Chapter 10.1: She Got a Divorce

  While watching their joy spill over the screen, Jiang Dai’s lips could not help but turn up.

  To be able to get hold of the same designs…… Were they really that happy?

  Her phone vibrated twice. It was a call from Zheng Xu, Bao Li’s Sales General Manager.

  “Little President Jiang, I am so sorry to disturb you after work. Two of our big warehouses in the East and West side of the city are all out of stock! The classic and youth series under Zhen Xiu have all been cleared out online, except for some non-mainstream products. Little President Jiang, the results of your marketing are truly so effective! I have been working here for five years and never have I seen such a grand occasion.”

  At this point, Zheng Xu was not trying to suck up to her, but it was just his genuine admiration for her that arose spontaneously from the bottom of his heart.

  In the past few years, Bao Li’s sales had remained stagnant, but the issue lay in neither the products nor was it entirely due to the management. Currently, there were various shopping festivals in the country, such as Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Double Eleven1 双十一: 11th November, which is also Singles’ Day. and Double Twelve2 双十二: 12th December, where the Double Twelve shopping festival appeases those left unsatisfied by Double Eleven. , where Bao Li had always strived its hardest to promote sales.

  However, space for domestic cosmetics to develop was, of course, tremendously suppressed by international brands. Unfortunately, several domestic brands were still competing maliciously.

  Ya Li Group, which was under the name of the Zhang clan, was the most typical example, where the Zhang clan would always deliberately sell at a loss at every festival event, in order to oppress Bao Li.

  After all, when it came to public events, like Double Eleven, numerous brands were already making a loss as their sales came flooding in. During the Double Eleven shopping festival, brands would not be making any profits, but they would be eyeing on gaining follow-up revenue.

  Ya Li would then set their discounts at unduly low rates, even the words in their promotional campaigns were full of malice. Any industry insiders would have been able to pick up on their intentions of deliberately trampling on Bao Li.

  It was not easy for Zheng Xu to take on the role of the Sales General Manager. On one end, he would be pressured by a foreign CEO and on the other, he would be intimidated by a large group of old shareholders. On several occasions, he had thought to fight Ya Li head-on, but his idea was rejected by the Board of Directors.

  Jiang Dai did not foresee that her divorce would end up in the most searched list, as well as driving sales. Although she was also very happy, the tone she used was much calmer than that of Zheng Xu.

  “The most important thing to do right now is to replenish the stock as soon as possible. Do we still have stock?”

  “All the online warehouses are all out of stock, but there must still be stocks in the physical retail stores all over the country. So, I have already informed them to prepare a list of inventory overnight. Also, I have informed the factories to speed up production.”

  Jiang Dai muttered to herself irresolutely for a moment. “Yes, it is right to have them report on the consolidated amount of stock across various places. However, do not push the factory too hard. This is the time where the more anxious we are, the more likely we will make mistakes. Since we produce cosmetics, product safety is of the utmost importance.”

  “Yes, do not worry. Although we have to work overtime, the factories will not slack in their production supervision.”


  When they had arrived at the hotel-style condominium, Wen Yan realized how quiet the lobby was, and insisted on alighting the car to accompany her. 

  “President Jiang, even if he was your old classmate, it is still not safe to meet him alone. What’s more, he is in the entertainment circle, which is so messy.”

  Jiang Dai really wanted to laugh. Qiao Jinye was already one of the most famous celebrities in the country, and many female fans would cry and shout how much they want to marry and give their lives to him all day long on the internet. She reckoned that even in dreams, he would remain afraid that there would be females hatching sinister plots against him.

  Wen Yan was definitely overthinking the whole situation. Since Qiao Jinye was a gentleman, he had arranged for us to meet at a small bar on the second floor of a condominium. Also, he would not be the only one there.

  At first glance, Jiang Dai could see Qiao Jinye sitting in a secluded spot, as he wore a pair of sunglasses. Even though he wore clothes from trendy brands, the style was simple, yet handsome and refined. From a distance, he did not seem much different from four years ago.

  Seeing Jiang Dai walk over, he removed his sunglasses and said, “Hi, long time no see.”

  “Yeah. In a blink of an eye, so many years have passed.” Jiang Dai met his eyes, then looked at the person sitting next to him. “Who is this?”

  The man, who was beside Qiao Jinye, lifted his fringe and spoke with a hoarse voice that sounded awfully familiar. “Great Demon King, you actually don’t recognize me??? To think that I used to run to the canteen every day to buy your snacks.”

  Jiang Dai was stunned for a few seconds. After studying his face clearly, she was equally shocked and overjoyed. “Ah Kai?”

  A blush crept up the ears of the man, who was still teasing her earlier. Perhaps they had not met for a long time, so when he was addressed so intimately by a beauty, it caused him to feel quite bashful. “You wouldn’t have forgotten my surname, now would you?”

  Jiang Dai chuckled, “Li Kai, the most powerful fighter in Yanjing First High School. Even if I were to forget someone, I could never forget about you.”

  “……” Li Kai’s old face reddened. “F*ck, what happened in second grade stays in second grade, so stop digging up my past. It is embarrassing.”

  Seeing two of her old friends, Jiang Dai seemed like she had gotten rid of her fatigue from a busy day and began to relax. She turned to Wen Yan and began to introduce them. “Qiao Jinye, Li Kai. They are my high school classmates.”

  Wen Yan reached his hand out politely. “Hello, I am Wen Yan, President Jiang’s personal assistant.”


  The four of them had yet to have their dinner, so they sat down to eat while chatting.

  All the experiences Qiao Jinye had encountered in these few years were nearly similar to what Jiang Dai had seen on the internet.

  Initially, his family ran a real estate business. Later, they had heard that the entertainment business was profitable, so they founded an entertainment company and signed a few artists, who became popular one after another. By chance, Qiao Jinye, who was the young master, participated in a talent competition organized by his family’s company and a television station. Subsequently, he joined a boy group and debuted as the group’s central role.

  Perhaps the Fengshui was good, as all the members of this boy group were very famous. Currently, they have yet to disband, but each member went on their separate ways to develop on their own. On the spur of the moment, Qiao Jinye went to act in a popular IP television series, causing his popularity to explode again. Not only that, but he was also hailed as a famous young artist with superb acting skills in recent years.

  These were what Jiang Dai had heard, but she did not know that Li Kai had also unexpectedly signed with Qiao Yi International to be an agent. Presently, he was mainly responsible for Qiao Jinye, so both of them were together all day long, just like how they were in high school.

  When they spoke of how they used to skip school to play LOL3 League of Legends. in internet cafes, Li Kai was somewhat overwhelmed with emotions. “Great Demon King, I heard that you were married to the leading billionaire. Also, we have not met up for so many years, so I thought we would not be as close as before when we meet again. I did not expect us to be like how we were when we were still studying.”

  Wen Yan could not help but feel curious. “You call her……Great Demon King? How did this nickname come about?”

  Li Kai sniggered. “She was very good at fighting and could defeat a 180 cm tall guy, scaring everyone else to tears. From then on, Sister Dai earned the nickname of ‘Great Demon King.’”

  Jiang Dai supported her forehead with her hand. “……Did we not agree to not dig up my shameful past?”

  Wen Yan was awestruck by what Li Kai had said, as he could not help but turn his head and watched Jiang Dai intently.

  Over these past three years, the gentle Young Madame, who always spoke in a soft voice……could defeat a 180 cm tall guy???

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