Chapter 20.4: Being Played for a Sucker

  Jiang Dai could not help cursing silently: Now, even those who own banks looked so abominable?? His prominent nose coupled with exquisite facial features, if one did not know, they would have thought he was an A-list celebrity, whom Qiao Jinye’s company had just recently signed.

  Jiang Dai was rendered stunned for a short moment, while Liang Jingche, who was sitting upright on the sofa, appeared amused. With a deep magnetic voice, Liang Jingche teased, “Miss Jiang sure seems to be enjoying staring at people.”

  Now that her previous gaffe was exposed, she felt somewhat embarrassed. As she hastened to sit down, a faint trace of doubt arose in her mind: What does Liang Jingche mean by ‘sure seems to be’?

  However, since they were here to talk about the loan, she did not want to waste any more time in pointless squabbles. “I apologize, as I was not entirely sure of your identity earlier. In fact, I have tried to search for you online before I came over. But that person on Wikipedia……looks nothing like you.” 

  Don’t tell me he went under the knife in South Korea???

  It was indeed done by a ghosts ax and a gods workmanship1 鬼斧神工: It means uncanny workmanship or superlative craftsmanship. ! His figure and skin had improved tremendously, and even his facial features became more exquisite by fiftyfold. Most importantly……he became younger as well. This person before her looked at most thirty.

  “The picture in Wikipedia is an old photo of my father when he was younger. When I found out about it the last time, I had already had someone lodge a complaint. But so far, I still have yet to receive any response.” 

  After saying so, Liang Jingche placed the cigar, which he had been playing within his hand, back into a circular wooden box. It seemed that he did not have any intention of smoking it.

  Jiang Dai chuckled, “So, that is what happened. Would you like me to contact Wikipedia to expedite their process of changing your picture? In my opinion……with a change of the picture, the next thing you know, the business volume of your bank will increase exponentially.”

  She thought it was quite ingenious for her to flatter him in a way that was not exactly regarded as gentle.

  It was said that good looking men……were more self-absorbed than ordinary-looking folks. Also, they loved it when people sucked up to them.

  However, Liang Jingche narrowed his eyes, and out of a sudden, he began watching her inquisitively. “Miss Jiang, you really do not remember me? We have met before and on multiple occasions as well.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai’s head was surrounded by several question marks.

  “Have we?”

  “Yes, we have. The first time we met was five years ago.”

  “……” That would be f*cking awkward, Jiang Dai thought as she coughed lightly. “Five years ago, I was still in my second year of high school. Perhaps, I was too busy with school work, so my brain was not functioning well enough to retain anything.”

  In actual fact, Jiang Dai was not surprised at all. Even if the rich were divided into various ranks, it was hardly surprising that they ran into each other since the upper-class circle in Yanjing was so small.

  At first, she assumed that it was only a formality for Liang Jingche to touch on this topic, but she had never expected that he might have actually wanted her to jog her memory. “Five years ago, I was invited to one of your best friends’ birthday parties, and we even played countless games together.”

  The more he went on, the more baffled she became.

  If anything, she had tons of sisters with whom she got along well five years ago. Hence, she simply could not recall which party he was referring to. Then again, would it even matter if she managed to remember?

  Seeing that it did not ring a bell with her, Liang Jingche could only give up. “Forget it. Let us talk business first.” 

  “Alright!” Soon after, Jiang Dai began to talk about her request.

  Liang Jingche knew she had the intention of applying for a loan, as well as how much money she required since the Branch Manager had already informed him.

  As Jiang Dai was speaking, a sense of bitterness rose within him.

  Jiang Dai had truly forgotten about him.

  But at that party, she wore a lavishly pink princess dress with a pearl inlay headband on her head, as she tucked her longish hair behind her ears.

  Back then, he was a young man at the age of twenty-four. Since he could remember the way a girl dressed to this day, it was conceivable that he must have gone over the appearance of this figure in his mind for over a thousand times.

