How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 9.

“What?” Yu Qinghuan didn’t understand Ren Jian’s tawdry words.

“Do you remember who I am?” Ren Jian looked at Yu Qinghuan and gently hooked the corners of his mouth into a smile.

“Of course I remember. You’re the kind person who slept in the erotic room with me last time.” Yu Qinghuan said in a hurry.

“Hm?!!!” Luo Buyu, who was hanging on top of Yu Qinghuan, was frightened half awake from his drunken stupor.

What erotic room? What fun room? What’s the fun?


“Since we’ve met by coincidence, why don’t I give you guys a ride? My car is parked in the car park.” Ren Jian, who had been waiting outside Yu Qinghuan’s company for four hours, turned the car keys in his hand.

Yu Qinghuan was a bit embarrassed. For one thing, he was worried that Luo Buyu’s alcoholic smell would dirty Ren Jian’s car, and for another, he didn’t want to bother Ren Jian: “Thank you, but we’ll just take a taxi, so I won’t bother you.”

As soon as he clutched the car keys, which were spinning around his fingertips, Ren Jian said, “It’s no trouble. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

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“Ebyv’p oasdt?” Zw Ckdtbwyd oyp pvyavzle cu Nws Jwuw’p oyhlakdt hsknl.

Luo Buyu didn’t answer. He was dumbfounded, wondering if he had drunk too much.


“Aren’t you coming up?” Ren Jian leaned his elbows against the car window, stuck his head out and said to the two of them.

“Okay.” Yu Qinghuan dared not be slow, shoving Luo Buyu into the back seat and sitting up himself.

Ren Jian asked for the address and drove the two of them to Luo Buyu’s house. Yu Qinghuan said, “I’ll take my friend upstairs.” Then he dragged Luo Buyu out of the car and supported him upstairs.

Luo Buyu also recovered from his shock at this time and asked Yu Qinghuan: “Qinghuan, is the TKOW team coming to poach you?”

Yu Qinghuan sighed, “Brother Luo, if you ate more peanuts, you wouldn’t be so drunk.”

Luo Buyu: “Then… that person is Ren Jian, right?”

Yu Qinghuan nodded, “Yes, it’s him, but he doesn’t recognise me. We just bumped into each other last time by chance.”

Luo Buyu remembered that if it wasn’t for Ren Jian, Yu Qinghuan would have made a name for himself on the TKOW team by now. He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “Is it fate? You two are really fated to be together.”

Yu Qinghuan shrugged noncommittally, then said goodbye to Luo Buyu and walked downstairs, noticing that Ren Jian had not yet left.

The yellow light of the street lamp was warm, and Ren Jian was leaning against his car, holding an unlit cigarette in his mouth, as if he was thinking about something. The breeze brushed against Yu Qinghuan, carrying the unique smell of grass and trees of the long night.

When he heard footsteps, Ren Jian raised his head and saw that it was Yu Qinghuan. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and crushed it into a ball, throwing it into a rubbish bin by the roadside.

Yu Qinghuan walked over a few steps and asked, “Just now you said you were looking for me?”


Ren Jian nodded, and he spoke with a smile, “I just wanted to ask you, do you… know QH?”

Yu Qinghuan paused.

QH was the game name he used when he was playing e-sports.

After a brief moment of surprise, Yu Qinghuan calmly lifted his head, then played dumb: “Ah? Sorry, I don’t recognise it. “

Ren Jian: “……”

Ren Jian stared at Yu Qinghuan without saying a word, as if he wanted to find out from his expression the reason why he didn’t want to admit his past. However, there were all kinds of situations in the world. 1Original phrase is “but the world is full of emotions, and the skin is always unpopular” so I just put the meaning

Yu Qinghuan knew that Ren Jian had recognised him, which made him want to escape from there immediately. His right hand imperceptibly clenched his fist slightly, but his face still maintained a smile: “Well then, thank you for driving my friend back today. It’s not too early. You ……”

“I ……” Ren Jian suddenly interrupted Yu Qinghuan, “I found your US server account.”

Yu Qinghuan jerked his head up to look at Ren Jian.

Ren Jian continued: “According to the game time of your US server, you have maintained three to four hours of game time almost every day for the past three years. You are obviously at work, but you still make time to continue training, which shows that you have not been able to give up e-sports. QH, since you don’t want to admit it, what are you holding on to?”

Yu Qinghuan’s gaze crossed over Ren Jian to look behind him.

The night was tired, the road was sleepy. Those pedestrians who looked hurried, and did not know where to go, had nothing on their shoulders, but half of them had slumped shoulders.


Yu Qinghuan withdrew his gaze and smiled at Ren Jian, “Well then, let me treat you to a meal.”

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