Chapter 9: The Same Style as the Rich Socialite

  A sort of indescribable complicated emotion flashed across Huo Rongshen’s eyes.

  It was this kind of gaze……that caused Pei Jun’s heart to skip a beat.

  He shook his head repeatedly. “It is over. It is over. His brother, you are a goner. You actually fell in love with Jiang Dai?”

  Last year, the wedding of the century had caused the jaws of the entire upper-class society in Yanjing to drop——in Pei Jun’s eyes, it was not that bizarre.

  Born in the wealthiest family clan, the life of this eldest son had already been planned ever since he was in his mother’s womb. Afterward, from experiencing adolescence to adulthood……when males of the same age plan to woo girls, he would command the wind and the clouds1 叱咤风云: it means that he is all-powerful. in the business world.

  However, when the rich and powerful gentleman was 25 years old, he was not involved in any form of scandals. Hence, the tabloids would always tend to make an associative connection with his sexual orientation, to the extent where they had even made up stories about him and Huo Rongshen.

  Pei Jun knew very well that his friend did not like men. It was just that he was not that interested in women either.

  So, everyone thought that for an abstinent flower of the plateau, like Huo Rongshen, he was bound to get married later in life.

  Yet, he married Jiang Dai at the age of 27.

  In Pei Jun’s opinion, this matrimony was not difficult to understand. Since everyone would take what they needed, so this marriage was considered to be a combination of both wealth and beauty.

  Even though Pei Jun had only seen Jiang Dai for a few times, she was indeed a top-notch beauty. Standing next to Rongshen, this couple was very attractive and compatible. On top of that, this woman had high EQ and was sensible. Hence, Pei Jun was not surprised that Huo Rongshen would choose her.

  At that time, Huo Rongshen had already returned to the Huo clan’s Headquarters in Yanjing to preside over the overall situation. The domestic public opinion environment had always been relatively tense, so when there were rumors about his sexual orientation, it was easy to give rise to negative impacts, even causing the share prices to fluctuate. 

  As such, marrying an intelligent beauty was a good value for money choice.

  However, it never occurred to Pei Jun that……Huo Rongshen would actually have feelings for Jiang Dai.

  Huo Rongshen grimaced. Adapting to the changes in the situation, Pei Jun changed his train of thoughts. “Alright, I understand. It does not matter if you really do not intend to divorce. Naturally, there will be a way to do it.”

  Huo Rongshen kept silent.

  Pei Jun continued, “For Jiang Dai to become hostile so suddenly, there must be a complicated reason behind it.”

  Their little friend, Huo Shenli, had many question marks around his head. “What kind of women does my Sister-in-law belong to?”

  “When it comes to the wife of the wealthiest family clan, countless socialites in Yanjing would rack their brains trying to find a way to marry into the Huo family. At that time, Jiang Dai had also gone all out. However, now she suddenly said she wants to quit, how is that even possible?”

  Darting a glance at him, Huo Rongshen asked, “You mean that she does not really want to divorce?”

  The two Huo family brothers watched Pei Jun with an intense gaze, encouraging him silently. “Of course. If it were not for money, then it would be for love. Inevitably, she has her own objectives.” 

  Huo Rongshen recalled Jiang Dai’s reactions in the past few days, as well as her rejection to divide properties in the divorce agreement and not allowing him to be involved in the matter of Bao Li’s share prices. Not only did she seem as if she did not want his money, but she also showed particularly bad reactions to it.

  His brows knitted tightly together. “It is not for money.”

  “Then, it must be love!” Pei Jun became increasingly more confident. “Did she find out that you kept a woman outside?”

  “……” The moment Huo Rongshen cast his biting cold gaze at him, Pei Jun instantly lost the battle. 

  “Alright, alright, I was only just joking. Just relax, will you? I know that you won’t do that.”

  With a darkened face, Huo Rongshen added, “She did not as well.”

  Pei Jun threw his hands up in defeat. He was fully aware that this person was a workaholic, and even having a wife was considered as troublesome enough, so it was impossible for him to screw around with anyone.

