You’re Fired!

Chapter 4 Do all good-looking men have such strange bones?

Now that she went to the office, when Bai Duanduan left, she took home the information about Ji Lin’s case. At the same time, she also took away another labor arbitration case that Lin Hui temporarily threw over her.

The case against Ji Lin is a large-scale layoff case. It is said to be a confrontation. In fact, it has not yet reached the court. At present, it is still in the stage of reconciliation and negotiation. Ji Lin represents the corporate side and Bai Duanduan represents the 300 employees to be laid off. The first negotiation is scheduled to be held in a week. There is still plenty of time.

Another temporary labor arbitration case is much more urgent. Although it was a dispute between an employee and the employer, the arbitration hearing will be held in three days.

Unlike other cases, labour dispute cases, in general,must first be submitted to the Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission for arbitration, and only if they are not satisfied with the arbitration can they go to the court to sue,rather than going directly to court first.

This case was originally taken up by a junior partner team at ZhaoHui, but when the team left, the lawyer in charge also left, and the case remained at ZhaoHui, so now Lin Hui has temporarily asked Bai Duanduan to represent this employee client.

Both the cases were serious but time taking. Bai Duanduan decided to put the case against Ji Lin aside first and focus on the arbitration case that was temporarily added.

After a general review, she felt that under the premise that the Labor Law tends to protect workers, it was not too difficult to win this arbitration case.

The next day, she arrived at the office and called the client, Xu Zhixin, to schedule an interview, and did not feel any pressure.

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“I always thought he was just a good-looking guy, but then I realised that this kid is really ruthless.” When Zhang Junda recalled those lost cases, he still gritted his teeth a bit, ” Partner Lin Hui is also considered to specialise in the field of labour disputes, right? I used to think that partner Lin’s hourly rate for consultation was considered high, but this Ji Lin, his hourly rate is twice as high as partner Lin’s, and there is still a constant stream of people begging him!”

This was a bit of a surprise to Bai Duanduan. “Is it twice as much as Teacher Lin? I’ve been a lawyer in A City for at least a year, so how come I’ve never heard of this Ji Lin? And he is more powerful than teacher Lin?”

“He came back from the US after you left, originally doing non-litigation in the US. Mainly accepting mergers and acquisitions, restructuring bankruptcy, but he suddenly returned to China and started doing labour law. Initially no one went to him for cases. At that time an American company had to close down an entire factory in China and transfer its production base to Vietnam. They fired more than 1000 employees at once. The legal circle had predicted that the American company would have to pay out 5 million dollars in financial compensation for its employees alone, but he took over and the company ended up spending only 1 million dollars to fire all the employees, and it was still legal.”

Nowadays, with labour laws focusing on the protection of workers, this was a bit impressive.

Bai Duanduan thought about it and said fairly, “This Ji Lin, he’s got a couple of tricks up his sleeve.” However, she was still puzzled, “But if he started so high, doing non-litigation practice in the US, why would he suddenly come to do labour law practice ah?”

Zhang Junda skimmed his lips, “I always feel as if he has an axe to grind with us, as long as we take up a case, he will definitely represent the other party, even if the bid amount is small and hardly makes any money. So in this case you have, watch out, he’s quite wild and has a very different way of thinking, he knows exactly how to sack people with the least expensive solution within the limits of the law.”

As expected, Bai Duanduan thought. After all, Ji Lin was such a stingy, iron c#ck, using the cheapest means to fire people, isn’t it just that he was using his own strength to the full in the work? 

The male colleagues were unanimous in their condemnation of Ji Lin, but the female colleagues, however, were a different story.

Shen An Ning said with a longing look on her face, “How come I don’t have the chance to fight with Ji Lin, even if I die under him, I’m still willing to do it. Even if I die under the peony flower, I’ll still be a happy ghost.”

“Come on, ask Zhang Junda, how poisonous Ji Lin’s mouth is.”

“I’m willing to be sprayed by someone with a face like that.”

Bai Duanduan laughed disdainfully, “Come on, how handsome can he be? I just recently met a really handsome guy, you guys wait for me to bring him over and show you what it means to be amazingly handsome! Ji Lin is only a mediocre person in front of him! I’ll rub this vulgar girl on the ground!”

“Don’t take him for lightly, people say he’s a partner anyhow!”

What’s with being a partner? Bai Duanduan had asked Duan Yun about it, and she found out that Sheng Lin was a small firm that had just emerged three years ago, and the three founding partners were all unknown, and Ji Lin wasn’t even a partner at the beginning. He had only been practicing in China for three years and only this year he was promoted to partner position.

Bai Duanduan feels that, unlike a large firm of this size, where you have to take your time to become a partner and cross the threshold of income generation, it is not difficult to become a partner in a small, emerging firm like Sheng Lin, and to be brutally honest, many partners in small firms do not earn as much as senior lawyers in large firms. The promotion to partner is sometimes just a change of title, not to mention the fact that Ji Lin has been practicing in China for a shorter period of time than herself.

Although she thanked her colleagues for the reminder, Bai Duanduan did not feel that Ji Lin would be much of a fight in her heart.


The appointment with Xu Zhixin, the client in the arbitration case, was in the afternoon. In the morning, Bai Duanduan dealt with the affairs of several permanent legal advisors first, and was a bit sleepy during her lunch break, so she went downstairs to buy a cup of coffee.

