How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 10. He Gambled Too Much.

Ren Jian said, “I’d better treat you.”

Yu Qinghuan waved his hand, “You paid for the room last time. How can I let you treat me to dinner?”

Ren Jian said, “It’s okay, the TKOW Club paid for the room.”

Yu Qinghuan said, “Then I have to thank you for sending my friend back today.”

Ren Jian said, “My base salary for a year is seven figures.”


Yu Qinghuan choked for a moment.

Ren Jian continued, “And that doesn’t include the signing fee given by the live streaming platform.”

Yu Qinghuan: “After you, after you.”

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Yu Qinghuan scratched his face with some embarrassment and said, “I don’t think the two of us will have much chance to meet again in the future.


Ren Jian: “……”

Yu Qinghuan continued, “We won’t see each other much anyway, so I’ll tell you everything.”

Yu Qinghuan’s life changed forever when he was sixteen years old.

That year, Father Yu was cheated out of his business, and the fraudster fled with the money. The wealthy family became heavily in debt. Father Yu’s efforts for half his life were ruined. He started drinking all day and gave up on himself.

His mother couldn’t stand his decrepit appearance, so she filed a lawsuit and divorced him.

During the lawsuit, Father Yu had problems with his spirit1They say spirit but they really mean mind, and from then on he became mentally unstable, often unable to remember things or people.

Mother Yu wanted to take Yu Qinghuan away, but he chose to follow his father and decided to take good care of him. Yu Qinghuan was seventeen years old that year, and there were eight months left before he became an adult.

From then on, father and son were dependent on each other, and with the help of relatives, Yu Qinghuan was able to live up to the expectations of the public. He was admitted to a university in the city.

In the summer of his third year of high school, Yu worked for three months to buy a computer, and that year he was introduced to e-sports.

Yu Qinghuan found out that he was very talented. He was addicted to e-sports in his freshman and sophomore years. He won many games, but also failed in many subjects. His teachers tried hard to persuade him, telling him that if he continued like this, he would face repeating a grade or even dropping out of school.

But playing e-sports had become Yu Qinghuan’s dream.

At that time, the domestic gaming industry was sluggish. Father Yu was sick and needed care, so he needed to study honestly and find a stable job at university.


Reality and ideals began to pull at Yu Qinghuan.

As a result, he could not sleep at night and could not eat during the day.

The TKOW team’s search for a youth trainee was an opportunity for Yu Qinghuan.

It was also a desperate attempt to make a move.

Yu Qinghuan told himself that as long as he took first place, he would go ahead and play e-sports regardless of what was right or wrong.

As a result, he took second.

Thus far, his dream was trampled on the ground, stained with sludge, crushed into pieces, and eclipsed.

Yu Qinghuan spoke calmly and looked at Ren Jian with some embarrassment, “Am I talking a bit too much?”

As if afraid of alarming him, Ren Jian whispered, “No.”

Yu Qinghuan let out a long breath and gave Ren Jian a grateful smile, “You’re the first one to know about this. It hurts me to tell it, so thank you for being willing to listen to me for so long. “

Ren Jian gently clenched his fist and said fiercely, “Actually, at first…”

Yu Qinghuan’s mobile phone suddenly rang to interrupt Ren Jian’s words.


“Excuse me, I have to take a call.” Yu Qinghuan picked up the phone and put it to his ear for just a moment to listen to it. His face suddenly changed, and he hung up the phone and hurriedly got up.

“What’s wrong?” Ren Jian followed and got up.

“My dad….” Yu Qinghuan was incoherent, rushing outside as he spoke.

“Don’t rush; where are you going? I’ll take you.” Ren Jian grabbed his jacket and caught up with Yu Qinghuan.

“Municipal People’s Fine Diseases Hospital.”

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