  As for Jiang Dai……no matter how beautiful, how unrestrained, or how ambitious she was, but was there really another man in this world who was better than Huo Rongshen?

  “It is not for money, and it is also not for having an affair. Well, that makes things even simpler. She is dissatisfied with you! When did she start behaving abnormally?”

  Without hesitation, Huo Rongshen answered, “After the car accident and hospitalization.”

  “That’s it then. Since Jiang Dai got into a car accident on Valentine’s Day, why don’t you think carefully about what had happened on that day?”

  Huo Rongshen frowned deeply. That night, their argument boiled down to one reason——why was he unable to rush home to have dinner together? Also, he did not even fulfill his duty as her husband.

  However, it was merely because of this?

  His face hardened as he looked back on his interactions with Jiang Dai over these three years.

  Money, status, and love were things that Jiang Dai did not lack.

  If one were to insist on pointing out what this marriage lacked…… Then, that would be children.

  The year after getting married to Jiang Dai just happened to be a crucial period for him to expand into the company to Australia, so he was rarely seen in Yanjing.

  If we were to say that Jiang Dai wanted a child, it was not completely untraceable. 

  Half a year ago, when Jiang Dai had just graduated and completed her thesis, she badgered him into booking an island for vacation. 

  Even though he accompanied her, he had not stopped working.

  One evening, when the blue sky was streaked with the most beautiful sunset, Jiang Dai removed a new set of pajamas from her suitcase and went secretively into the bathroom to get changed…… 

  He remembered that pajamas were made of pure silk and looked like a cheongsam, but the slit in the skirt was far too high…… 

  At that time, he had some urgent work to handle, so he only knitted his brows and reminded her not to catch a cold, as the sea breeze in the evening was strong.

  Subsequently, he closed the door to the study and continued the video conference…… 

  By the time he was done, it was already midnight. When he returned to the master bedroom in the suite, he saw the shredded cloth of the pajamas in the bin. 

  Huo Rongshen’s brows were drawn together tightly, as enlightenment gradually dawned on his face.

  Regarding this matter, Jiang Dai was not as keen as he was. Also, she was far from that ruthless old age, unless……she wanted to have a child.

  Due to the fact that she was not pregnant after getting married, Jiang Dai was often chided explicitly and implicitly by his mother numerous times.

  He always thought Jiang Dai was still young, so she would not want to. However, it seemed like he had indeed misunderstood.

  “I got it.”

  Huo Shenli’s face lit up with excitement, as he asked, “What? Big brother, have you managed to guess the reason?”

  “Yes, Jiang Dai wants to have a child, but I did not cooperate with her.”

  Pei Jun felt even more certain and exclaimed, “Yes! That’s right! This must be the reason! Having a child is such an important matter, and you did not even cooperate with her! She most likely thought you were disloyal!”

  “……” Looking at these two hardcore straight men, Huo Rongshen’s expression was just like that of a grandfather looking at his phone on the subway.

  After investigating for half a day, this verdict was what these two big brothers had come up with?

  Jiang Dai had unexpectedly become hostile and kicked your big brother, just because he did not let her have a child???

  The f*ck was this logic!

  After much careful consideration, Huo Shenli remarked, “Big brother…… Why don’t you give it some thought? I think this reason……is not too probable.”

  Pei Jun patted him on the shoulder. “You are still young, so what do you know? Though those women who marry into the wealthiest family clan appear to be glorious, if they were not able to give birth to a son, from then on, their days will only be more and more difficult.”

  Huo Shenli wanted to say something, but when he saw his big brother seemed to take Pei Jun at his words, so he could only shut his mouth embarrassedly.


  Initially, Jiang Dai planned to head home to get a change and fix her makeup, but she was stuck in a traffic jam for 40 minutes ever since she left Bao Li. Also, there were only 40 minutes left until the time of appointment.

  At this moment, Qiao Jinye had sent another message on WeChat to apologize that they needed to change the venue. So, the original French restaurant became a hotel-style condominium.

