Chapter 8: Cliche Breakup


  The man pursed his thin lips tightly, as he suffered from internal injuries.  He was afraid that he would spit out blood if he were to open his mouth.

  Jiang Dai’s gaze swept over the time on her phone, becoming all the more impatient. “If you are unwilling to sign, then leave it as it is. According to the laws and regulations, after separating for two years, when one party appeals, it can be regarded as an automatic divorce.”

  After saying this, she immediately got up and walked out of the cafe. As she passed the entrance, the faces of Chen Mu and Wen Yan held varying expressions. Chen Mu rushed into the cafe, while Wen Yan dashed outwards in great strides.

  ”Young Madame, are you alright?”

  Jiang Dai gave him a sidelong glance. “Assistant Wen, it is time to change the way you call me.”

  It was only then Wen Yan managed to react in time and quickly changed the way he addressed her. “Yes, President Jiang.”

  At this moment, Jiang Dai was not exactly furious but was somewhat agitated.

  When Huo Rongshen came to Bao Li Building personally, she gave him face by going over to meet him in person, intending to have a chat calmly. Even after they had divorced, everyone was in the business circle, regardless of how massive the world was, so who was to say that they would not have a chance to cooperate in the future?

  Who would have thought this b*stard would be f*cked up like usual? Besides acting on his own, he would be jealous and suspect her of having an affair.

  The more she thought about it, the ridiculous it seemed. She had always been sensitive towards numbers, so she was able to attain great achievements in the investment field, yet she had never hidden it from Huo Rongshen.

  Based on her previous line of thoughts, a lover was on the same intimacy level as her parents, especially during her university days when she had consulted Huo Rongshen regarding some problems in the professional domain.

  Even after sharing the bed for hundreds of days, this man had never come to realize that his wife, who laid next to him, actually did not require any financial support, as she was the big market maker herself.


  In the President’s office, Huo Shi Financial Group.

  The overbearing pressure had been going on for two hours.

  As soon as he had left the Jiang clan, Huo Rongshen directly headed back to the company to work overtime. The moment he entered his focus mode, he would not be easily distracted and was able to deal with a massive amount of work at high speed. 

  However, tonight was an exception.

  He was absent-minded. Every five minutes, he would zone out while staring at the computer screen. His brain could not process those familiar English words and numbers as though they were strange symbols.

  Somehow, two hours had passed in this manner…… His head was full of that woman whose personality seemed to have gone through a complete change.

  Sounds of knocking resonated from a distance.

  Two tall and slim men with outstanding looks entered one after another. The slightly older man, who had a pair of amorous eyes, simpered and spoke rather bravely. “I’ve heard that President Huo has been divorced?”

  “……” The man behind the office desk cast a cold glance at them, and immediately, shivers went up the spine of the slightly younger one at the back. “Brother Pei Jun, stop joking around already.”

  Pei Jun raised his amorous eyes and walked forward to pat Huo Rongshen on the shoulder. “Do not be too angry, and do not lower yourself to the same level as women.”

  Pei Jun was Huo Rongshen’s childhood friend, and they were once classmates as well. Now, he was working as the General Manager of the Huo clan, and also Huo Rongshen’s right-hand man.

  The young man with a tender face was Huo Shenli, Huo Rongshen’s younger brother. Currently, he was still studying for his master’s degree. At his father’s request, he had joined the financial group to learn from his older brother.

  As compared to Pei Jun, Huo Shenli looked even more solemn. He stood before his older brother gingerly, as he truly felt that his older brother’s expression looked as though he had already been laid to rest for a long time…… 

  With much effort, he mustered his courage and risked his life to ask, “Big brother, are you and Sister-in-law seriously going to get a divorce?”

  There was a gloomy, overcast expression on Huo Rongshen’s face. He asked coldly, “Where did you hear that from?”

  Restlessness overtook Huo Shenli’s face.

  Pei Jun just shoved his phone in front of Huo Rongshen’s face. “His brother, it is not just us who has heard about it, but even the whole world has heard about it.”

  Huo Rongshen narrowed his eyes as his gaze fell on his phone screen. In a flash, his eyes doubled in size.