It was a coincidence that she was just about to leave after buying the coffee when she ran into the person she had been thinking about for a long time.

Bai Duanduan was even more convinced that God really wanted them to be together, and look at this fate! It’s really great!

The man was wearing a black suit today, meticulous, handsome and noble, he walked up to the counter and was buying coffee while talking to someone on the phone. When Bai Duanduan looked at him, he seemed to have reached some interesting point, as he smiled a little. At that moment, Bai Duanduan just felt her heart being hit once again. If she ran into this man two more times, she was afraid she would have a thousand holes in her heart.

The other party still hadn’t contacted her, and now that the man had finished buying his coffee, he didn’t care about his surroundings, holding his phone in one hand and his coffee in the other, he naturally turned around and prepared to leave.

Bai Duanduan, who had boasted in front of Duan Yun that she would reverse the game play, was completely helpless at the moment and did not know what to do. Should she go forward and straight to the point? Or give an euphemistic hint? Or treat him in his own way and play hard to get?

Bai Duanduan, who had been quite astute in handling cases, was at a loss for ideas.

But she did not expect that soon, she wouldn’t have to think of a way.

A mother pushed her way into the cafe, and her two young bear-like children came out from behind her, running over in a tussle, one of them running past Bai Duanduan and knocking her hard.

Bai Duanduan was already on ten centimetre high heels, and the cafe floor had just been mopped. After receiving a hit from the child, she couldn’t grasp the balance immediately, her feet slipped and she fell towards the front.

She panicked a little until her gaze fell into a pair of deep, dark eyes.

According to the angle of the fall, Bai Duanduan was about to fall into the man’s arms.

At this moment, Bai Duanduan suddenly wasn’t too scared anymore, and what replaced her was the violent thumping of her heart.

This process only lasted for little less than ten seconds. However, in Bai Duanduan’s eyes, everything was in slow motion. She watched herself fall into the man’s arms. She watched the momentary surprise on the other man’s face and the quick reaction of understanding as she waited for the other man to reach out his hand and gently but firmly embrace her falling body.

What a romantic, dreamy way to re-encounter a man! 

It was simply a textbook level!

But soon, Bai Duanduan realised that development of things seemed to be going a little bit wrong?

The incident she imagined of falling into each other’s arms didn’t happen at all. 

At the critical moment, she saw the other party gently raise his eyes, and just as Bai Duanduan was falling into him, he moved to the side, and with a quick side-step, he managed to avoid Bai Duanduan’s body.

This perfect spin, 10 points; this seamless positioning, 10 points; this amazing technique, 10 points; this calmness and composure, 10 points!

All the moves were full marks!

Bai Duanduan didn’t forget to score fairly in her mind the moment she passed by the other side, but soon she lost that mind, looking at the ground that was getting closer and closer, Bai Duanduan only had one sentence in her mind at this moment –

Why did he steer away wildly and leave me alone to cry?

It wasn’t supposed to go like this!!! It shouldn’t have!!!

Because of her opponent’s side step, Bai Duan Duan could only fall forward. She was wearing ten centimetre high heels and could hardly save herself, but fortunately, because her face was so noticeable, almost as soon as she entered the cafe, someone was watching her, and just as she lost her balance, several men nearby were already ready to heroically save her.

Eventually, Bai Duanduan was held up by another man.

“Are you all right?”

The rest of the men also gathered around to care, ” You didn’t fall, did you?”

Bai Duanduan thanked the person and then turned around to see the man who had seen her die earlier calmly taking a sip of coffee and continuing to make a phone call while pushing his way out of the cafe.


So cold-hearted? So unenlightened? Don’t you know that a girl falling into one’s arms is a sign that a love affair has been successfully started?

Bai Duanduan didn’t expect this development at all and felt completely dumbfounded.

Is it possible that all good-looking men have such strange bones?


On the other hand, Ji Lin hung up the phone as soon as he walked out of the cafe because he had already seen Rong Sheng who was waiting outside.

“Ji Lin, why was there so much noise inside?”

Ji Lin sipped his coffee “Nothing, someone almost bumped into me just now.”

Rong Sheng said with concern, “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Ji Lin said calmly, “I reacted quickly and dodged.”

Rong Sheng looked uneasily inside the glass door of the cafe, and then froze, “Hey? Isn’t that the woman you saw in the bar the other day? What a coincidence?” He blinked, “Although she’s really a bit fierce, but she really doesn’t have any bad angle, you two are so compatible, really don’t you want to consider developing a little?”

Ji Lin respectfully looked back, “Her balancing sense is very poor, twice in a row, either hit me or almost hit me, I think her cerebellum did not develop well, it will affect the genes of the offspring.”


[Small Theatre]

After being together, there was a time when Duan Yun accidentally blurted out –

Duan Yun: Duanduan, are you serious about that 21seconds with Ji Lin?

Ji Lin narrowed his eyes and looked dangerously at Bai Duan Duan: 21 seconds? You have such a deep misunderstanding of me? Is it because my performance last night was not good enough? Then let’s continue to communicate on this matter tonight.

Bai Duanduan: I don’t want to f#ck!ng communicate anymore! Just leave me alone!

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