No One Saved Me

Chapter 5: Shi Wen (Part 1) | Chapter 6: Shi Wen (Part 2)

Chapter 5: Shi Wen (Part 1)

Shang Yu said softly, “…His name is Shi Wen.”

The name lingered between his lips and teeth, rolling in his tongue in a way that was incredibly unfamiliar.

In all the years they’d been together, he barely ever called that person by his name.

Whenever that person called, he always just answered in an impatient monotone. Every time he went back to that house, it was just for relieving his sexual desires— after all, under the current imperial law, he could only have sex with his partner— otherwise, it was illegal— and even then, that person’s name still didn’t matter to him. He usually didn’t even need to say hello. After entering the door, he would just directly pull the person, who had just shown a surprised expression, to the bed.


After the hearty sex, he usually just slept contentedly and prepared for the next day’s work or vacation. However, often the next morning, he would be awakened by the smell of that person cooking breakfast, which seemed to carry the fragrance of home… he didn’t resent.

That person tried his best to please him. For example, he deliberately sought recipes and materials from Ancient Earth and spent several times longer than the imperial AI to make food according to his liking — he had looked on before and only coldly thought that the man was probably making up for forcibly binding him after drugging himself. Even though the food satisfied him, he didn’t bother to bestow any praise. He would usually go back to work when he was full and not give that person even the slightest shred of hope.

And now…

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Shang Yu regained his senses and realized how strange he was to others tonight.


“As if, something went wrong somewhere,” He murmured, slightly at a loss.

Seeing him like this, his friend became even more puzzled. Just as he was about to speak, Shang Yu abruptly stood up.

“I have to go back first.”

He suddenly wanted to go back to where that person was.

It seemed that it had been a long time since the last time he went…

If it was a misunderstanding in the first place, then… that person, in any case, did not deserve to be treated like this, for… as long as ten long years.

Chapter 6: Shi Wen (Part 2)

As he walked out of the bar, Shang Yu thought back to the way his best friend looked as if he had seen a freak when he left. He silently exhaled. 

After he learned the truth, he really didn’t look like himself — at this moment, he was actually so focused on going back that he forgot about that person, Shi Wen, who should be undergoing surgery at the Institute at present.

He didn’t know how the gland removal surgery went.

The gland removal procedure had actually been around for years, only the artificial gland would be slightly more special — but not harder to remove than the real gland. He had the Institute researching it for so many years in order for the technology to become more mature and ensure its absolute safety.

Although he had always been strict and indifferent, he had to admit that he was actually much more tolerant towards Shi Wen than others.


Otherwise, just after the knot was formed, he would have the bond removed, even disregarding Shi Wen’s life and the laws of the Empire.

Shang Yu recalled the phone call from the Institute during the morning meeting and the reminder from his beta secretary. He was unable to stop himself from picking up his mobile phone and dialing it.


No one answered the phone.

Furthermore, it was already 11 or 12 o’clock in the evening. The Empire’s labor law stipulated that the AI would automatically close the work contact conversation after working hours. He also never took down the personal phone numbers of any staff members of the Institute, not even bothering to save his beta secretary’s.

He hesitated for a while, but still decided to go back to that house first.

He planned to talk to the Institute in the morning. He would request to put off the surgery for a bit, he may need to have a good talk with Shi Wen about their relationship.

However, if he really went, it didn’t matter. The bond removal surgery was more mature under the Institute’s research. It would be nice to give each other both a chance to start over.

When Shang Yu returned to the house, he stood at the door when a strange feeling came over him.

It was as if… his heart sank a little, gradually dipping into the cold water.

That sense of foreboding slowed his movements to open the door as well.

“Pa.” The light was automatically turned on under the operation of AI. The whole house didn’t have much furniture, which made the house look empty, and further highlighted the owner’s sense of loneliness.


What assailed his nostrils was not the warm, incense fragrance the man was accustomed to, but a strong smell of disinfectant.

It was as if someone had just done a general cleaning these two days.

Shang Yu had a hunch that it was that person, after all, that person loved cleanliness.

Nonetheless, it always felt strange somewhere.

His premonition was always accurate, and this hunch pushed him forward.

—Until he walked to the door of Shi Wen’s room.

He had never been so cautious in this house, as that person would always be there. He hadn’t even looked at the house very much before that person moved in. Therefore, this was the first time he set foot here in Shi Wen’s absence.

Of course, he never came to Shi Wen’s room either.

They went to bed1had sex in another, larger room, right next to the study— so he could wake up the next day and go straight to the study to work. He would always be preoccupied with it and didn’t like being distracted. Even if Shi Wen was still resting in bed, he would also wake him up with an unpleasant look on his face.

Over time, Shi Wen silently moved his things to another room. He would also roll out of bed and go prepare breakfast just before he frowned and got up.

As he observed it all in, he just thought that Shi Wen was tactful, but that was about it.

Shi Wen’s room wasn’t big, but full of character. He got a cartoon-patterned bed sheet from somewhere, the whole room decorated in warm tones, quite in contrast with the black and white ash neutral tones he was fond of.


There was a computer on Shi Wen’s desk. It was still dimly lit— the owner just turned off the electronic screen— but did not completely shut it down.

He stepped forward with curiosity that came from nowhere. His eyes were quickly drawn to another object on the desk.

It was a… a wooden photo frame. It looked like something unique to Ancient Earth. In fact, many of the furniture in Shi Wen’s room seemed to have been bought from the Ancient Earth’s market, which was probably the origin of his room’s unique character.

There were two people in the frame.

He and… Shi Wen.

The two of them had never taken a  photo together. This one seemed to have been carefully cut out of a large group photo and then put together.

In the photo, he looked extremely young but still unsmiling. He swiftly glanced at himself and noticed that the clothes he was wearing at the time were the suit he wore at the graduation party ten years ago.

And that person.

The past and current Shi Wen were extremely different. Although they also had omega artificial gland in the past, he still had full of energy and had the confidence and strength of an alpha — as for now, he was now thinner and smiled less, even when he did smile, it carried a far-fetched edge that made him feel weary.

Looking at the photo, Shang Yu recalled that in high school, the man entered his life like a whirlwind, completely disregarding the eyes of others, so out of place among the self-disciplined noble children of Imperial High School, yet especially memorable and unforgettable.

Unconsciously, there was nostalgia in his eyes, and he gently put the photo frame back in place.

Youlan’s Note

Shang Yu’s perspective actually gets longer and longer… I feel like there are too many details to add… This seems to be my habit… The length of the gong abuse can always be several times the length of the shou’s sufferings (in fact, it is also abusing the shou too?)

And my cute point is: [TLer is currently sobbing so hard to gather the energy to translate the said author’s point.]

PS: Shi Wen will not be reborn ~ this one centers more on depression and begging for more ~ Mwahahahahaha!

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