No One Saved Me

Chapter 1: Only That Person

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I was an alpha.


So was my partner.

It sounds different from the norms, after all, AO matches are the mainstream of society. Otherwise, it’s AB or BB romances. Rarely did two macho alphas get together. Moreover, we’ve currently been together for almost ten years.

Awesome, right?

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Shang Yu walked straight away from me without even a word of refusal.


I gave presents.

Shang Yu just indifferently glanced at me and brushed past me again.

I started writing love letters.

This time, I had learned my lesson. I didn’t write my name, but maybe my mess of a writing was too conspicuous in the number one Imperial High School, and coupled with my first few confessions, almost everyone knew that Shang Yu was being chased by a C-class alpha from a no-good family.

Imperial High School was worthy of being a place where nobles gathered, and the way everyone ignored me was also unique. There was absolutely no school violence or anything at all, I was just being treated like an invisible person by everyone in the school — including the teachers.

This feeling was really difficult and uncomfortable to recall, but I was really brazen at the time to follow Shang Yu despite all of that.

It’s funny, Shang Yu became the only person who didn’t give me the cold shoulder, or maybe he just didn’t care, since he treated everyone in the same way.

He spoke to me for the first time.

“I won’t like an alpha,” he said.


I did a lot for him.

I said this not to move myself, but to move his heart, because that’s precisely how he was moved by me.


I personally thought so— that I was able to touch his heart.

I found a hospital that installed an artificial omega gland for me. Once the alpha gland was removed, I could easily die, but adding another one would be much better, I would just feel rejection at best.

The above was what the people at the Science and Technology Institute told me.

This was an innovative experiment. The omega population was decreasing quickly, and the existence of artificial omega glands was the general trend. I greeted them in advance and got this opportunity at a low price without even letting my family know about it.

I used alpha inhibitors in order for Shang Yu to only smell my artificial omega gland. I couldn’t smell them myself, and Shang Yu later told me it smelled like wine, a scent that tantalizingly intoxicated him.

I felt a little guilty that I had stolen the jacket stained with his alpha scent to fill the gland, just to match his scent.


Shang Yu also had boyfriends, all of them omegas, the kind that were beautiful, soft boys. However, I didn’t mind.

From the start, I knew that chasing Shang Yu was going to take a long time. Perhaps, I may not have even been successful in this lifetime.

Little did I know that the opportunity would come the year I graduated from high school.

Shang Yu was drugged by an omega from a small family at the graduation party. It was a very cheap trick, even cheaper than my stalking. 

I was still an alpha after all. I immediately went up to heroically save the day after I saw something in Shang Yu’s expression. The little omega wanted to resist me at first, so I shamelessly suppressed him with my alpha pheromones.


He ran away in fear.

I helped Shang Yu upstairs. I didn’t plan to take advantage of the situation, so I just let him rest in his room and went to the bathroom to prepare a washcloth for him.

As I said before, my artificial omega gland was built exclusively to Shang Yu’s scent.

I hadn’t reacted yet when Shang Yu pinned me down, and only when I finally saw his crimson eyes did I realize what was wrong, but by then, he had already deadened my resistance — in fact, I hadn’t actually resisted much, letting him rampage inside my body.

It was the first time I saw such extreme emotions in…Shang Yu.

Although it was only forced by drugs. 

It was extremely painful. An alpha wasn’t an omega and did not automatically secrete fluids there. Shang Yu was completely out of his mind and even less interested in preparation at this point; he bit down heavily on my artificial gland and even formed a knot inside my implanted sexual organ, completely marking me.

I may be dying.

It was so painful, even more painful than when I was on the operating table.


I knew Shang Yu wouldn’t be happy when he woke up.



I got together with Shang Yu.

After waking up that day, he was really angry. He sneered at me, who was still half-dead in bed, and said, “It was all your idea, wasn’t it?”

I couldn’t even move my fingers, my whole body felt both hot and cold, and only my brain was still barely functioning.

I thought in a daze, it turned out that… Shang Yu could be so mean.

Nevertheless, he was a responsible man.

The imperial law stated that one was responsible for the person they completely marked and formed a knot with. Although it’s usually for an omega and a beta, Shang Yu also broke up with his little boyfriend at the time to be with me because of this.

The artificial omega gland on me was especially reliant on his pheromones and being fully marked made it even more sensitive, almost as much as a normal, fragile, freshly alpha-marked omega.

