Chapter 27.1: Beautiful and Ruthless

  Under President Jiang’s stern gaze, the helpless and pitiful Assistant Wen…… 

  Finally, he chose to spill the truth.

  As such, Wen Yan explained, “Half an hour ago, Chen Mu contacted me and informed me about arranging Chairman Jiang to be admitted to the hospital next Wednesday. I know this is a good deed, but I also know that you won’t accept President Huo’s help. Just when I was about to turn it down, Chen Mu stated that issues with the liver can’t be delayed any longer. Supposing that it was a week, undergoing surgery at an earlier date and dragging this out would make a massive difference to Chairman Jiang’s fate.”

  Wen Yan continued, “You are Chairman Jiang’s only daughter and your close relationship with Chairman Jiang has not gone unnoticed. However, I think that since life is at stake, there is nothing else that is more important than human life. If something like this were to happen to my dad, I would not refuse anyone’s help, even if it was from my enemy. President Jiang…… I have merely told you a white lie, so you won’t fire me, right?”

  Jiang Dai glared at him with an I-am-looking-at-an-idiot expression. “Wen Yan, in the past, I may have only been half your boss, but I am now your superior. Exactly how narrow-minded am I in your heart?”

  Wen Yan responded, “???? I didn’t mean it that way. President Jiang, you got it all wrong!!”

  Ignoring what Wen Yan had said, Jiang Dai irritably instructed, “Do you have any detailed information of the admission? For instance, whom I should contact once we have reached Zurich. If you have any, send them all to me.”

  Upon hearing that, Wen Yan froze for several seconds before he asked, “……So you are consenting to this?”

  “It is a matter of life and death, so what reasons do you think I have for not consenting?”

  With that, Wen Yan immediately swallowed back the words that were on the tip of his tongue. “I do have some information. Once we have reached, we are to contact Nurse Burnett. There, she will be assisting us in arranging Chairman Jiang’s admission to the hospital, as well as his follow-up examination. As for the flight information, I will also send it to you for your confirmation. Lately, Chairman Jiang is easily prone to fatigue, and the flight will be over a long duration, so why don’t you see if we should head over one day in advance? That way, Chairman Jiang can rest up in the hotel for a day before being admitted to the hospital. This way, his condition may be somewhat better.” 

  As soon as she browsed through all the itinerary information he sent over, Jiang Dai felt much calmer.

  Without any hesitation, she immediately logged into her online banking account and transferred five million dollars to Huo Rongshen’s private account.

  Subsequently, she raised her head and stated, “In the future, there is no need to hide this sort of thing from me. In Huo Rongshen’s eyes, this is merely taking candy from a baby, so I would not decline it. As for that feud that is not even worth mentioning, it can’t be compared to my father’s health.”

  Upon hearing that, Wen Yan gasped and nodded his head repeatedly. “I understand, President Jiang. From now on, I will be sure to do that next time.”

  Wen Yan was about to turn around to head out of the office when Jiang Dai had yet again stopped him.

  “‌‌Wait a minute, you seem to have a pretty good relationship with Chen Mu?”

  In response, Wen Yan nodded his head. “Yes, I do. Although both of us were from different universities in Country M, we studied in the same state. As such, the two of us had undergone the same education experience. On top of that, we were recruited by the Huo clan at the same time and followed President Huo in Country M for several years. Even though both of us work for different bosses……we are still friends in private.”

  Without hesitation, Jiang Dai cautioned, “That is quite a special relationship, so there is no reason for you to cut ties. However, you should know what can and can’t be said in front of Chen Mu, right?”

  Upon hearing that, a cold sweat broke out on his back. Clearly, he had not said whatever he was not supposed to, yet an inexplicable sense of guilt lurked within him…… 

  “I understand, President Jiang. I will never disclose your private matters, and Chen Mu has never inquired anything from me. Frankly speaking, Chen Mu has recently considered jumping ship, saying that President Huo has changed a lot and became such a short-tempered person……”

  Jiang Dai’s brows snapped together and stated, “If that is the case, then you should ask if he is interested in transferring to Bao Li. I know Chen Mu owns the stock option in the Huo clan, so if he is willing to jump ship, I will make it worth his while.” 

