No One Knows


Translation Status: Completed

Raw Title & Source: 无人知晓
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 又蓝
Total Chapters: 4 Chapters + 4 Extras
Genres: Angst Shounen Ai Tragedy
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On a cold wintry evening, he finally closed his eyes for an eternity.

He thought, “So be it.”

He Yusen came back, hoping to have one last look at his ex-lover, whom he still loved so much. However, what met him was a pair of eyes full of hatred and excruciating pain from the other person’s sharp words tinged with obvious animosity. In addition, another person was already by his side — his new lover.

With all of these laid painfully in front of him, he could only resign to his fate and keep his illness a secret upon himself. Nevertheless, in his last moments, he wasn’t able to endure his innermost desire and called him, “Lu-ge, how good would it be…” if I didn’t get sick?

Unsure if he was able to say the rest, he forever closed his eyes. No one came to know what his last words were.

Lu Jing didn’t hear He Yusen’s words. When his ex-lover came back, all he wanted to do was return all the pain he had suffered to the person who ruthlessly abandoned him. For that purpose, he introduced a new lover and went to various places that he and He Yusen promised to visit together when they were young.

He didn’t imagine that this thirst for revenge would cost him the chance to see the person one last time.

Translators: Ebarle (Chapters 1 & 2), Kris Xian (Chapters 3 & 4, Extras)

Editor: Shizuka Momo

Proofreader: AngeAngela

Translator’s Note

Hi! This is Kris Xian, with another pain-inducing novel. This is originally picked up by Ebarle, but she wasn’t able to continue translating it due to real-life issues. Therefore, here I am, sacrificing my heart taking over.

No One Knows was written by the same author as No One Saved Me. However, unlike NOSM, the author was a bit merciful and lengthen MC’s life throughout the main story. Ha. ha.

Have fun reading!

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