Chapter 26.1: Chairman Liang’s Godlike Assistance

  Second Uncle Jiang choked for a moment before continuing hastily, “Big Brother, you can’t put it this way. Don’t tell me that Jiang Dai being respected in the company isn’t due to your halo effect? She is only a young lady in her early teens and has recently airdropped to the CEO position right after graduating from university. Since all the employees often take their cue from their superiors, who can’t tell that you show such favoritism to Jiang Dai? Of course, everyone else would be more respectful of her.”  

  Taking a sip of hot tea, Father Jiang’s countenance remained unchanged. However, the tone that he used deepened somewhat. “So, what Second Brother means is that my daughter is not worthy of this respect?”  

  Upon hearing that, Second Uncle Jiang’s expression changed abruptly, yet he dared not speak rashly. 

  As for Third Uncle Jiang, he was so accustomed to smoothing things over between them, and it was no exception this time. “Big Brother, Second Brother did not mean it that way. When it comes to our niece’s capabilities, it is evident to us, who are her elders. It is just that we as a family are open-minded, but it does not mean that everyone else in the business circle is equally as open-minded. That is why I support the notion of promoting Zhuyuan. Since Bao Li is our family business, we can’t have a girl keeping up the appearances.”

  Excitedly, Second Uncle Jiang glanced at Third Bro and praised him silently for his high EQ and a glib tongue.

  Immediately right after, he continued the conversation hurriedly. “Yes, yes, that’s right! I am so awkward in my speech, but what I was trying to convey earlier was exactly what Third Bro had just said. Big Brother, you mentioned that although the Zhang clan siblings would bully us in the past, they would not go as far as to slander us overtly, right? As for the reason why they are acting so bold, isn’t it because a young lady, like Daidai, always appears in public? Since you do not oversee the company personally, these vile people will increasingly go about on sinister errands!”

  Impassively, Jiang Zhuyuan took the chance to add fuels to the flames. “Uncle, all I want to do is to contribute to our Jiang clan. Whatever my position is, it is only a matter of reputation. Even so, I do not care about this, and Uncle, you know me the best. It is just that we have been bitten back by the Zhang clan, and I am so enraged that it is unbearable. Several days ago, I was out socializing at a dinner party, where several bosses praised Daidai for being a promising youth in front of me. On the other hand, when they were in the washroom, it turned out that they were badmouthing how our Bao Li really can’t make it anymore since all that is left is a little girl. Just from hearing their words, I found it so difficult to bear it.”

  As soon as the words left his mouth, Jiang Dai pushed the door open and entered the room. At this moment, her sharp eyes that held traces of amusement trained on Jiang Zhuyuan’s face, sending shivers down his spine and losing all control of his facial expression.

  Taking a seat next to Father Jiang, Jiang Dai beamed. “Cousin, why do you feel as if you are suffering again? If you ask me, you are so emotionally fragile. The person whom they are talking about is me and you also do not have any control over what they say. However, this doesn’t bother me, so why should you find this difficult to bear?”

  With that, Jiang Zhuyuan was rendered speechless. I can’t f*cking answer this. 

  Turning his head, Father Jiang cast a glance at his daughter. Even though his face remained stern, his eyes were dancing with amusement. When Jiang Dai caught sight of it, her heart was filled with warmth.

  The Jiang family had always been very traditional. Since young, Jiang Dai had never been interested in the family clan’s business and certainly did not intend to inherit the company. Subconsciously, she always felt that it was only natural for her cousin to inherit. 

  After all, Bao Li was the family’s ancestral business and did not belong to her father alone. It was just that the first-born male descendant owned a higher proportion of the shares. As such, he would naturally become the chairman.

  According to tradition, the business would be inherited by the first-born male descendant. As such, her cousin held the highest number of shares, and not once had she ever thought of competing for it.

  After getting to know that her world was panning out the same way as the villain in the comic, her first reaction to it was actually worry and distress as she was afraid her father would object.

  Although her father doted on her, Jiang Dai knew very well that he was equally as traditional as these two uncles of hers.

  However, regardless of how others would instigate her, her father would still support her overtly and covertly, never wavering. 

  As soon as his daughter showed up, Father Jiang somehow began to relax as he leaned against the back of the sofa. Turning to his nephew, he enunciated carefully as he spoke, “Zhuyuan, I know that you do not care about undeserved reputation, or else you would not have been willing to start from the bottom. However, one needs to know their own limitations, as everyone’s talents are different. We are all family here, so I’ll take this chance to question you before your father and Third Uncle. Do you admit that you aren’t as talented as Daidai when it comes to business power and management?”

  The moment the words left Father Jiang’s mouth, the atmosphere in the Chairman’s Office became suffocatingly awkward.

  On the one hand, Jiang Zhuyuan was feeling faint from anger.

  On the other, Second Uncle Jiang really wished he was already laid to rest.

  Yet, Jiang Dai was leaning against her father as she drank the Big Red Robe tea1 大红袍: Also known as Da Hong Pao, it is a famous Oolong tea of the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province. brewed by her father and laughed so loudly.

  Gritting his teeth, Jiang Zhuyuan made desperate efforts to showcase his acting skills. “Uncle, your words have made it difficult for me to find a place to hide myself for shame, but I do admit. Indeed, I do admit it. Even though I have experienced some restrictions from my position across all three years of my career, I am aware that I am truly of no match to my little sister in terms of my resolution and strategies, especially when she is a girl. Hence, I am very ashamed of myself. From now on, I will review my experiences and adjust my way of thinking.”

