Chapter 26.2: Chairman Liang’s Godlike Assistance

  On the way there, a notification rang on her tablet, indicating that Jiang Dai had received a new email.

  Trying her best to suppress her emotions, Jiang Dai opened the email. To her surprise, it was actually from Liang Jingche, Chairman Liang of Feng Qi Bank.

  In the entire email, it contained nothing but a large attachment. Without any hesitation, Jiang Dai downloaded the file and tapped to open it. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be filled with the contents of the Zhang clan.

  After reading through the document, she was so surprised and handed her tablet to Wen Yan.

  Wen Yan exclaimed in shock, “This is the evidence of the Zhang clan bribing the bank?! We have long since reported our suspicions on the Zhang clan’s manipulation of the stock market to play stock investors for suckers to the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). Since then, they have been investigating the origins of their capital. Two days ago, they replied that they were not able to find any abnormal transactions. So, how was Liang Jingche able to find all this information just like that? How is he so awesome?”

  At this juncture, Jiang Dai had already managed to calm herself down. “Liang Jingche works in the banking sector, so he is definitely more familiar with the unspoken rules and inside tradings than outsiders. Although we have also investigated, it is very difficult to penetrate the surface and dig deep into the inner parts of a bank. Moreover, the bank that cooperates with the Zhang clan is a private bank, so numerous things are not laid out on the surface.”

  In the beginning, Wen Yan was thrilled. “That is wonderful. This is simply godlike assistance. We can now take advantage of the patent to disrupt Ya Li’s sales and, at the same time, submit the evidence to the CSRC to assist them in contacting the Economic Crime Investigation Bureau to file the case as soon as possible.”

  On second thought, doubts began to rise again in Wen Yan’s mind. “President Jiang, why do you think he wants to help us?”

  Even after mulling over it for a long time, Jiang Dai still could not figure it out. “Due to a scummy Pick-up Artist1 渣男pua: It is a popular Chinese Internet slang that refers to love scammers or swindlers who are exceptionally good at hitting on and captivating girls. , Liang Jingche’s little sister suffers from mental health issues, moderate depression, and severe anxiety disorder. Regarding his request to see his sister, I have already gone to see her several days ago. I can tell that the young lady seemed to like me very much, or at least she was willing to chat with me. Perhaps, he wished for me to go there more often, as it is beneficial to her illness?”

  Even though Wen Yan did not have much experience in love, his detection skill in this aspect was much stronger than that of Jiang Dai.

  What’s more, President Jiang was so beautiful and had recently gotten a divorce. Hence, it was very easy for one’s conjecture to lean towards this aspect.

  However, he dared not voice out his conjecture for fear of being beaten by President Jiang. 

  As such, the only thing he could do was to play dumb. “Apart from his sister’s matter, he might be trying to expedite our process in taking down the Zhang clan, in order to stabilize the stock prices. After all, their Feng Qi’s interests in loans are extremely high. If our loan was approved, aren’t we just giving him money?”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai nodded her head and replied, “That’s true.”


  The moment Jiang Dai returned home, Mother Jiang welcomed her with a smile. “Dinner will be ready soon, so go wash your hands.”

  After changing into her slippers, Jiang Dai made her way slowly to the bathroom as worries welled up in her heart.

  Since she was very close to her mum, she was able to detect whatever minute emotions in her mum. As for the tone she used earlier, it seemed as though her mum was trying to hide something. Even when she spoke to her earlier, she kept a smile on her face, but her eyes were full of sorrow.

  As she was washing her hands, Jiang Dai stared at her reflection in the mirror, thinking long and hard. Could it be that something grave had occurred?

  She tried her best to replay the entire comic’s storyline in her head when she suddenly recalled a certain brief narration……  

  The Jiang clan was ruined, and all of its members were dead, leaving Jiang Dai all alone.

  With this in mind, Jiang Dai’s heart skipped a beat. She had always interpreted it as bankruptcy and had never thought of how the members of the Jiang clan had died.

  However, her parents appeared to be in good health. Furthermore, she saw her dad in the company at noon today, brewing tea in his favorite Kung Fu Tea2 功夫茶: It is not a name of tea-leaves, but rather a brewing technique. This is a picture of the standard tea set used in Kung Fu Tea brewing, but there are more elaborated and simple designs. . Even then, his complexion looked very good.

  Could it be mum?!

  At the dining table, she initially wanted to have a good meal happily.

  However, countless negative emotions could be concealed from outsiders, but one could not keep up the act in front of their families. 

  Putting her chopsticks down, Jiang Dai asked, “Mum, Dad, you said you have something to discuss with me. Can you tell me now?”

  Upon hearing her question, Father Jiang and Mother Jiang exchanged glances. Mother Jiang’s eyes were filled with worry, yet the corners of Father Jiang’s lips turned up as if pretending to be relaxed.

  Jiang Dai urged impatiently, “Come on, tell me! Are you trying to worry me to death?”

  Despite Jiang Dai pressing her for answers, Mother Jiang still found it difficult to speak. “Loads of matters have been going on in the company recently, so I didn’t want to tell you. However, it is just that we might need to go abroad, and there is no way for us to hide it from you any longer, so……”

  Jiang Dai’s head buzzed so intensely. “Are you unwell, or is it my dad who is unwell?”

  Father Jiang finally spoke, “Don’t worry. I am only going for a checkup, and it is nothing too serious.”

