You’re Fired!

Chapter 5.1 That Filthy?

After two consecutive defeats, Bai Duanduan began to doubt her life, but soon, the time for the interview with Xu Zhixin arrived. After finishing her coffee, Bai Duanduan went to the meeting room and got down to work.

Although still in a cast and on crutches because of a broken tibia, Xu Zhixin arrived on time, he was twenty-eight years old, still very young, but his appearance was very stable, no wonder he was already the technical backbone of Jin Guang Electronics at this age, except that he looked very tired, like he hadn’t slept well for a long time, his dark circles under his eyes were heavy, his expression was tired and haggard, grey and very thin, not at all like someone who was home on leave to recuperate from his injuries.

“Hello, Lawyer Bai.” After the other party had braced himself and took his seat, he took out a pile of materials, “I brought the sick leave slip, the medical history book and the relevant original documents that you asked me to bring.”

Bai Duanduan opened and took a look. From the beginning of March this year, Xu Zhixin intermittently began to take leave, starting with gastroenteritis for two days, and urticaria for one day in late March. In the first ten days of April, he got a skin allergy and took off for another three days. In late April he had taken three days leave due to a bad cold. He broke his leg in May and asked for half a month leave at once. Then, he continued to take sick leave for a month and half, and never went to work at the unit again. After asking for sick leave for two consecutive months, his new sick leave form was just sent to the unit, and the employment termination letter from the unit was sent to him at the same time. The reason for dismissal is very clear. The Personnel department of Jin Guang Electronics believes that Xu Zhixin is maliciously defrauding sick leave, which is a serious violation of discipline and meets the conditions for legally terminating the labor contract.

Xu Zhixin looked at Bai Duanduan, who was looking through his sick leave documents, and tried to defend himself, “My leg is really injured, lawyer Bai, look, I have all my sick leave slips, diagnostic certificates and the films taken of my fracture, all of which are issued by regular tertiary hospitals, and it’s also true that I was continuously sick before, I didn’t fake any sick leave at all… …”

Bai Duanduan didn’t even raise her head “You don’t need to explain to me, I’m your lawyer, fighting for your interests. I am only going through the evidence, as long as the evidence is complete at the legal level, then you haven’t cheated on your sick leave. Mr Xu, a lawyer, only needs to help his client fight for facts and evidence that are recognised by the law within the limits of the law.”

As for whether you actually cheated on sick leave or not, I don’t care.

Bai Duanduan didn’t say the last line but nodded to the point, yet that subtext, she believed Xu Zhixin had also picked up on it. He froze, and then nodded his head.

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He blushed and explained, “Because of this leg injury, I have to recuperate for at least three months, and now the hospital is strict, so sick leave is issued for half a month at most. In my case, I have to go on crutches to renew sick leave again and again. The doctor is nice, I begged her and she agreed to give me three slips at once. 

In this way, it was a blessing in disguise. Because once the company has the original three consecutive sick leave slips, then no matter how much Bai Duanduan tries, she can not cover up the flaws involving false sick leave slips.

And at this moment, Bai Duanduan looked down and realized that all three leave slips did indeed come from the hand of a doctor named Chen Jia Nan. She returned the originals to the other party, “In short, these three consecutive sick leave slips of yours will most likely be found to be falsified sick leave during arbitration, and if you want to win this lawsuit, then make up qualified evidence before the trial.” She looked at Xu Zhixin and smiled, “Other than that, all the other information is complete, as long as the tribunal recognizes the authenticity and validity of the evidence, there will be no problem, pay attention to keep the originals.”

Xu Zhixin had a bunch of arguments prepared in his mind, and was also very afraid of encountering the meaningful gaze of lawyers. But it turned out that the young female lawyer in front of him did not care about any of this at all. She was very beautiful, professional and concise. She did not say a word of nonsense. She was careful enough to be cautious and professional. In just a short time, she detected the consecutive sick leave slip numbers that even Xu Zhixin had never noticed before.

She is not approachable, rather there is a natural distance. She doesn’t care about what has happened in other’s lives, she only cares about whether the evidence is sound on a legal level.

She doesn’t judge her clients.

This really is ……

It’s so rare.

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