Chapter 20.2: Being Played for a Sucker

  Zhang He had long since figured that Jiang Zhuyuan had no idea about the origins of Jiang Dai’s money, so Zhang Man’s goal was not to acquire an answer from him, but rather to take this chance to fall out with him. 

  Zhang Man sneered, “Come on, what is it you think that you can find out? Young Master Jiang, it was you who promised that we could acquire Bao Li successfully in the first place, and now you are the one who has broken the promise first. So, you can’t blame us for taking this the wrong way. If it was indeed the Jiang family who had made the entire thing up, whom should we approach to reason with then?”

  Sensing that something was wrong, Jiang Zhuyuan hesitated, “President Zhang, you are being rather harsh……”

  Zhang Man simply went straight to the point. “I’ll tell you what, why don’t you tell me when Zhen Xiu will be launching their new product, and I will trust you again.”

  Jiang Zhuyuan furrowed his brows. “This is no big deal. If it were before, I do not see why I could not tell you, but now with Jiang Dai here, I have an inkling that she has already begun to suspect me. If I were to leak the exact launch date, would it not just be me showing my hand?”

  Zhang Man refuted, “With so many staff in Bao Li, I don’t see how it would be possible for you to be the only one to know the launch date?”

  Jiang Zhuyuan went quiet for a moment, carefully weighing out everything. Although he was daring, he was definitely not one to make a step prematurely. Otherwise, he would have long since failed.

  “President Zhang, that is out of the question. It is really inappropriate for me to leak the information out, as the risk is far too great this time.”

  Jiang Zhuyuan would never forget how Jiang Dai stared at him with a vague smile on her lips, cursing him to suffer from skin disease…… 

  The way that woman smiled was like a Black Lotus, so beautiful yet so vicious.

  Throughout the period of him having chickenpox, he had a nightmare almost every night…… always dreaming of his younger cousin’s ominous and cold smile.

  Zhang Man’s face darkened and decided to play her trump card. “It looks like Young Master Jiang has no intention of continuing our cooperation, so you’d best think carefully of the consequences.”

  Jiang Zhuyuan’s countenance changed. “What is the meaning of this? Are you trying to threaten me?”

  Zhang Man jeered coldly, “Don’t forget what you have done……after you lost sixty million dollars at the casino last year. If your Jiang family hears of this matter, not to mention your younger cousin and uncle would never let you off, let alone your father.”


  Zhen Xiu would be launching a crucial new product in a week’s time.

  Since her live streaming platform had recently been finalized, Jiang Dai would be marketing the new product on her live stream. 

  Also, her live streaming studio in her Nangang Palace was almost ready, and she had begun to move into her new house bit by bit. By the time her studio was completed, she reckoned it would be nearing the end of her move as well.

  However, just when everything was on track, the Zhang clan made an incredibly unexpected move.

  As such, Bao Li held a high-level meeting.

  Zheng Xu, the Sales General Manager, was seething in rage. If it were not for the presence of President Jiang, he certainly would have pounded the table.

  “This Ya Li Group is indeed a son of a b*tch! They are clearly trying to give us a hard time!”

  Whereas, the other executives were mostly having difficulty trying to suppress their anger on their faces. 

  This time, it definitely takes the cake.

  The Zhang clan’s Ya Li Group had launched its new product a week earlier than Zhen Xiu. The promotion for its new product was almost akin to that of Zhen Xiu. 

  It was a complete set of skincare products that aimed to regulate the skin’s balance, not forgetting to mention that this was the result painstakingly developed by a team of elite traditional Chinese medicine researchers across two years.

  Ya Li invested heavily in advertisements everywhere, and once again, they had overtaken the large billboards in the subways.

  The places with the highest human traffic in a big city were the subway stations. Currently, everyone who took the subway across the entire country would be able to see Ya Li’s newest and highly invested product without having to raise their heads.