  Jiang Dai’s brows snapped together as she questioned, “What sort of checkup is it that can’t be done in Yanjing?”

  Mother Jiang explained, “Recently, your father has been feeling exhausted and sleeps much earlier than before. You know how your father loves to exercise and pays attention to his figure management, so it is unlikely for his stamina to be this terrible. That was why I accompanied him to do a checkup, and the doctor discovered a shadow in his liver. It is still in the early stage, so the specialists here were not entirely sure even after a consultation. Hence, they recommended us to search for a specialist named Mayne in Switzerland.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai’s hands went soft, breaking out in cold sweat.

  In the liver area, a shadow.

  Even though she did not major in medicine, she knew liver cancer was one of the most severe cancers.

  The liver was used to detoxify our body, but if the liver was not working……  

  Out of a sudden, it dawned on Jiang Dai that ever since she gained the knowledge of the storyline, it seemed all her strong will and indifference were merely a pretense. In the event of her parents’ tragedy, she practically became so weak.

  Her eyes were rimmed with red, as tears trickled down her cheeks. “How is that possible? Dad pays the most attention to maintaining good health; heading to bed early, rising early in the mornings, persisting in morning runs for 20 years, does not smoke at all, and does not like to drink much. So, why……”

  Shifting his chair, Father Jiang sat somewhat closer to his daughter, stretching his hand out to wipe her tears clumsily.

  “Don’t cry, silly little darling. They have not diagnosed anything yet. Besides, there is a high rate of cancer nowadays. Even so, those with cancer in their bodies are still able to live for numerous years. Don’t be scared. Dad will definitely live until you are able to support Bao Li on your own.” 

  The moment the words left his mouth, Jiang Dai burst into tears.

  Abruptly she became extremely enraged, hating that godd*mn comic.

  Now that she had already gotten a divorce, she could not become the male and female leads’ stepping stone. So, why did her family, or rather her most important parents……still have to become cannon fodders?

  Grabbing some tissues, Jiang Dai wiped her tears.

  She refused to believe. She refused to believe that she was not able to change it all.

  Father Jiang smiled and said, “After living for half a century, I have come to understand that countless things have already been predestined. It is our destiny. When you were still young, I had to make sure nothing happened to myself. But, now that you are so amazing, even if worst comes to worst and Bao Li is really unsuccessful, we can just discard it. I do know about your ability to earn money. Even if you do not get married for the rest of your life, it will be nice for you to accompany your mum.”

  If she were to do the math, it was indeed due to Jiang Dai’s sudden suggestion of wanting to enter the company, as well as her gradual display of resolute and decisive strategies. Only then did he begin to feel increasingly exhausted and shortened the amount of time he went to the office.

  Forcing herself to calm down, Jiang Dai hugged her father.

  “Nonsense, I do not believe in destiny. Let’s contact that specialist in Switzerland and arrange an appointment for your checkup first. When that time comes, I will accompany both of you. Even if there really is something, dad, you are only in your fifties and the current medical treatments are so advanced, so you will definitely recover.”


  Lately, Father Jiang often felt exhausted, so both mother and daughter advised him to take more rest and manage a lesser number of affairs in the company. As for everything else, he should leave it to them.

  Within a week, Mother Jiang’s hair became grayer, as she had been a socialite for numerous years. Whatever happened, she could rely on her husband. This was the first time she had encountered something she could not do.

  “Daidai, mother has already contacted the Swiss hospital for ages and has spoken with Specialist Mayne as well. However, his schedule is very full, at least for half a year. After that, he will then be taking a three-month vacation. You should know that foreign doctors are not used to the high-intensity work in our country, as they prioritize the quality of their lives. However, your father’s illness can’t be delayed any longer. Why don’t……you ask your friends and schoolmates to see if there is another qualified specialist? If there is, why don’t we consult a different person?”

  Without any hesitation, Jiang Dai had checked on the information of this Swiss specialist. Since the best hepatologist in Yanjing recommended this specialist, there would not be any mistakes. 

  No matter what, any issues with the liver should not be underestimated. What’s more, if the diagnosis was indeed confirmed, Father Jiang would be required to undergo surgery immediately.

  She tried every means she could think of to contact Dr. Mayne and inquire about other qualified specialists at the same time. 

  Just when the Swiss hospital hung up her call for the fifth time and did not waver at her proposal to donate hundreds of millions of dollars, Jiang Dai had indeed become disheartened. It was then she considered changing the specialist.

  Right at this moment, Wen Yuan suddenly stood before her and informed her shiftily, “President Jiang, I have already made an appointment for Chairman Jiang. He will be admitted to the hospital next Wednesday. If it goes well, he will go through a biopsy next Thursday, and I will then be able to book the flights.”

  Upon hearing that, question marks surrounded Jiang Dai’s head.

  “Mayne’s hospital even rejected my offer to donate 1 billion U.S. dollars, so how did you manage to do it?”

  Regardless of how hard he tried, Wen Yan’s countenance had exposed himself unwittingly. “Sigh, please don’t underestimate me. Although I am a small assistant, I am at least a postgraduate student from a world-class international university. I just happened to know a doctor in Switzerland, who happens to be my schoolmate, so……”

  Narrowing her eyes at him, Jiang Dai interrupted him without even considering his dignity. “Why don’t you continue making up the story? Did Chen Mu teach you this, or Huo Rongshen himself?”

  Wen Yan could not help but think to himself: I’m so dead. ┏┛Grave┗┓…(((m-__-)m

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