How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 12. Picking Up a Drunken Man.

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“Yu Qinghuan!” The leader yelled angrily over the phone, “You missed a copy of the information you brought back from your business trip!!!”

“Missed, missed a copy?” Yu Qinghuan hadn’t realised that his information had fallen out of the hotel.

“What’s wrong with you, you? And the data sent to me just now, there is a wrong line. How can you be so stupid? Can’t you even do such a simple little thing properly? Hurry up and check it again!!! Hurry up! “


The leader snapped at Yu Qinghuan with a nameless evil fire and then hung up the phone.

Yu Qinghuan sighed in annoyance as he listened to the busy tone coming from his phone.

Yu Qinghuan hurried back to the office at nearly eleven o’clock. He opened the computer and started to carefully check the data line by line, but after checking the data three times, he could not find out which line was wrong. Yu Qinghuan began to wonder if the leader was wrong. He picked up the phone and wanted to call the leader, but he was worried that it would disturb his rest this late. He hesitated a few times while holding the phone.

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Under the camera, Ren Jian was so handsome that he couldn’t take his eyes off him. He was in high spirits with a smile on his face. His teammates were beside him, holding up the trophy and shouting together, “We are the champions, ah, we are the champions!”


This was followed by a clip of Ren Jian’s match recording screen, where, after a dazzling wave of manoeuvres, the three people on the opposite side were shown the experience of him successfully winning the first blood2First Blood, in-game term referring to the first kill of a game. and the first drake3At 5:00 into the game, an elemental drake of a random type spawns in the dragon pit. When a drake is slain, the next drake will respawn after 5 minutes elapse, spawning with a random new element not yet chosen from the pool. As soon as the team kills four (4) drakes, they will earn buffs of a dragon soul.

At the end of the video, a phrase appeared on the screen.

New fire to try new tea, poetry and wine while the years are young4It means “to light a new fire to cook a cup of freshly picked tea, and to write poetry and get drunk while you are still young.” It comes from “Wangjiangnan: Transcendental Taizuo”, which is a lyric work by Su Shi, a writer in the Song Dynasty. The statement expresses the writer’s desire to move on and move past the entanglement of feelings he had previously and embrace a better, brighter, and more positive future. In this case, the statement shows that they overcame and moved past all the challenges to become champions. . They are the champions!!!

Then, the screen dimmed, and Yu Qinghuan’s face was reflected on the pitch-black computer monitor.

Yu Qinghuan turned off the computer and flopped back onto the table again.

In a daze, Yu Qinghuan recalled the day he won his first competition in college. When his teammates rushed over to hug him, wrapped their arms around his shoulders, and cried with tears in their eyes, “We won, we won.”

Luo Buyu, who was the team captain at that time, was also there, and he said, “Qinghuan, you are too powerful. We must hang on. “

The scenes then twisted.

The teammates, the medals, and the celebrating crowd began to fragment, and in the end, there was only a ghastly white. Yu Qinghuan saw Ren Jian in front of him, calmly asking him, “What are you holding on to?”

Yu Qinghuan was startled awake.

He raised his head in confusion and looked around, only to realise that he had accidentally fallen asleep at the company.

Yu Qinghuan let out a sigh of relief, tidied up the table, walked out of the company door, and found a night market stall nearby.


The night in the city was made up of lively skins, chattering mouths, hungry bellies, a thousand bones, and people with their own agendas. It was full of fireworks.

Yu Qinghuan ordered a lot of wine in one breath. The boss of the food stall saw that he looked young and was worried that he was a student. He asked, “Young man, have you graduated from college? How good can you drink? “

Yu Qinghuan smiled and replied, “I graduated a few months ago.”

“Aigoo.” The boss asked, “What’s the date? You want to drink so much?”

Yu Qinghuan opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass full, raised it and laughed.

“It’s my birthday today, boss. Do you want to wish me a happy birthday? “

“Oh! It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday! This bottle of wine you opened is free for you! ” The stall owner was also forthright.

“Thanks.” Yu Qinghuan laughed.

Yu Qinghuan didn’t eat much food and kept drinking. After drinking about six points of drunkenness, he went to the boss to settle the bill, and then returned to his seat to continue drinking. After drinking, his eyes suddenly turned red. He bit his lip and couldn’t hold back his tears, so he kept sobbing and wiping tears with his head down.

The last time he cried was when he came second in the TKOW club’s youth training tournament. He crouched in front of his father’s ward, crying in a low voice for half the night.

The next day, after washing his face, he went to the school library as if nothing had happened, intending to make up for the classes he had missed.

If Ren Jian hadn’t shown up this time and questioned him about what he was still holding on to, he wouldn’t have cried tonight.


People are really strange creatures. A simple, weightless sentence can make them so sad that they cannot restrain their emotions.

Yu Qinghuan didn’t know what he was insisting on. He just… it was just that he had dreamed of picking up the trophy countless times-

Yu Qinghuan took a few deep breaths, trying to restrain the urge to cry, but the tears wouldn’t stop. He was worried about scaring others, so he simply lay down on the table. His entire body became lethargic, and soon he fell unconscious.

Suddenly, Yu Qinghuan felt someone half-embracing and half-supporting him as he picked up his drunken self.

The person sighed softly in his ear and muttered, “Hey, counting the time before.. I have thrown up twice because of you ……”

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