  Studying his countenance that looked as if he had swallowed Chinese Goldthread2 黄连: It is a type of flowering plant that is native to China and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. , Jiang Dai could guess how much he wanted to die. 

  Even so, Jiang Zhuyuan knew his father and Third Uncle would speak up. The more unyielding Uncle was, the more modest he would become, never revealing his ambitions on his countenance.

  As for the inheritance rights, he would have to wait for Uncle to give it to him out of his own accord. If his intention of competing for it was exposed, it would only be counterproductive.

  No matter how high Jiang Dai could climb presently, the Zhang clan siblings would still be able to suppress her. What’s more, she was only 22 years of age and had recently gotten a divorce. Sooner or later, she would still have to remarry.

  Father Jiang cracked a smile. “That’s it then. There’s no rush in promoting Zhuyuan anytime soon, as he had just been promoted to the vice president a year ago. So, take your time.”

  Seeing that his son was so humiliated that he could not hold his head up, Second Uncle Jiang was really bitter about it. “Big Brother, it is fine if Zhuyuan does not get promoted, but our Jiang family must show our courage and insight. Let those disreputable Zhang clan know that Jiang Dai is not the only one and we have no lack of successors!”

  Out of a sudden, a pained expression crossed Jiang Dai’s face as her dramatic antics acted up again. “Second Uncle, you are reading my mind! It has been pretty difficult for me to make appearances on my own. Indeed, I am not the only one in our family clan’s current generation, and coincidentally, I need the extra help as well.”

  Upon hearing that, Second Uncle Jiang felt as if he had taken a roller coaster ride, as his eyes were brimming with surprise and delight. “Sure enough, my niece is incisive! Second Uncle is just afraid that we will be bullied. I am not trying to help fight for your brother.”

  Jiang Dai nodded her head as she had gotten increasingly into character. “Second Uncle sure meant well. Anyway, I came up with an excellent idea. Cousin and I have already entered Bao Li, but neither of Third Uncle’s children has done so. Also, I have heard that my cousin had returned from abroad some time ago and probably has yet to find a job, right? How about letting her come here to help out? What do you say, Third Uncle?”

  With that, question marks began to surround both Jiang Zhuyuan’s and Second Uncle Jiang’s heads.

  Third Uncle Jiang’s expression revealed surprise for a brief moment, but was quickly replaced by surprise, then joy. “Daidai, if you put it that way, I personally think that this is worth letting your sister have a try. Well, you know your sister’s current situation, and letting her work would prevent her from letting her mind wander and get cabin fever. However, she does not have much work experience. As long as she is able to help you, she does not require a high position.”

  Watching both Jiang Zhuyuan and his father became so choked up as if they had eaten poop, Jiang Dai was stifling her laughter to the point where she was soon gaining abdominal muscles.

  She had long since considered this ‘problem’——Disloyalty lied within Second Uncle’s family line. At this rate, it was just a matter of time before they could not be kept in the family. Since the cohesion in the family clan was very crucial, there was no way she would let Third Uncle be bitterly disappointed.

  She was her father’s only child, so there would be times where her relatives would come into play to support each other in the coming decades.

  In Third Uncle’s family, they had also undergone problems of their own. He had two children——a son and a daughter. Jiang Han, his daughter, married a caucasian at a very young age and resided in Switzerland for about six to seven years. Last year, she caught her husband having an affair and had separated. It was only recently that she returned.

  Whereas, his son was still young, having just turned eighteen. Yet, his current situation was even more worrisome than that of his elder sister. Since Third Uncle only had him at a much older age, his son had been spoiled since young. Hence, he would get into trouble all day long. At the age of 16, he was competing against someone in a car race under the influence of alcohol and ran someone over. Subsequently, he was detained in a juvenile detention center for half a year and ended up with a record. At the moment, he was studying in a diploma mill3 野鸡大‌学: It refers to organizations that claim to be higher education institutions, but offer illegitimate academic degrees and diplomas for a fee. , just muddling through his days.

  His son was doomed to live with and depend on Third Uncle even upon reaching adulthood, so his daughter was the secret anguish in his heart.

  If she were able to solve her cousin’s issue, Jiang Dai would surely be able to rope in Third Uncle into her team.

  With a smile on her face, Jiang Dai declared, “Then it is decided. Third Uncle, you should have my cousin get herself ready for work. I remember that she majored in marketing, so let’s have her work in the Marketing Department. Since the Marketing Department maintains close ties with the Sales Department, I believe my cousin, under General Manager Zheng Xu’s care, is able to handle it.”

  Third Uncle’s face lit up with much joy and happiness that he did not even notice the frantic eye gestures Second Bro and his nephew had been hurling his way.

  “Alright! Alright! I will inform Jiang Han tonight!”


  Jiang Dai initially intended to work overtime tonight, but Mother Jiang sent her a message on WeChat.

Daidai, if you are free tonight, please come by the house. Mum and dad have something to discuss with you.

  It was rare for Mother Jiang to send a WeChat message in such a serious tone, causing Jiang Dai to have a really bad feeling about this. Immediately, she informed Wen Yan and went straight down to the parking garage.

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