Untypical Divorce

Chapter 2.1

A car accident that came out of nowhere led to his wife’s psychological blindness and also messed up his divorce plans. How exactly did things come to this? After over a week, Ke Mu Yu still had a somewhat uneasy state of mind. Occasionally, he would sink into deep thought and would also feel ill at ease. But there was someone who was more anxious than the person involved.

“Is she still unable to see?” After discussing work-related matters and adjusting some appointments, Song Qi Hong finally couldn’t restrain her brimming resentment and straightforwardly inquired.

“It’s already been so long and she still can’t see, it can’t be that she’ll be blind forever?”

He indifferently swept a glance at her and calmly explained. “The doctor said it’s originally very difficult to estimate when or under what circumstances recovery will occur with this kind of physiological problem stemming from psychological factors, we can only wait and see.”

“What kind of joke is this, wait and see?” Song Qi Hong protested, stunned. Like the string of an instrument pulled excessively taut, the pitch of her voice changed. “Don’t tell me that if she’s gone blind for life, you’re not going to divorce her for life?”


“No way,” Ke Mu Yu sneered. Want him to spend his life with a woman that he didn’t love at all, don’t even think about it! “But at least right now, I can’t abandon her and leave her alone. Whether it’s emotion or logic, there’s no justification.”

“She can’t be pretending, right?” Song Qi Hong frowned in annoyance.” Because she was unwilling to take off the aura associated with Mrs. Ke, she’s using this kind of method to hold on to you.”

Ke Mu Yu coldly sneered. He had also suspected this before, but!

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Because the image he’d established before was too good, drawing too much admiration from this society, he instead had no way to freely and easily divorce her.


He should understand now, this world couldn’t be played completely according to his rules. Even if he possessed even more money and more power, there were still times where things didn’t go as he desired.

And this was precisely what she wanted to show him!

Jian Yi An pursed her lips, seemingly smiling. She stood outside the door to her husband’s office. Wasn’t his secretary too careless? She actually hadn’t completely closed the door. The sound of the two’s debate carried over faintly to her ears.

She quietly listened. Behind her, the caregiver that Ke Mu Yu had specially hired, Wu Mei Li, couldn’t help but be puzzled. “Madam, you’re not going in?”

She froze, then reached out to knock on the door.

Song Qi Hong came to answer the door. Upon seeing her, she froze in place.

“Is it Mu Yu?” Her clear eyes were wide open, asking very innocently.

“Yi An?” Ke Mu Yu stood up behind his desk in surprise.

“What did you come for?” This was the first time she’d stepped into his office since the two of them had gotten married.

“Just now, Mei Li brought me to the hospital for another visit. I thought the company was pretty close by, so I came over to see you along the way.”

She smiled as she explained: “I brought lunch for you, it’s your favorite beef noodle soup. Hurry and eat it while it’s hot, otherwise it won’t taste good if it’s soggy.”

Ke Mu Yu’s sharp brows rose. Just when he wanted to speak, his phone suddenly rang. He glanced at the caller ID. “Yi An, I need to take this important call, you wait for me here first.”


With the caregiver’s assistance, Jian Yi An slowly walked into the office. Song Qi Hong stared fixedly at her every move, trying to make out if there was any indication of whether or not she was pretending. “Where is my husband’s desk?” She asked. “Help me sit down over there.”

“Yes.” Wu Mei Li solemnly obeyed her command. Song Qi Hong was stunned, staring as she watched her smoothly sit down on Ke Mu Yu’s office chair and showing the attitude of the Vice President’s wife, ruling over the entire office. Obviously there was a sofa she could sit on, why did she have to choose that seat?

Song Qi Hong immediately felt that her own loftiness was inferior. After watching her gracefully retire her caregiver, she couldn’t keep from ridiculing.

“That’s the Vice President’s seat, it’s probably not so good for Madam to sit there without permission?”

