The Flower of Youth Blooms when He Smiles

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 他笑时风华正茂
Release Schedule: Wed
Author: Shu Yuan 舒远
Total Chapters: 54
Genres: Angst Modern Romance School Life

Summary 1

It wasn’t the first time she had met him.

However, at the time, in the corridor of the KTV1karaoke, he smiled with charm as he hugged the girl in his arms.

It had left such a deep impression within her.

What happened later on?


Her boyfriend, Lu Sibei, luxuriously invited his group of friends. He came late.

Someone yelled, “You have to drink for being late.”

“Why didn’t you bring your girlfriend along?”

That person only smiled lightly, “We broke up.”

“Oh, how many months was it this time?”

That person lifted his eyes, his voice flat, “That’s enough.”

In the private booth, the lights were dimly lit. Meng Shengnan drank her cola with her head down, but the drink in her tongue tasted both cold and bitter.

At the time she hadn’t realised yet that later on, she really couldn’t have anyone else but him.

Summary 2

During her youth, Meng Shengnan had fallen for someone. Yet, she knew that she would never be the type he liked, so she buried her unrequited love deep within her heart.

Many years later, she met him again in her hometown.

He was no longer the unruly and carefree youth she remembered, instead, he would often pass through the old streets of Jiangcheng in a pair of flip-flops. The first time they met again, he stared at her, unshaven, his eyes full of untold stories.

Her heart raced and he chased after her relentlessly. For her, he got his act together, started all from nothing, and wiped away his past humiliations. It was as if he had responded to the words she had written many years ago in the book she had gifted him: “In the days where the flower of youth blooms, I want to help him find his way after losing his path.”

Keywords: Metropolis romance, serendipity, sweet story

Main Characters: Chi Zheng, Meng Shengnan | Other keywords: Youth, warmth, slow romance

One sentence summary: A hooligan boy and a young girl





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