  Jiang Dai then instructed the driver to change the route and head straight towards the appointment venue, as she was not going to head home to fix her makeup.

  The peak traffic tonight seemed worse than usual. Using a tablet, Jiang Dai continued handling her work until she was interrupted by a Weibo push notification. 

  A shocking, most searched headline made her brows snap together.

  Earlier, she had a great time criticizing Huo Rongshen publicly, but neither did she like the extravagant hype nor posting her private feelings online.

  Even if many female netizens took on the female’s standpoint and flattered her confidence, she did not feel happy at all.

  Almost at the same time, Wen Yan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, saw the headline. In a somewhat excited manner, he exclaimed, “President Jiang, you are on the most searched list!”


  Jiang Dai could see the irrepressible happiness on Wen Yan’s face when he turned his head. “On the most searched list, everyone seemed to be praising you for being so valiant! Also, quite a lot of netizens are requesting for the same designs! It seems like when the stock market opens tomorrow, our share prices will continue to rise!”

  “……” Jiang Dai was quite pleased with Wen Yan’s adapting speed, as it was only yesterday that he was still the trusted assistant of the Huo clan’s President. However, he had been repeating ‘our share prices’ many times today.

  After that, Jiang Dai clicked into a few related Weibo posts and discovered that there were indeed people requesting the same style that the rich socialite was using, and there were quite a large number of such comments as well.

  Soon after, many beauty and fashion bloggers, who were taking advantage of the popularity, relied on their professional knowledge to make a list of items——

#The Same Style as Rich Sister#
Gradient Airy Blue Tulle Skirt: A Certain Trendy Brand, Limited Edition, Unknown Price
Same Colored T-Shirt: Same Brand as the Tulle Skirt, Price 13,000+
Black High Heels: Jimmy Choo Special Anniversary Edition, Price 27,000+
Earrings: BV Valentine’s Day Limited Edition, Price 25,000+
Handbag: Hermes Lizard Skin Special Order, Unknown Price (approximately above 30 thousand)
Lipstick: Bao Li’s Zhen Xiu Classic Series No. 007 Dark Red with Matte Finish

  Numerous poor girls on Weibo were crying.

  The things used by rich socialites were indeed not something ordinary people could afford.

  Even the cheapest T-shirt would cost them two months of their salary!

  However……the lipstick that the Rich Sister used was unexpectedly not of a well-known luxury brand, but rather it was a non-mainstream domestic brand. The prices were also not considered high, falling between the range of 200 to 300, which was slightly cheaper than the usual big lipstick brands.

  A beauty blogger popularized, “Even though the products of Bao Li Group are not considered as popular, they were once the pride of our domestic products. Since the Republican Era, Bao Li has been the top brand in our country, and Zhen Xiu is Bao Li’s well-known luxury brand. I have already researched the ingredient composition of this series for everyone, and it is very reliable and admissible.”

  With this conclusion, girls, who initially thought this color code looked so beautiful, immediately went onto Zhen Xiu’s official website and their flagship store on Taobao to make a purchase. With such an enormous number of orders, soon enough, there was just insufficient stock.

  Hence, many girls settled for the next best thing and chose other color codes of the same series. However, in less than an hour, the entire lipstick series was also sold out.

  They then reached out their hands out towards lipsticks of other series. Once those lipsticks had run out of stock, they began to research the other products of Zhen Xiu, such as facial cream, facial masks, whitening air cushion, foundation, …… 

  A list of the most popular comments flooded by happy goddesses:

Reporting to my sisters, I have managed to get my hands on the last lipstick of Zhen Xiu’s classic series! Maroon color! Even though it is not the color that Rich Lady used, I think it is very acceptable!!
What celestial luck does the sister upstairs have! I finally managed to get onto the official website after much difficulty, but the website froze when I was making my payment, so I was not able to get my hands on any lipstick. However, I managed to get a set of day and night facial cream.
I bought facial masks, and will get the products tomorrow!
Sisters, I managed to get my hands on lipsticks from another youth series and bought a set of 10 lipsticks at one go. My happiness for today hehehehehe

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