  Since there were not any elders at the party, all the youths were playing audaciously.

  During a game of Truth or Dare, Jiang Dai lost and chose dare for her punishment.

  The birthday girl suggested for Jiang Dai to kiss any guy present at the party as her dare.

  And so, Jiang Dai chose him, who sat opposite her.

  At that time, there were clearly several guys on her left…… 

  Yet, she chose him.

  Back then, Liang Jingche was still pretty inexperienced. So, when a strikingly beautiful little girl was staring at him for quite a while, a creeping blush commandeered every inch of his face and neck.

  Subsequently, his fellow buddies mentioned that this little Jiang Dai must have fallen in love with him.

  Otherwise, why would she not only choose him but also keep staring at him nonstop?

  Liang Jingche had always thought so as well, but Jiang Dai was still young, only seventeen, and was still in high school. On the other hand, he was a 24-years-old adult.

  As for a 17-year-old boy or girl, generally, no one would criticize them whenever they hung out together. But if it were a 24-year-old adult male……it would be an entirely different story.

  Afterward, Liang Jingche worked in Country M for two years. By the time he was moving back to Yanjing to take over the Head Office of Feng Qi Bank in the Asia Pacific region, he had heard about Jiang Dai’s ‘glamorous deeds.’ 

  He also heard that Huo Rongshen was invited to deliver a speech at the Business School at Yanjing University. 

  At the end of the speech, Jiang Dai stopped him and asked for his contact details under everyone’s watchful eyes.

  Just when everyone thought she would be ignored, Huo Rongshen took out a gold foil name card from his suit and stuffed it into her hand.

  What a spectacular love story…… It was even a case of the lady pursuing the man, which made it difficult for Liang Jingche to reconcile to it for a very long time.

  Even though he did not witness this for himself, he was able to imagine how Jiang Dai was like at that time——she had grown up somewhat and must have become even more beautiful.

  Those two years he was in Country M, not once did he date anyone. By the time he returned to Yanjing, he had turned twenty-six.

  It turned out that Jiang Dai chose the 25-year-old Huo Rongshen. Two years later, they got married.


  Jiang Dai surmised, “That is more or less the situation. I am certain that there will be no issue when it comes to Bao Li’s repayment capabilities. Now, it depends on whether the bank can meet this limit.”

  Liang Jingche suppressed that sense of regret surging within him and spoke with a business-like tone, “I will apply for this loan on your behalf, but as for this sort of limit, it would usually require the approval from the headquarters. After all, 800 million dollars is certainly not a small sum. So, I suggest that you do a better job in Bao Li’s sales volume and relevant statistical reports in the near future, as it will be beneficial to attain approval.”

  Jiang Dai assured, “That is no problem. Bao Li’s sales volume will undergo a qualitative leap soon, approximately in a month.”

  Liang Jingche kept a deadpan face. Making his emotions unknown to Jiang Dai, as he began to smile faintly. “Then, I wish Miss Jiang all the best.”

  Jiang Dai thought to herself: One’s disposition is indeed reflected by their words.

  When this Chairman Liang remained quiet, he looked like a famous male celebrity. But the moment he opened his mouth, the aura of an old fox, which he attained from being engulfed in the business circles over numerous years, was surging out in waves. After all, he was a banker at such a young age, so Liang Jingche was also regarded as a prominent figure. In essence, he was still a mild-mannered man.

  Even though we have not touched on anything too in-depth, I suppose this talk is still considered a success???

  Just when Jiang Dai thought the conversation was about to end, a very familiar voice suddenly assailed her ears——

  She was not sure why her b*stard ex-husband would unexpectedly turn up at the venue of her business meeting. Moreover, his f*cking face contorted into a grotesque sneer as if someone owed him 800 million dollars.

  Huo Rongshen kept a straight face and beckoned sternly, “Jiang Dai, come here.”

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