No One Saved Me

Chapter 7: Shi Wen (Part 3)

For some reason, he turned on Shi Wen’s computer screen.

Was it based on a whim?

He just suddenly wanted to know what that person was usually doing.

Shi Wen’s desktop was neat, with only two or three folders, and none of them were named. He clicked on one at random and found that it was a confidential copy only owned by Shang company’s internal personnel.

Shang Yu roughly scanned it and thought it was odd, yet he felt that that person… would definitely not harm him.


However, that person was obviously not in his company, why would he have these documents? He was beyond sure that none of his employees was named Shi Wen.

He casually clicked on a document marked with a red dot. The content was exceedingly familiar. It was Shang company’s latest architectural planning and marketing proposal, but he clearly remembered that this was presented by…

Sure enough, the signature of the document was also Jiang Yu. It’s not that his memory was in disorder.

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The number of times Shang Yu was shocked today had even broken the record he had set in the past few years.


He stared blankly at the avatar, the gentle smiling face wearing a mask… At such a close distance, he realized that those eyes were similar to Shi Wen’s.

In the new age of high technology, people could fine-tune their features and stature when uploading their virtual images on the premise that the original owner could be identified. Shi Wen had significantly shortened Jiang Yu’s height, his face seemed to become smaller at the same time, and rounded out his own handsome, narrow eyes even more.

Jiang Yu was actually Shi Wen.

Jiang Yu was actually Shi Wen?

Dumbfounded, he reached out to touch the figure, yet the data-based image shattered at his touch, before returning to its original form. The avatar, without the manipulation of its original owner, simply stared straight ahead in a wooden manner.

Suddenly, memories of Jiang Yu flooded in.

When Jiang Yu entered the company, he was unclear about how. After all, it was managed by the personnel department. However, Jiang Yu’s work and communication skills were top-notch, but he was very low-key and did not like taking credit, so he had won the goodwill of the people at the company— his goal seemed to be able to officially sit with him in a meeting, in which he succeeded.

Moreover, he often noticed Jiang Yu’s gentle gaze during the weekly meetings.

He once flipped through Jiang Yu’s information out of curiosity, and there were only a few notes on it. He wrote about his education and internship experience, and his gender was an omega. However, because of the virtual meeting, he couldn’t smell Jiang Yu’s pheromones, and he once thought about what such a person’s pheromones… would smell like.

Nonetheless, because he had a partner, all his fantasies stopped there.

Shang Yu reached out and turned off the screen.


He was still silently in a great shock and a little more emotion he was not familiar with… It seemed to be sadness, as if the things he had always disdained and hated were actually treasures that he had secretly admired and wanted… and the initial reason for hating it was not at all valid.

Why that person?

Shi Wen, why did you do so much?

He tiredly stretched out his hand to hold his forehead and lay down on Shi Wen’s bed, which smelled familiar to him— a little bit of cheap pheromone scent and an addictive red wine smell— like the seawater hidden in the depths.

“Shi Wen…”

He whispered the man’s name, trembling uncontrollably for the first time in his life.

Waiting for tomorrow, he must contact the Science and Technology Institute…


When Shang Yu was woken up by his work phone, he hadn’t yet realized where he was.

He almost didn’t wake up according to his biological clock, or was it the first time he was woken up by his own phone—could it be the comfort of his environment?

With irritability in the morning, he got out of bed frowning and picked up his phone, lazily asking, “Who is it?”

“…Hello, is this Mr. Shang Yu? This is the Science and Technology Institute.” The other side was frightened by Shang Yu’s displeased tone, and he spoke politely after a pause.


Shang Yu was startled, the memories of last night rushed into his mind like a flood, momentarily making him a little nervous and anxious with unease.

That person…

“It’s about… Mr. Shi Wen.” For some reason, the researcher from the Institute found it difficult to talk, once again stopped speaking as if to gouge Shang Yu’s mood.

“…Say it.” Shang Yu softly held his breath.

“I also called you1A courteous kind of “you.” yesterday, but… later, I contacted your secretary, but your secretary didn’t seem to communicate well with you, and finally gave me a simple way to deal with it… But I still think that although you and Mr. Shi Wen are not married and… you’re not on good terms, you should still know that by the law of the Empire, the partner is also entitled to know our final handling plan.”

The more Shang Yu listened, the more puzzled he became, and a bad premonition rose in his heart.

…What handling plan? Why didn’t he know anything? What was wrong with… Shi Wen?

The staff of the Science and Technology Institute seemed to be afraid that he would hang up. Before he could reply, he quickly added, “Because the imperial law is not in favor of burials, Mr. Shi Wen’s remains have been cremated. We don’t know what to do with the ashes. Usually, the partner takes it… So I still hope that Mr. Shang will come to the Science and Technology Institute.”

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