Untypical Divorce

Chapter 2.2

That kiss was definitely testing her. Since returning home from her husband’s company, Jian Yi An remained in a hesitant state of mind, hiding in the bedroom, angrily brewing in her thoughts. Although she had long known her husband had only agreed to sign a marriage contract with her to punish his ex-girlfriend for her past betrayal and also knew that those two had surely remained entangled up to now, to the point that on some nights when he was away on a business trip, she would toss and turn on the bed, suspecting whether he was passionately entangled with his ex-girlfriend…

But she hadn’t expected that when she saw it with her own eyes, her heart would actually hurt so much, as if it’d been cut with a knife.

It was only a kiss! It wasn’t like she and Ke Mu Yu married because of love. She didn’t like him at all, why did she have to mind it so much? Why was she hesitant because of this?

That was only a kiss to test her. Mu Yu had always paid attention to his image. She believed he wouldn’t brazenly carry out a love affair in his office, so he likely accepted that kiss only to test her, to confirm whether she truly couldn’t see.

But no matter what, he’d still gone overboard. Even if she was only a wife in name, she still shouldn’t receive such rude treatment like this…


“Ke Mu Yu, I originally only wanted to delay the divorce a little bit and teach you a lesson. Since you’re so merciless, then you can’t blame me for being immoral!”

Jian Yi An muttered with hatred. So that her husband wouldn’t see any signs, she unyieldingly kept up the act, stubbornly remaining calm and not batting an eyelash. Afterward, she even accompanied him to eat lunch together, talking and laughing with him. But now, there was no need for her to pretend. She picked up her phone and dialed a number she knew well.

The dial tone rang monotonously, but in less than several seconds, the other side picked up the call.

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“Xq nswapl, bso byhl usw clld alnldvzu? Gzaktbv?”

“Od, R’hl clld hlau tsse.”

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“Xq nswapl R’hl blyae sq kv, kv’p y nsxrydu vbyv osajp okvb y U rastayxxkdt elpktd.” Dky Zw Ys rywple. “Ebyv’p wr?”

“R fwpv oydv vs jdso y zkvvzl xsal ycswv vbkp nsxrydu.” Mbkp yqvladssd kd bla bwpcyde’p sqqknl, pbl kdyehlavldvzu tzkxrple psxl eldplzu rynjle dwxclap kd y vyczl sd bkp nsxrwvla. Rv pllxle vs cl yd ydyzupkp sq vbl kdhlpvxldv hyzwl alzyvle vs vbkp nsxrydu.

She suspected En Yu Corporation was very likely trying to acquire Starlight Technology.


“…I heard they’re not in a very good financial state right now.” After Xia Yu Mo gave a brief introduction of this company, he added, “Actually, I’ve also tried to get in contact with them before.”

“Senior wants to get in contact with them, why?” She curiously asked. “Are you interested in them?”

“This…” Xia Yu Mo faintly smiled and didn’t directly answer. “They’re a pretty good company.”

“I also think so.” She pondered for two seconds, the corners of her mouth curving into a beautiful wide arc. “Senior, should we meet someday for a proper chat?”

So she could see. In the evening, Ke Mu Yu returned home. He didn’t immediately enter the house, instead choosing to quietly hide in the entrance hall, observing the situation in the living room.

His wife sat on the sofa sipping the cup of floral tea in her hands, the caregiver beside her, reading the newspaper aloud for her.

Her appearance was calm, completely without a trace of peculiarity, as if the scene that he’d performed with Qi Hong at the company that afternoon hadn’t disturbed her at all.

But he dared to be certain that when she’d abruptly witnessed it, there was a few seconds where her expression changed greatly. Her expression was indefinitely bewildered, revealing a trace of grievance. But he also really admired the scarily rapid speed with which she adjusted her state of mind and even calmly chatted with him. Ke Mu Yu faintly sneered, recalling that after his wife had left the office, he once asked Song Qi Hong why she kissed him like that. Her face became ashen, accusing his wife of being a ruthless character.

“How is she ruthless?” He was very curious.

She, however, refused to say. He could only approximately guess that perhaps in the confrontation of words between the two, she had been the one at a disadvantage and so felt indignant.

The always conceited Qi Hong who was filled with biting words was unable to win against Yi An. He found it hard to believe and became a few points more interested in this wife that he hadn’t paid much attention to.


In the end, how was all this arranged? Did she purposely crash in order to pretend to have lost her sight? Or did she crash first, then came up with the idea that she could play this trick, or had she really lost her sight for a while, just that her sight came back unexpectedly one day yet she kept it from him?

No matter what her purpose was, he had to admit that she’d evoked his interest. In the two years that he’d lived with her, unexpectedly it was on the eve of divorce that he suddenly realized that actually she was probably a kaleidoscope with many sides.

“Madam, the magazine publication for this period has a report on Mr. Ke!” Wu Mei Li took the initiative to raise the topic after reading the important points in the newspaper.

“Really?” Jian Yi An’s eyes suddenly lit up. “What did they write, read it to me.”

“Yes.” Wu Mei Li read the contents aloud. They were all words that praised him, saying he was young and promising, a rare handsome and talented youth in the business world, he recently received an invitation from the ‘Thirty and Independent’ club, officially becoming a member, proving himself to be an elite among the elite.

Toward the high praise of the reporters in print media, Ke Mu Yu was calm and self-confident from hearing it. He didn’t think there was any beauty to it. What interested him was his wife’s reaction.

“Madam, what is ‘Thirty and Independent’?” Wu Mei Li asked.

“Have you heard of Yang Pin Shen? He’s the second generation successor of ‘Tai Ye Corporation’. This club was founded by him.” Jian Yi An smoothly explained. “They rigorously filter elites in the business world that are thirty and above, recruiting them to become members. However, those that reach forty must withdraw from the club. The majority of the members are all future successors to Taiwan’s great business conglomerates. Some people say that place is equal to a playground for the rich and powerful.”

A playground for the rich and powerful? Ke Mu Yu’s sharp eyebrows rose. Was it his misconception? Or did he really hear a hint of ridicule wrapped in her words?

“But don’t think that they merely drink and party there, I hear they’ll hold meetings regularly every month to exchange information. Like my senior, he very earnestly works on the connections from that side.”

Senior? Who? Ke Mu Yu was suspicious. Thinking for a few seconds, he then quickly remembered that she and her former boss Xia Yu Mo had a senior brother junior sister relationship. Listening to her intimate tone when she spoke of Xia Yu Mo, could it be that they’d always kept in contact with one another?

“Then for Mr. Ke to be able to join this club, this indicates that he’s really very awesome?” Wu Mei Li exclaimed in admiration.


“Quite great, but…” She dragged the last word out in suspense.

But what? Ke Mu Yu found that he really wanted to hear her ensuing comment. He told himself it wasn’t because he cared much, it was just that a husband always hopes to know his wife’s evaluation of him.

But then she stopped speaking, looking in his direction, her cherry lips against the edge of the cup and a subtle smile on her lips. He was a little angry from waiting.

Because he could sense, in that wisp of her smile, there hid a kind of disdain.

Ke Mu Yu mockingly curled his lips, guessing that there was an 80% probability that his wife had become aware of him peeping from the entrance hall. That smile was perhaps a provocation targeted at him.

He wanted to see how she was going to continue acting as a blind person.

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