No One Saved Me


Translation Status: Completed

Raw Title & Source: 无人救我双A
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 又蓝
Total Chapters: 9 Chapters + 4 Extras
Genres: Angst Omegaverse Short Shounen Ai Tragedy
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“Nobody’s going to buy me emeralds. Nobody’s going to give me babies. Nobody’s going to save my life.”

—Lawrence Block, “Eight Million Ways to Die”

I could finally be liberated.

Novel Tags: sadomasochism, ABO, the damage is done,1It’s no use crying over spilled milk. BE, melodramatic abuse

The author suggests listening to: I’m In Here (Piano Vocal Version) – Sia

However, this translator suggests listening to: #1 Sad Songs Playlist (Lyrics Video)

Translator’s Note

“No One Saved Me: A Pair of Alphas” is probably its most suitable entire title.

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