#Trending Stories! Rumors about a Well-known Billionaire’s Divorce#
#Breaking News! Wealthy Socialite Scorn Leading Billionaire for Poor Techniques#
#Wealthy Airy Blue Sister Looked Extremely Valiant#

  Huo Rongshen, who rarely paid attention to Weibo, looked at it for quite a while, before realizing that these most searched hashtags were actually insinuating him and Jiang Dai.

  Pei Jun could not help teasing, “No wonder you have always gotten first in everything since you were young, even the news about you getting a divorce would rank top three in the list of most searched hashtags. Naturally, popular online celebrities with a huge fan base would be so envious.”

  Huo Rongshen’s face darkened further. He was ruthless in the business world, yet kept a very low profile about his private life. Other than announcing his marriage, he would put an end to any real news of his personal life from appearing on the internet.

  However, it was impossible to prevent tabloids from writing without basis. Though they would usually use pseudonyms to insinuate, and their impact on the circle was limited, so at most, the articles would only spread within the upper society circle. Never had it become the most searched headline across the country.

  The source that triggered the netizens’ uproar was a video clip.

  In the video, the shot was taken from behind Huo Rongshen. Since Jiang Dai was sitting opposite him, so Jiang Dai’s face was the subject of the frame. 

  “Causing me to feel uncomfortable when living with you, simply boring! Even making… love was inflexible, and you could not be bothered to change up the styles!”

  “You should know very well whether you have satisfied me or not?”

  “Come on, you are already getting much older, but I am still young. That is why I would match well with 18-year-olds!”

  The pretty woman in the video clip had fair skin, exquisite face, and a vast difference that beautiful women had from ordinary beauties that could be seen by the naked eye. Matte dark red lips, which kept moving, evoked a sense of sexiness and coldly elegance.

  The video clip ended when she stood up and walked away swaggeringly. She wore a t-shirt with an airy blue tulle skirt and was in black high heels. On her shoulders, she had on a black blazer, simply so handsome and alluring.

  She was able to smile so brightly like a lotus, but the next second changed into a cold frosty expression.

  In this era, where women were highly valued for their independence, the most searched hashtags naturally caused a stir.

  Unexpectedly, there was only a small portion who paid close attention to the ineffable identity and background of the man.

  The majority of the comments were all about Jiang Dai.

Sister is so valiant that I am crying, how can you be so handsome!!!
This is such a cliche breakup, isn’t it a slap to the face! Even being separated by the screen, I, too, feel so great as if I could split the horizon. Also, male chauvinists should wake up earlier and come to terms with reality.
Aaaah, Airy Blue Sister, I can, I can! What is so fun about scum guys? Just kick him away and get a handsome little brother who is both obedient and adorable!
Absolutely gorgeous sister is so handsome and alluring! Since you’re already so beautiful, why would you need any man? Please be beautiful by yourself!!!!
Just by looking at that b*stard’s back view, one could tell that he does not look young at all. Not only that, but you also do not live well. How would that be suitable for such a beautiful goddess? Just quickly have the divorce agreement signed and don’t groundlessly hold back your pen and delay others in signing the divorce.
Am I the only one who is paying attention to Airy Blue Sister’s lipstick color code? It looks so good! Aaaah, I want the same lipstick too!
I have the same request as the one above!
Her skirt, blazer, and shoes also look so good! Where can I buy the same designs???


  Huo Rongshen’s face contorted into a dark, horrifying scowl, as Huo Shenli cautiously picked up the phone that he placed on the table and stuffed it back into Pei Jun’s hands.

  “Big brother, these netizens are just blindly following the crowd, so do not take their words seriously.”

  Pei Jun really could not hold back his laughter. “Where was this secretly taken? Both of you are the best. Starting as a simple discussion about your divorce, then it escalates into an argument, and such a hardcore argument as well. Yet both of you did not even pay attention to your surroundings?”

  With a grave expression, Huo Rongshen snapped, “Investigate, go investigate immediately.”

  Huo Shenli called Chen Mu over. The moment he saw the most searched hashtags, he immediately went to investigate.

