anything too excessive.

Mo Li Xin did not think too much about it. After all, Ji Nan Feng had some shares in Elder Teng’s company. So she did not suspect anything when the two men had things to discuss privately. Duan An Ran, who was watching at a side, could only choke back her anger and leave.

Mo Li Xin chose not to pay attention to those probing gazes around her and enthusiastically enjoyed the array of pastries laid out before her. As a century-old family, the Teng family was not just an empty shell. The subtle luxurious decorations within the banquet hall were filled with connotations. If nothing else, just based on their decadent desserts, it was delicious!

“Miss, we meet again. Do you still remember me?” Gong Ze Yun pretended to be surprised. When actually, he had planned this encounter for a long time. The two times that they met may have seemed coincidental but they were intentionally planned by him.

“Gong Ze Yun, why are you here too?” Mo Li Xin was startled. That day in the mall, after they left the store, they casually chatted. Her impression of him was fairly good. Especially in terms of designing wedding dresses, he was simply her confidante. After they parted ways, she regretted not getting his contact information.

“Miss Mo, we must be fated to meet.”

“It seems so! You and Elder Teng…?”

“Elder Teng is my grandpa!” Gong Ze Yun explained.

“Oh!” Mo Li Xin nodded, ‘no wonder he’s here.’

“Why did Miss Mo attend tonight’s banquet?” He pretended not to know.

“I… I came with my husband,” she hesitated, before saying it.

Upon hearing the word ‘husband’, Gong Ze Yun could not help but lament in his heart. Indeed, her husband was his third brother. In the previous life, Ji Nan Feng was not in the wrong, Mo Li Xin even more so. However, they should not have been together; they would not have a happy ending together.

In his previous life, he had also fallen in love with Mo Li Xin. If he were to be honest with himself, his affections would not have lost out to Ji Nan Feng’s. But so what? By the time he realized this, Mo Li Xin was already lying on the hospital bed.

Previously, for the sake of brotherhood, and for the happiness that Mo Li Xin believed she had, he had kept his feelings to himself. Not allowing another soul to know of it. However, in this life, he would not hold back his feelings anymore. Even though they were already married, he would not allow the past tragedy to repeat itself. Even if he must resort to other unscrupulous means.

“You’re married? That’s unexpected,” Gong Ze Yun’s words were one of astonishment, yet his expression did not match.

Yet, Mo Li Xin was oblivious to the discrepancy.

“Xin Li, can I talk to you for a moment?” Duan An Ran who had left just now suddenly appeared again.

Mo Li Xin grimaced. She had watched a lot of drama series and knew how the plotline goes. She naturally did not believe that Duan An Ran was just looking for her to have an idle chat.

“There’s no need. We’ve nothing to talk about,” Mo Li Xin bluntly rejected. She knew that she was a pushover, but it was not to the extent of being stupid. Additionally, she was no saint, hence she did not want to exchange pleasantries with her ‘love rival’.

“Li Xin, I believe that there’s some misunderstanding between us. Nan Feng may have misunderstood me too. Could you…”

Even though she hummed and hawed through her incomplete sentence, it left plenty of room for people’s imaginations to run wild.

Mo Li Xin felt as though her head was about to explode. This kind of hesitant and ‘unsure of whether to say as if she had difficulties’, melodramatic act could not be any more brainless. Yet, when it happened in reality, people might not be able to see the underlying intention clearly. Currently, everyone might be thinking that it was due to her appearance that caused friction between the two. Now, Mo Li Xin felt that she was truly innocent.

“Enough! Keep away your crocodile tears. Were you hoping that everyone would misunderstand me? At least try to think of a better plan. What is ‘some misunderstanding between us’? I have no relation with you. Don’t phrase it as if I like Ji Nan Feng and is deliberately trying to make things difficult for you due to jealousy. Don’t forget, what is the relationship between Ji Nan Feng and I. Even if someone is trying to find trouble with the other, it’s you.” Mo Li Xin felt inexplicably satisfied after getting it off her chest. Apparently, trying to bottle everything inside was not the best way to go.

This was the first time in both lives that Gong Ze Yun witnessed Mo Li Xin being so emphatic. In the past, she had always swallowed her grievances into her stomach. This caused others to feel distressed and indignant on her behalf.

Others who were paying attention to them were also stunned; they were astonished by Mo Li Xin’s sudden drastic change in personality.

If Mo Li Xin knew the thoughts of those people, she would have definitely burst out in laughter. To be honest, she was still a coward, especially when she was facing Ji Nan Feng. To have the guts to blurt all of these words now was firstly due to Ji Nan Feng’s recent change in attitude towards her. This caused her to not feel the need to trend so cautiously. Secondly, she could not just keep swallowing her anger, sooner or later she would have to vent it out!