In addition, he’s an SSS-class alpha.

He asked my family about the Science and Technology Institute’s research for the bond removal surgery now, preferably with my artificial gland.1Kris Xian: I guess, he’s pertaining to the bond they formed when Shang Yu formed a knot in/with him. Until then, he said that he would be responsible for me.

Not married, he told me he would never marry me.

My family felt ashamed and later broke off their relations with me, so I moved into Shang Yu’s home.

The house that Shang Yu bought was not even his actual home.

But I was satisfied.


Therefore, we’ve been together for ten years.

In the previous years, Shang Yu developed interest in an alpha’s body and came to me often.

He didn’t come much later though.

I’ve learned a lot over the years. Not to mention housework, I also studied business and worked at home under a false identity for several years. The Empire was currently high-tech, and my identity resume was real —it was just my name that had changed— so it’s natural that the several important proposals I passed had been chosen.

It was still a bit of a pain though.

Due to the absence of my alpha, over time, I even kind of wanted to die.

I wouldn’t mention much. Anyway, talking about these post-marking symptoms seemed exceedingly hypocritical.

In any case, I was currently alone.

Shang Yu’s most recent visit was two months ago.

He told me that the Science and Technology Institute had made progress. With the latest technology, I could get the bond removed and also the artificial glands I messed with before.

He told me that he still preferred the scent of a pure omega.

He added that in the end, despite my desperate look—

Even though my scent was the smell of wine, it was of the cheapest sort.


After he left, I started thinking about how I was going to die again.

Depression was too painful for me.

The aftermath of the previous surgery and the conflicting two opposite pheromone left me regularly breathless and, suddenly, I would be on my back, gasping for breath.

However, no one at all knew that I’m just really tired.

It turned out that liking Shang Yu was the most painful— as it dragged on, like a chronic poison, it gradually penetrated my internal organs.

I deserved it, I knew it.

But did I regret it…?

I turned on the gas.2It may be pertaining to liquefied petroleum gas.

Oh, I had a gas stove because Shang Yu liked to eat Ancient Earth’s home-cooked food. I also got these devices from the old market.  I learned home cooking to please Shang Yu.

Nonetheless, as it could be seen, it was useless. He still wouldn’t come.


While feeling dizzy, I was still so cheap and called Shang Yu.

Shang Yu didn’t answer for the first time.

I dialed once again.

Shang Yu finally picked it up, probably not expecting me to be so shameless, but it also had something to do with his personality and him not being able to be completely ruthless, or we wouldn’t have been able to actually be together for ten years.

Shang Yu coldly asked, “What’s the matter?”

I didn’t know what to say for a while, but I was entranced while listening to his voice.

I still loved him.

I was insane.

Shang Yu was also impatient as he said, “If there’s nothing, I’ll hang up.”

After thinking about it, he added another sentence, “People from the Science and Technology Institute will come looking for you in the next two days, so just wait at home.”

With a voice as light as a feather, I asked, “Will you come? I haven’t seen you in a long time…”

Shang Yu didn’t want to answer me and just said, “I’m hanging up.”

Before he could do so, I rushed to say, “I don’t regret it.”

Shang Yu didn’t even give me a chance to catch my breath and just hung up the phone.


His reaction was expected, and I wasn’t surprised at all.

I wasn’t even sad anymore.

I’d gotten used to it.

I really didn’t regret it, I wanted to tell him. Suicide was my own choice, I just couldn’t go on anymore.

Whatever, after all these years…

I still loved him so much, it’s hopeless.

Shang Yu didn’t even have feelings for me at all. 

However, when he gets married in the future, he may want to tell his wife and friends about such a thing… There was an alpha who liked me so much that he became an omega for me for a decade. Even before he died, he didn’t forget to tell me that he didn’t regret it. He didn’t even have any agreement or contract with me, not to mention being married.

It seemed like a good after-dinner topic.

After I died, he was free. He liked omegas anyway.

I could also be out of sight and out of mind.

It was as if my heart, which had been heavy with depression for years, suddenly relaxed, and I exhaled heavily, feeling my consciousness slowly dissipating.

One man’s death could make two men whole.

It’s as if death became a very ritualistic thing, and it sounded like I was a little important.

It’s just that nobody wanted to save me.

I closed my eyes.

Youlan3the author‘s Note

Shang Yu’s perspective could be read next.

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