Chapter 20.3: Being Played for a Sucker

  “Apart from him, there is no other possibility. Second Uncle is indeed disloyal, but he is not bold enough. Whereas Third Uncle is dutiful, so there is no way for him to do this sort of thing. As for the others……they do not have the guts since it is illegal to sell trade secrets with ill intent. Not only that, but the person will also be blacklisted by the entire industry. Since Jiang Zhuyuan is counting on the fact that he is the eldest son and my dad’s plan on letting him inherit the Jiang clan, even if one day Jiang Zhuyuan was so unlucky and was found out, he would still have an upper hand.”

  Increasingly, Wen Yan’s feelings of profound admiration for Jiang Dai became stronger, as her reasoning was so clearly defined that no one could find fault in it to refute her with.

  However, there were still certain things that he was unsure of. “If it indeed was him, I still can’t figure out why he would sell Bao Li’s research results to our rivals? As you know, if you did not take over, Bao Li would eventually be inherited by Jiang Zhuyuan. Since this is his future bread and butter, why would he want to destroy his own livelihood?”

  Just when Jiang Dai was about to clear up her little friend’s confusion, her phone started to ring.


  Several minutes later, she ended the phone call and turned to look at Wen Yan before sighing. “Just as I suspected, Jiang Zhuyuan has a gambling addiction.”

  From what Jiang Dai knew, the comic plot did not touch on all the details. After all, she was only a supporting actress, so she was lucky that the comic mentioned that her family clan’s bankruptcy was related to her cousin’s betrayal.

  She had been mulling over some thoughts. Why would Jiang Zhuyuan hand Bao Li to others on a silver platter, just for the sake of two hundred million dollars cash? Was he desperately in need of money, or did he truly believe firmly that Bao Li was already declining and worthless? So, did he really deem it profitable to exchange Bao Li for two hundred million dollars?

  It was not until the research results were stolen that Jiang Zhuyuan had given himself away.

  Hence, Jiang Dai had clear speculation——yes, he was short on cash.

  Jiang Dai reached out to her friend who established a private investigation agency and had just received a reply.

  Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhuyuan actually had a habit of going on a gambling voyage. Furthermore, he began to become addicted to gambling in Las Vegas when he was still studying abroad in Country M.

  However, he had always been so adept at hiding this that Jiang Dai doubted even his parents knew of this.

  Approximately a year ago……he lost sixty million dollars, which was pretty much all his available savings.

  The casino, which had flattered and waited upon him like a big customer, turned against him and followed him home, demanding him to pay the debt within three days.

  It was probably during this time……he struck a deal with the Zhang clan siblings. 

  Just as she arrived at the truth, Jiang Dai could not help but feel overcome with emotions.

  That explained why her cousin, who used to be considerably accommodating and fond of her since she was young, had turned out to be the greedy and despicable man he was today.

  No matter how normal one was, the moment he turned into a b*stard who was addicted to gambling, there was no turning back.

  Out of a sudden, she felt incredibly blessed that she had sworn after awakening from the car accident with the knowledge of the storyline.

  Otherwise, she would become a tool, waiting around on a man all day long. Even after she was dumped by the man, she would continue to entangle herself between the male and female leads.

  Nevertheless, she would be neglecting her parents, who loved her dearly…… 

  If she had not awakened with the knowledge and seeing how Jiang Zhuyuan had hidden it so well, her parents would only have seen his true colors when they had reached the ultimate end of their rope.

  Delving a little too deep into her thoughts, Jiang Dai’s face began to darken slightly.

  Under the impression that she was exhausted, Wen Yan hastened to cheer her up. “It will all be well since President Jiang is bursting with luck! Now that you have stated that it was getting cold and the Zhang clan would go bankrupt, they would declare bankruptcy in less than two months! Keep calm, and we can win this!”

  It just so happened that Jiang Dai took a swig of water when those words left Wen Yan’s mouth, causing her to nearly spit everything out.

  A sense of remorse welled up in her heart at the thought of her parents. As for the competition in business, not only was she not discouraged, but she also thought it was becoming increasingly interesting.

  In the past, she loved to invest and adored the game of Midas’ touch, where money begot money. But during those times, she would hide her identity and play by herself.

  Now, it was a battle between ordinary folks, where there would be competitors to confront, as well as this sort of lowlife who would run around on sinister errands. It was definitely far more exciting than playing on her own.

  Jiang Dai tapped on the keyboard as she replied to a work email. With a smile on her face, she asked, “How did I not realize that you were such a hilarious person before? As I recall, Assistant Wen was a serious man.”

  Wen Yan scratched his head and answered, “Well, I have followed the wrong boss, haven’t I? Since President Huo is so serious, I would not dare to dream of loosening up. Over time, I became less like a young man.”

  Jiang Dai teased, “Have you been influenced by my crazy high level of charisma, as well as my witty sense of humor?”

  Wen Yan nodded his head, and for some reason, a heated blush crept up his face stealthily…… 

  Looking at Jiang Dai’s peerlessly beautiful face, his heart trembled silently.

  Not only had his passion for work surged dramatically, but his young heart had also begun to flutter…… 

  Ah, President Jiang is so beautiful. I really want to work for President Jiang for a lifetime.


  In the case of the Zhang clan siblings and Jiang Zhuyuan, Jiang Dai was currently at the stage of casting her nets, so it was still awhile away before hauling those nets.

  First and foremost, she had to settle the loan.

  Since the investment in the Youth Camp was nearly finalized, all she needed now was the loan.

  After consulting her dad, Jiang Dai learned that Bao Li had also once secured a big loan. Throughout the process, their relationship progressed relatively smoothly. Moreover, it was a private bank headquartered in Country M, Feng Qi Bank, that approved the loan.

  As such, she had Wen Yan make an appointment with the Key Account Manager of Feng Qi. Upon hearing that the requirement of such a massive loan, the Key Account Manager immediately reported this matter to the Branch Manager.

  Initially, Jiang Dai planned to pay a visit to the Branch Manager of the Feng Qi Bank’s Head Office in Yanjing personally. But, it never occurred to her that the person who responded to her invitation……was actually the Chairman of Feng Qi Bank in the Asia Pacific region, Liang Jingche.   

  Prior to making her way to the appointment, Father Jiang reminded, “Remember to be more modest and talk about it properly. After all, we are there for a loan. In the past, the Chairman who was on friendly terms with us was Old Chairman Liang, but now, the one who is in office is his eldest son. It is said that……he is not an amiable person. So, Daidai, if it doesn’t work out, don’t force yourself.”  


  Heeding her dad’s advice, Jiang Dai specially changed into her aqua blue skirt before heading out.

  Recently, she was always dressed very professionally. With the addition of high-intensity work, she found that her aggressiveness became stronger as soon as she donned her suits.

  Well, a talk about loans…… After all, the bank is the one who will be giving us the money, it will be best to appear more gentle.

  When she arrived at the meeting place, Jiang Dai froze at the sight of Liang Jingche himself. Momentarily, she dared not step forward to verify his identity.

  Since her dad mentioned that this was not an amiable person, she had done her research. Other than the typical news, it seemed like she was not able to gather anything related to this person. Instead, she did manage to find a picture, but now, it certainly turned out……to be fake. 

  The man in the picture appeared to be nearing forty, and his features, though not plain, were far from being handsome.

  However, this person before her……

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