How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 11. Gold Plating is Not as Good as Stainless Steel.

Ren Jian stepped on the gas all the way and finally stopped at the entrance of the hospital with a drift and a sharp brake.

Yu Qinghuan, who had been thrown around, mumbled disorientated, “Am I still alive? I feel like I’m flying all the way up. Is my head still on me?”

Ren Jian said, “Here we are.”

Yu Qinghuan jerked back to consciousness, pulled open the car door and hurriedly ran towards the hospital. He ran a few steps and then turned back, pulling on the car window and shouted to Ren Jian, “Thank you!!!”

After shouting, he continued to run to the hospital.


In the hospital ward, Yu Qinghuan had just arrived and saw two nurses calming down her father.

His father looked agitated. His hands were dancing and his face was anxious: “Where is my son? Where is he?”

“Dad, I’m here.” Yu Qinghuan didn’t even have time to catch his breath. He hurriedly went up and took Father Yu’s arm, pressing him towards the chair.

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“Son, I’m telling you, our family’s money has been recovered. That God damned liar has finally been found!” Father Yu was so excited, “The police, the police contacted me!”


“What?” Yu Qinghuan frowned lightly. Without his signature, Father Yu couldn’t leave the hospital. How could Father Yu, who didn’t have a mobile phone, be contacted by the police?

“Come, come, come.” Yu’s father pulled Yu Qinghuan to the side of the bed, carefully lifted the pillow and said to him as if inviting credit: “Look, the money is back.”

Yu Qinghuan looked under the pillow and saw a pile of torn white paper on the bed. He didn’t know what had been scribbled and written on it, and there was also a medal lying there quietly.

The medal was not well preserved. Some of the paint had fallen off, revealing the reddish-brown copper inside. It looked old and ugly. Yu Qinghuan brought it back after winning an e-sports competition for the first time. Father Yu had been hiding this under the pillow.

What’s with the gold plating? It might as well be stainless steel.

Yu Qinghuan complained every time he saw the medal.

“Look, son, it’s a lot of money.” Father Yu smiled as he held the pile of scattered white paper in his arms, “Our family is rich again.”

Yeah, yeah. ” Yu Qinghuan gently laughed.

Father Yu patted Yu Qinghuan’s shoulder, “Son! Tomorrow, I’ll take you to eat good food, such as crab meat and seafood noodles, abalone, and Buddha jumping wall1佛跳: This is the name for a dish that is made entirely out of non-vegetarian ingredients. It is nicknamed “Buddha jumping over the wall” because Buddha and followers of Buddhism are supposed to be strictly vegetarian while the meal is composed the exact opposite way. It’s a play on words, you can choose whatever you like, and eat as much as you like! “

“Yes, yes.” Yu Qinghuan bent down to pick up the pieces of white paper that had fallen to the ground and put them back under his pillow before saying to his father, “Dad, let’s get some rest today. You’ll have enough rest before you can take me to eat good food tomorrow. “

“You’re right, son.” Papa Yu nodded obediently and lay down on his side on the bed. Yu Qinghuan covered him with the blanket when suddenly his arm was tugged again by Papa Yu.

Father Yu said, “Son, didn’t you tell father that you like to play e-sports?”


Yu Qinghuan was stunned.

When he was a freshman in college, he did always talk to his father about gaming.

Father Yu continued, “Now that our family has money again, you can do whatever you want to do. Dad will always support you! “

“…… hmm.” Yu Qinghuan nodded his head.

“Ah son, why are your eyes red.”

“Dad, I accidentally got sand in my eyes.”

“This room is quite clean. Where did the sand come from?”

“It came in from the window.”

“Son, the window was closed.”

 “…… Dad, hurry up and go to sleep.”

“Okay, let’s go eat crab noodles tomorrow.”



Yu Qinghuan had just settled Father Yu down to sleep when his phone rang.

Yu Qinghuan picked up the phone and almost shut down on the spot.

The call was from Yu Qinghuan’s leader, and a work call this late would not be good.

He was worried that answering the phone in the hospital would disturb others, so he hurriedly walked outside the hospital to call the leader back.

As expected, Yu Qinghuan was scolded by the leader as soon as he answered the phone.

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