You’re Fired!

Chapter 3.2 This man is so pure and unpretentious

Unfortunately, Bai Duanduan did not expect that after eating so much meat and restoring so much energy, she would eventually have to use it for work.

Halfway through the meal, Lin Hui’s phone call came again.

“Come to the office, there is a temporary case, you can help to handle it.”

Bai Duanduan was holding her breath, but she could only say goodbye to Duan Yun Xue Wen and rushed all the way back to the law firm in a blaze of glory.

At this hour, the rest of the colleagues in the firm had gone home, leaving only Lin Hui’s office with the lights on.

Bai Duanduan returned to her workstation and opened her computer to read the emails, but it would have been okay if she didn’t look at them. This time, there was only Bai Duanduan’s anger.

The emotions that she had been suppressing since she returned to A City from B City finally exploded at this moment, and Bai Duanduan rushed into Lin Hui’s office with the print out of emails and case files.

“Teacher Lin, what’s going on? Explain to me?” Bai Duanduan looked at an animal sculpture on Lin Hui’s desk and felt that this thing was really ugly which made her even more angry.

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The A City firm’s head office was full of complaints about this female lawyer named Du Xinyi, and several of the junior partners had a fight with Lin Hui over this matter. However,  Lin Hui responded well, but he still went his own way. Therefore, the team became eccentric. Not long ago, several partners left the firm and changed jobs, taking away a group of stalwarts and lots of valuable clients and ZhaoHui was badly hit.

It was precisely because of this reason that Lin Hui transferred Bai Duanduan from the branch office back to the main office.

Originally, Bai Duanduan did not care about those true and false rumours, because she heard that Du Xinyi was not pretty, and even the colleagues in the head office did not think that because Lin Hui had taken a fancy to her, so he looked favourably on her. Looking at Lin Hui’s professional ability and company’s income, what kind of beautiful woman he can’t have.

It was not until Bai Duanduan returned to A City and met Du Xinyi that she understood everything.

It was true that she was not beautiful, but she was too much like Lin Hui’s dead fiancée, Ye Zhaoxia.

The law firm, ZhaoHui, was named after Lin Hui and his dead fiancée Ye Zhaoxia.

When she thought of Ye Zhaoxia, the fire in Bai Duanduan’s heart was finally suppressed a little. She didn’t want to argue any more, so she just bowed her head, pursed her lips, took the information and prepared to leave.

But she didn’t expect that while she didn’t want to argue, other people didn’t think so.

Bai Duanduan pulled open the door and saw Du Xinyi standing outside the door, with a face similar to Ye Zhaoxia’s, but her eyes were full of malice that Ye Zhaoxia would not have. She had obviously been listening outside the door without saying a word for a long time.

She just looked straight and provocatively at Bai Duanduan with a malicious smile, and then she opened her mouth.

“Teacher Lin, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, I’m too clumsy, I’m always unable to handle the case perfectly, always dragging down lawyer Bai, that’s why lawyer Bai is not willing to take me, not willing to teach me, it’s all my fault, I’m too stupid, I’m sorry, lawyer Bai, I’m sorry, I’ll definitely follow you and learn properly, don’t be mean to me and dislike me in the future, I’ll listen to whatever you say ……”

“Mr. Lin, I know you take care of me, I know you care about all newcomers like me, but in the future you really do not need to care about me, I am afraid that this way, whether it’s lawyer Bai or other colleagues, they will have unnecessary misunderstandings about me……”

Du Xinyi said in a low soft voice with an ever changing sad expression on her face. She lowered her eyelashes and looked up again. Her eyes were red and full of sadness as tears fell straight. Although she didn’t look good, she really looked sad with an appearance of crying. 

Lin Hui really could not resist her crying with this face, he threw down the case file, hurriedly walked over and began to comfort Du Xinyi, and then looked at Bai Duanduan.

Just this one glance ignited all of Bai Duanduan’s anger again.

It was clearly a look of condemnation.

When had she been avoiding her and not teaching her? It was clearly because she liked idling around, refused to learn, and was always thinking of evil ways to engage in office fights.

A newcomer? She has four years of experience in other law firms. This old cucumber painted herself green and said she was a newbie!

Damn it, I want to kill this white lotus!

On the way home, Bai Duanduan was angry, but she thought it would be better to think of the handsome straight man to lighten her mood!

Yes! It’s time to arrange a relationship for myself!

[Small Theater]

Reader @white_jade_has_a_flaw’s

Ji Lin’s mother to Bai Duanduan: In the future, you will be my new daughter. Forget this kind of stingy man, Mom will introduce you to another one. Let’s go shopping together, CHANEL has launched a new product.

Reader @Sphinx Lion’s

Ji Lin: Even if I die and run out of all my money, I will not like Bai Duanduan!

After a while ……

Ji Lin: Duanduan, what do you want to buy? I will buy you anything.  Do you want this? How about that? Forget it, I’m not asking you anymore, I will buy everything!

Reader @ What’s a good nickname’s

Ji Lin: Bai Duanduan, do you not want to harm my money?

Bai Duanduan: Hahahahaha, I not only want to harm your money, I also want to harm your body and soul!

(T/l: Author dedicate small theatre to top readers)

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