Jian Yi An heard her voice and slightly turned her head over in her direction. “You’re Secretary Song?”

“Yes, could it be that Madam can’t recognize me?” Song Qi Hong deliberately inquired. “We’ve met a few times before.”

“That’s right, I remember you came to our home with files a good several times.” Jian Yi An smiled as she nodded, thoughtfully pausing for a few seconds.

“But it’s really strange, I’ve always thought that whether in work or personal matters, Secretary Song knew everything about my husband like the back of your hand. As it turns out, this is not so.”

Song Qi Hong was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve lost my sight, could it be that you don’t know?” Jian Yi An smiled sweetly. “So I was just not sure who you were, it’s not because I don’t remember you, but because I can’t see.”

She had missed. Originally, she wanted to launch a surprise attack on Jian Yi An to see if the other party would give herself away. Unexpectedly, she was met with a counterattack, making her seem very useless, actually having failed to grasp the private life of her boss and ex-boyfriend in real time. Song Qi Hong secretly bit her lip and attempted to make a comeback. “I didn’t expect Madam to be so considerate to even specially deliver a lunchbox for your husband, but there’s actually no need for you to go through this trouble, Mu Yu– Vice President Ke’s diet has always been very carefully tended to by myself. Today, I’ve also ordered the freshest lunchbox around for him.”

Jian Yi An covered her lips and lightly laughed. “Of course I know that Secretary Song has always been very loyal and dutiful to my husband, but taking care of one’s husband is the responsibility of being a wife after all, don’t you think so?”


Which was to say, irrelevant people can stop getting involved.

Song Qi Hong understood the meaning behind the words, she was angered beyond words. Just as she was thinking about how she should strike back, Jian Yi An unhurried spoke again.

“My husband is very handsome?”

“What?” Song Qi Hong was stunned.

Outside, there seemed to be many women who were very captivated by him. Every time she attended a social banquet with him, he always became the center of attention. Jian Yi An’s elegant brow knitted slightly as if she was very bothered by this. “Truthfully speaking, which part of him do those women like?”

What is this, mocking her? Song Qi Hong was displeased. A sharpness entered her eyes. “Then what about Madam? What about him do you like?”

“You’re talking about me?” Jian Yi An laughed lightly again, playfully fiddling with the mouse. “I don’t like him.”

“What?” Song Qi Hong was shocked.

“I have a contract marriage with Mu Yu, don’t you know?” Of course she knew, just that she didn’t expect that she would speak of the truth so calmly—what exactly did she want to do?

Song Qi Hong warily tensed her mental state, alert and aware that she had underestimated this woman in front of her in the past. She’d always thought Jian Yi An was that type of simple brainless lady who only knew how to shop and drink tea all day, extravagantly squandering the generous lifestyle that her husband provided.

“Mu Yu originally wanted to get a divorce with me, but now that my eyes have become like this…Ai.” Jian Yi An sighed seemingly meaningfully. “I’m really afraid that I’ll have to depend on him like this in the future.”

Song Qi Hong abruptly sucked in a breath. She finally understood. As it turns out, Jian Yi An came specifically to show her strength. Even if there was no love in Mu Yu’s marriage, but because of duty, he would definitely not abandon his own wife.


“What to do?” Jian Yi An looked as if she was muttering to herself worriedly.

“I don’t think it seems very good for me to occupy this position of Mrs. Ke all the time. Secretary Song, do you want to help me persuade Mu Yu, let him not be so responsible?”

Really, she felt so indignant!

Song Qi Hong clenched her jaw, resisting the urge to scream. Just then, Ke Mu Yu returned to the office after ending his phone call. In a moment of anger, she grasped his necktie, leaned her body forward, and delivered her sexy red lips.

He incidentally met her sneak attack, both startled and angry. His gaze shifted. Seeing his wife sitting behind his desk, her face seeming a little pale, an idea suddenly came to mind and he decided to stand still, allowing his ex-girlfriend to willfully kiss—

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