  In response, Wen Yan nodded his head as if a small chick pecking on rice. “Alright, I will pass this on to him.” 

  As soon as he left the CEO’s office, Wen Yan could not help but remove his blazer. 

  Coincidentally, an executive secretary happened to walk by and crossed paths with Wen Yan.

  “Assistant Wen, are you feeling that warm? Even your shirt is soaked through?”

  Even so, Wen Yan felt that it was impossible for him to explain the difficult times he had experienced to someone.

  In what way did it seem like he was feeling warm? It was obvious that he was currently freezing from cold sweat…… 

  Since young, he had heard countless people mentioned that the more beautiful a woman was, the more vicious and ruthless she would be.

  As for President Jiang, one could say that she was peerlessly beautiful. 

  Sure enough, she was more vicious and ruthless than regular folks.

  Initially, he thought the relationship between President Jiang and President Huo would become slightly better after accepting his help. However, Wen Yan never expected that on the one hand, she would accept his help without question, but on the other hand, she would turn and poach Chen Mu.

  All in all, President Huo only had two trusted aides in total. Both of whom he had brought back from Country M…… If Chen Mu had indeed come over to Bao Li, Wen Yan reckoned President Huo would have his life shortened by several years.

  After walking a few steps, he had yet again bumped into two colleagues in the pantry.

  “Assistant Wen, are you feeling unwell?”

  “Your complexion looks so terrible. Didn’t you just make your way here from President Jiang’s office? Don’t tell me you were scolded by President Jiang?”

  Upon hearing that, a false smile contorted Wen Yan’s face. “No, no, that did not happen. Don’t be absurd. Hurry up and do your work.”

  Even if he were scolded by President Jiang, he would never wimp out unless she were to kick him out one day. Otherwise, he wanted to work for President Jiang for the rest of his life.

  For some unknown reason, the more heartless President Jiang acted towards President Huo, the larger her image was in Wen Yan’s heart. _(:з」∠)_


  Jiang Dai, who had originally scheduled to live stream next weekend, booked a flight to Zurich next Tuesday at the last moment. Hence, there was not much time left.

  It was true that something did not feel right with the Zhang clan’s shares. However, the China Securities Regulatory Commission wished to corroborate all the evidence, including the evidence that Jiang Dai had submitted. Not only that, but they were required to contact the Economic Crime Investigation Bureau and file a case. All in all, the entire process would take a very long time. 

  Even so, the Zhang clan was also one of the top listed companies in Yanjing. Unless they had sufficient conclusive evidence, or else the police would never step in and intervene in any top listed companies so easily. That would be because the company would then be susceptible to a plunge in its share prices, and it was unlikely for anyone to be able to afford this responsibility.

  The first stage of Jiang Dai’s plan in tackling this issue was to solve the patent crisis. Also, she had already found a figure who played a crucial role in it——Mr. Huang.

  However, the relationship between this old gentleman and Bao Li was extremely delicate. As such, she was supposed to lay out the groundwork and proceed gradually. Due to her father’s illness, she now decided to bring forward her plan and settle everything cleanly before rushing to Zurich, not leaving any loose ends.


  Mr. Huang was a retired professor at a Traditional Chinese Medicine University in Yanjing. Currently, he was rehired to give students lectures while devoting the majority of his time to research projects.

  Through the colleagues in the R&D department, Jiang Dai learned about their short collaboration experience. 

  Approximately five years ago, Bao Li’s R&D team planned to launch pharmaceutical skincare products that could significantly improve all sorts of skin problems for women at this present stage.

  At the beginning of this project, Mr. Huang was employed and was really well paid. During the first five months of the research, it went smoothly, and they were on the verge of a new breakthrough. 

  At that time, whether it was Bao Li’s management, shareholders, or even Huang Long himself, everyone was simply elated at the news.

  However, when the research reached its 8th month, they suddenly discovered a careless oversight. In other words, they had to redo practically more than half of the research again.

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