The Flesh of a Swan [ABO]

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 天鹅肉[ABO]
Release Schedule: Sat
Author: 寒菽
Total Chapters: 12
Genres: Omegaverse

The elite prosecutor omega Shen Wenjun was like an ice sculpture of a flower that could only be found on the mountain peak,1[…pertains to a person who is hard to reach or obtain.] a piece of fragrant flesh of a swan.2[The flesh of a swan is a part of the phrase, “The toad wants to eat the flesh of a swan.” A toad refers to someone who has no self-knowledge but still trying to obtain someone unreachable or beyond their league — the flesh of a swan.]

Countless alphas could only seek but never get him, miserably suffer humiliation, and retreat one after another.

Being a good friend for so long, detective beta Xie Han had been secretly in love with Shen Wenjun for many years. He bought a ring and saved more than ten years of courage as he planned to confess and propose to Shen Wenjun on his 30th birthday, which could forever determine his fate.

Suddenly, Shen Wenjun had a dark expression as he complained to him, “What bad luck, I met a little foolish brat. Unexpectedly, it’s my destined alpha.”

Everything was messed up.

“Dear, you have already marked my soul with love. ”

Author’s (Spoilerish) Note

This article was not a V.3[It is really just ‘v’ in the raws. This translator has no idea what it means.] It occurred in a modern setting, a BO love, and a story wherein the childhood friend in love prevailed over the love interest who MC had a chance encounter with.4[竹马战胜天降 was the opposite of 天降战胜竹马, where the chance-encountered person wins against the childhood friend in love.]

Alternative Title

Swan Meat [ABO]

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