Except, Mo Li Xin did not know the thoughts running through other’s minds. After her grand speech, she strode out of the banquet hall. Uh… actually she went to the toilet to calm her breathing. It was sure invigorating to scold people, but her little heart could not stand that level of excitement. In the future, if she were to come across these rotten apples, she did better run if she could, or hide if she must.

When Ji Nan Feng came back, he saw Gong Ze Yun. Which was no surprise, as Elder Teng was Gong Ze Yun’s grandfather. He had no reason not to attend the banquet. Looking at Gong Ze Yun’s back, he felt a sense of familiarity. Yet, it was not a familiarity from seeing his brother, but an impression of meeting a stranger.

“Second Brother, long time no see,” Ji Nan Feng greeted lightly, his expression slightly complicated.

“Indeed, it’s been a long time since we’ve met. Is Third Brother doing well recently?” Gong Ze Yun asked after taking a sip of red wine. The two observed each other, both found a strangeness in the other’s gaze.

Ji Nan Feng drew blank for a moment before replying, “I’ve settled down and gotten married. Everything is going well for me.”

He deliberately emphasized the words ‘gotten married’. He was not sure why he did it, but after doing so, even he felt that it was weird.

Gong Ze Yun stared complicatedly at this sworn brother of ten years. Someone who he had been willing to risk life and limb for, before saying, “I heard from Fourth Brother that you’re married. At first, I didn’t believe it, but seeing it now, it must be true.”

“She is Mo Li Xin. In a while, I will introduce you to her.”

“Mo Li Xin… I think we’ve already met,” Gong Ze Yun stated.


After Mo Li Xin calmed down in the toilet, she freshened up and exited. As she came out, she spotted Ji Nan Feng and Gong Ze Yun conversing but the atmosphere was somewhat odd.

“You two know each other?” Mo Li Xin voiced.

The two people talking withdrew from their thoughts when they heard her voice.

Mo Li Xin instinctively walked towards Ji Nan Feng’s side.

“You know each other?” Mo Li Xin asked again.

“This is my Second Brother that I mentioned previously,” Ji Nan Feng introduced.

“What? Didn’t you say that your Second Brother is called Gong Yue? Wait… your last name is also Gong… Is it… Is it… you’re Gong Yue? Then… that means…”

She started stuttering again. Mo Li Xin truly believed that this was an illness and she must get it cured. Whether she was in excitement or fear, she would stutter. Where did the courage she used when facing Duan An Ran just now disappeared to? She honestly embarrassed herself in front of her idol.

‘Oh my god… Previously I’d taken him to be my confidante. How could he be my confidante? He is a god!’

“Does that mean that you’re the little lolita who recently joined our company?” Gong Ze Yun smiled.

“Little lolita?” Mo Li Xin did not understand.

“On the day of the interview, it was said that a very young and beautiful girl came. She was the first applicant to get accepted on the first interview, talented and full of potential,” Gong Ze Yun explained.

Hearing this unexpectedly from her idol, Mo Li Xin was over the moon but also a little speechless. Was Jiu Zi so idle? She was but a small employee who recently joined the company. Yet, the gossip mill was so powerful that even Gong Yue, the big boss of the company, knew.

In the days to come, Mo Li Xin would undoubtedly feel this ‘idleness’. It was not from having nothing to do, but she found that she managed to complete her tasks way before the deadline. The company believed that it was not about quantity but quality. Hence they would allocate ample time for each project for their employees to ponder and fortify their design ideas. The company only demanded that the employees complete their projects excellently within the specified time frame.

“Really? It seems that my wife is very popular in the company,” Ji Nan Feng commented.

Mo Li Xin stared at him weirdly. She felt that Ji Nan Feng was no longer that refined scholar, he seemed to have a tinged of deviousness.

Gong Ze Yun was also bewildered. His third brother seemed to have changed, but he could not put his finger on what it was.

“Nan Feng, who is this?” Duan An Ran suddenly came out of nowhere and asked.

Mo Li Xin frowned.

“Why is it you again? I remember telling you clearly the last time that we are not familiar, stop addressing me so affectionately in the future. Additionally, I would appreciate it if you could stay away from me,” Even if Ji Nan Feng was considered to be courteous and would not lose his temper easily. He could not seem to hold himself back when confronting Duan An Ran.

What a joke, if he did not perform better in front of his wife, he would truly be a fool.

LOL the author kept describing Duan An Ran’s appearance as something that ‘popped out of nowhere’…

Yes yes yes… Ji Nan Feng, you must put your best foot forward! Ganbatte!!

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