  “President Huo, this video clip was not secretly taken by the tabloids, but rather it was an employee from Bao Li……” 

  Chills were sent up Assistant Chen’s spine at the sight of the cold light from Huo Rongshen’s eyes. “Cleared the place! The moment you arrived at the cafe that was run by Bao Li on the ground floor, the whole cafe had indeed cleared out! However, we did not expect that two female office workers were in the washroom. The moment they came out, they saw both you and Young Madame…… Then, they filmed it secretly. Initially, it was circulated privately, but soon after, I have no clue how it circulated in some of the employees’ groups in WeChat. Afterward……I am unsure who uploaded it on Weibo.”

  Huo Rongshen pursed his thin lips tightly, not uttering a word.  

  Pei Jun coughed. “Quickly contact the Public Relations Department to remove the most searched hashtags. Even if there was going to be a divorce, President Huo should not be the one who gets slapped in the face. Also, speed up your actions.”

  “Yes, I will do it at once.”  

  The atmosphere in the President’s office was so suffocating that Pei Jun did not even dare to talk glibly, and Huo Shenli, all the more, kept quiet out of fear.

  Just when Huo Shenli was considering opening his mouth…… 

  Huo Rongshen suddenly probed, “Am I really that old?”

  Hearing that, Huo Shenli froze for a moment as his big brother’s face grew extremely grave, and his brows knitted tightly together. One could see that he was bothered by this question for a very long time.

  He swallowed nervously, and his mouth curved into a benign smile. “How could that be? Big brother is only 28 years old and was born after the 1990s! You are also a well-known figure in Forbes’ rankings, and many ordinary folks at your age have only just stepped into society after completing their master’s degree…… Sister-in-law was only just spewing angry words.”

  The corner of Huo Rongshen’s lips twitched. With a sarcastic look on his face, he added, “The netizens also said I looked old and did not deserve her.”

  “……Isn’t this because that person did not dare to film your face? It only shows your back view, so how is it possible for one-thousandth of your youth and handsomeness to be seen??”

  Little Brother Huo was on the verge of crying. Big brother, my desire for survival is already very strong, so please let me off.

  Pei Jun timely began to straighten things out at the right time. “In any case, both of you will be divorcing soon, so why should you care about what those brainless netizens said? With your qualifications, after getting a divorce, you could just search for whatever kind that you like?”

  Huo Rongshen glared at him coldly. “Who told you that I want to divorce?”

  “…………” That woman had already pointed at his nose and swore that he was chauvinistic, dull, and had poor techniques. How could he f*cking live on like this???

  Pei Jun was at a loss for words for a long time, before he stated, “It is also fine if you do not want to divorce. When it comes to marriage, whomever you are married to is more or less the same. Changing the woman is also equally as torturous. If you did not divorce, it would be beneficial for stabilizing the Huo clan’s share prices. What’s more, Jiang Dai was just losing her temper. Both of you must have quarreled recently, right?”

  Huo Rongshen did not deny.

  Huo Shenli accurately identified the main point. “So now, big brother disagrees with getting a divorce, but Sister-in-law wants to divorce? What should we do? Looking at Sister-in-law…… Neither does it not look like she is throwing a tantrum, nor is she that kind of person.”

  Pei Jun had little contact with Jiang Dai. After hearing that, he asked, “What is your Sister-in-law like?”

  Huo Shenli answered, “In the past, Sister-in-law was very gentle, modest and was not wilful at all. Next to big brother, she was always like a little bird that rested upon a man1 小鸟依人: It refers to a timid and lovable little woman. . When she spoke, she would always use a soft and low voice……”

  Pei Jun’s expression changed slightly and scratched his hair. “If this woman was determined to divorce, then just do it. It is not like your big brother has to be with her.” 

  As soon as he finished his words, the massive office, which was also empty, became even quieter.

  The eerie silence continued for three minutes.

  At this moment, Pei Jun’s face changed dramatically. He looked at him in disbelief and asked, “F*ck! His big brother, you seriously don’t mean to……take no one but Jiang Dai, right?”

The author has something to say:

President Huo: When I am crying, my tears always fall like rain from the sky~o(╥﹏╥)o

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