  An employee in the Product Development Department bought Ya Li’s newest product at the first opportunity. After comparing the list of ingredients, all the employees in the Product Development Department became so infuriated that they could not even sleep a wink the entire night.

  “This is simply our Zhen Xiu’s lotus and ginseng series that is about to be launched. Practically all the ingredients tally with ours, with just a few exceptions. We are talking about the results that our team had developed for two years…… When exactly had this been leaked?!”

  In a fit of anger, the employee in the R&D Department could not help but exclaim. Hence, it was not an interrogative question.

  Jiang Dai picked up the densely written list of ingredients from the product specification document and read through it carefully.

  She conveniently obtained the ingredients list of Zhen Xiu’s new product from the computer and made a comparison swiftly.

  After two minutes, Jiang Dai turned to look at the Director of the R&D Department. “Based on the comparison of these two lists of ingredients, we can tell that Ya Li’s new product has several extra ingredients: Purslane’s extract, Alcohol, and Phenoxyethanol. Throughout the process of research, have you ever added these three ingredients into the formula?”

  In an instant, Jiang Dai got right to the point. The R&D Department’s Director frowned and thought back to the process of their research carefully, “If memory serves……at least ten months ago, we added alcohol into the formula at that time. However, after repeated testing, we believe that although alcohol offered obvious results in exfoliating and would allow consumers’ skin to feel soft, it was essentially an ingredient that consumers with sensitive skin could not use. What’s more, the entire skincare series was targeted strongly at repairing sensitive skin, so we finally decided to remove it.”

  Having said that, other employees began to recall and added in one after another. 

  “Yes, I remember it as well. We removed Purslane because it has the same properties as Peony, which has anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties.”

  “Phenoxyethanol is an antiseptic ingredient, but after undergoing a test, we discovered that a portion of consumers with sensitive skin might have a possibility of experiencing a burning sensation. In the end, we replaced Phenoxyethanol with Propylene glycol.”

  Jiang Dai’s countenance still remained the same. “Now, go check immediately when exactly was this version formulated. From then on, it would not be difficult to calculate when was our list of ingredients leaked.”

  “Yes, President Jiang.”


  Even though Ya Li made such a foul move, yet Jiang Dai still remained so calm.

  Wen Yan had managed to fit into this group of executives very smoothly, so much so that he felt that the staff in Bao Li and himself were pretty much family. As a matter of fact, the average age of numerous significant high-level teams in Bao Li was rather low. Unlike those decadent shareholders, they were all young, motivated people. As such, they were able to hit it off without any difficulty.

  Now that he had come to learn that the R&D Department’s two years’ worth of hard work had been stolen just like that, Wen Yan was infuriated. 

  Seeing Jiang Dai so calm and collected, he could hardly keep his seat. “President Jiang, how is it that you do not seem angry at all? Don’t you think the methods that the Zhang family siblings resorted to are so despicable?”

  Jiang Dai refuted, “Would it work if I were to be angry as well? Recently, I have been moving my things at night, so occasionally, my dad will help me pack some stuff. Also, I have been chatting with him quite a lot, so I got to know what the Zhang family siblings had been up to these years. Right from the start, they had the intention of using Bao Li as a stepping stone to earn profits, and even their Group name sounds rather similar, like an imitation. Even so, they had never disguised their intentions.”

  Wen Yan felt inevitably resentful. “I have also heard from Zheng Xu that Ya Li had been imitating our business model right from the start, roughly ten years ago. As time went by, numerous consumption channels became vastly different. Ya Li adapted slightly faster and left Bao Li behind before starting to put spoke in our wheel frantically, to the point where they fought dirty! Previously when we were reported for selling expired products, it was most likely Ya Li’s handiworks as well.”

  The corners of Jiang Dai’s mouth lifted. “These are all a thing of the past now, so there is no point in obsessing over them. Right now……I want to find out exactly how much did Jiang Zhuyuan sell our research results.”

  Horror overtook Wen Yan’s face. “You have determined it is Jiang Zhuyuan so quickly? It really was him who had done it?”

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