Untypical Divorce

Chapter 1.4

Ke Mu Yu went to the conference room located on the highest level of the corporation’s building and swiped his card to enter. This conference room was specially provided for the corporation’s high-ranking executives to use. Normally, it was used to hold classified meetings. This time, the meeting greatly concerned a merger and acquisition that they’d prepared nearly a year for. Those who could enter and participate in the meeting were only a few who stood at the heart of the company, so once they stepped out of the room, all of their lips were sealed without exception regarding the contents discussed.

Once he walked into the conference room, a few high-ranking executives who were originally clustered together and whispering dispersed in a flurry, returning to their own seats. One of them rather awkwardly hid a magazine.

It seems the rumors of his wife’s “affair” had already spread to the company.

Ke Mu Yu discreetly hooked the corner of his lips as he took the seat at the head of the table. Although there was still a president over him, he was the sole leader in this merger and acquisition. Thus, it was also him who served as the director.

“Mu Yu, are you…well?” Another vice president that was specially in charge of the corporation’s financial affairs asked him, his tone hesitant and his expression grave with a trace of curiosity that couldn’t be covered up.


“I’m very good.” He smiled indifferently.

The members of the audience exchanged glances restlessly. They wanted to ask, but also felt it wasn’t quite proper. In the end, it was the directors who relied on their seniority to take on the attitude of an elder and express concern.

“Mu Yu, don’t blame us for asking directly, have you not been taking care of things very well with your wife lately?”

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“Who is it?”


“Vice President Ke, I’m Qi Hong.”

“Secretary Song, I’m in a meeting right now, weren’t my instructions not to let anyone disturb me?” He was very annoyed.

“Yes, I know, I’m very sorry.” Song Qi Hong’s manner of speech was a little rushed. “But the hospital just called, they said Madam had a car accident.”

“What? Yi An had a car accident?” Ke Mu Yu was shocked.

The meeting room was also in an uproar.

“How is she? Are her injuries serious?” He anxiously questioned.

“Only some minor external injuries, they’re not life-threatening, but the doctor said she’s currently unconscious. In addition, there are signs of a cerebral concussion, it’s also possible that there are internal injuries. They’re currently doing a more thorough examination.”

It seems the condition of her injuries weren’t grave. Ke Mu Yu calmed down.

“Vice President, do you need to go see Madam at the hospital first?” Song Qi Hong tentatively asked.

Of course he had to go, his wife had been sent to the emergency room because of a car accident, could he, this husband, just sit and watch?

Ke Mu Yu decided to temporarily put the meeting aside. “Everyone, I’m very sorry, I have to make a trip to the hospital first.”

“Of course, of course, go and see the situation first!” Everyone expressed their understanding one after another. “When you come back, we’ll continue where we left off.”


“Then I’m leaving first.”

After leaving the conference room, Ke Mu Yu hurriedly rushed to the hospital. Seeing he had arrived, the doctor in charge greeted him with a grave expression.

“How is Yi An?” He inquired.

“Aside from some minor external injuries, Madam is more or less alright. Only…” The doctor paused in suspense.

“Only what?” Ke Mu Yu had a bad feeling.

“These kinds of situations aren’t very common, but when Madam woke up, we found that she…couldn’t see.”

“What?!” Ke Mu Yu was stunned, momentarily unable to grasp the meaning in the doctor’s words. “You mean…”

“We’ve examined Mrs. Ke’s eyes, there aren’t any signs of injury. We’ve also performed a CAT scan of her brain for her and aren’t any blood clots oppressing the optic nerve—“

“Since that’s the case, why can’t Yi An see?” Ke Mu Yu impatiently interrupted the doctor.

“As for this, we’re not exactly sure.” The doctor sighed. “Currently we can’t find any cause for this, we can only speculate that it’s very likely Madam was too frightened at the time of the car accident and became mentally traumatized, so it led to a psychological cause of blindness.”

Psychological blindness? Mental trauma?

Ke Mu Yu’s brows were tightly knit. “Then exactly when will she recover?”


“This, it’s very hard to say—“

“Why can’t I see anything? Nurse, why can’t I see anything?” Jian Yi An sat on the hospital bed, her dull spiritless eyes open wide and her two hands tightly holding onto the nurse’s arm.

“Mrs. Ke, please calm down.” The nurse tried to pacify her.

“Calm down? How do you expect me to calm down?” She shouted. “I can’t see, I can’t see!”

“Mrs. Ke—“

“Enough, Yi An.” A clear cold voice fell. “Let go of the nurse.”

“Mu Yu, is that you?” Jian Yi An let go of the nurse, her hands helplessly groped the air in front of her. “Where are you?”

“I’m over here.” Ke Mu Yu took her hand and indicated for the nurse to leave, leaving the two of them, husband and wife, alone.

“Mu Yu, what’s going on?” Jian Yi An emotionally held onto her husband. “Did the doctor say why I can’t see? Is it because my eyes were injured? Do they have to perform surgery?”

“Your eyes aren’t injured, there’s no need for surgery.” Ke Mu Yu examined his wife. Aside from looking a little dull, those eyes that were like limpid autumn waters weren’t that different from normal at all—can she really not see? “The doctor said you have psychological blindness.”

“What?” She was startled. “What does that mean?”

“It means that because of psychological factors, you can’t see.”


“I…don’t understand.” She was at a loss.

Did she really not understand? He frowned thoughtfully. “Yi An, they said your car crashed into a pedestrian island, what happened?”

“Because there was a car that was going very fast when it was turning, I accidentally crashed when I was trying to avoid it.” She explained, mumbling.

“Why did you drive yourself? Don’t you usually call a cab when you go out?”

“Because I wanted to make a trip back to Tai Zhong to see my dad.”

“Then why didn’t you call Lao Wang to drive you?” Lao Wang was the Ke family’s driver. He had been working at the Ke family’s main residence for many years.

“Lao Wang requested a leave of absence today.”

Such a coincidence? “Then why didn’t you call me? I could arrange for a driver from the company to take you.”

“Why go through so much trouble?” She didn’t understand. “I can drive.”

“I’m just curious, how come you got into an accident as soon as you drive?”

“What you mean is—” She let out a shaky breath, appalled, and abruptly shook off his hand. “You think I did it on purpose? Why would I randomly crash into the pedestrian island? You can’t be thinking…can’t be thinking that I’m also pretending that my eyes can’t see?”

She hissed in protest. As for him, he carefully observed her expressions. She appeared very resentful, her face was pale like she was truly hurt by his suspicion.

“Mu Yu, do you…really think that I’m pretending?” She muttered. Her voice trembled and her eyes were misty, very pitiful.

He pursed his lips and didn’t speak. Whether she was pretending, he had no way of being certain. The only thing that was certain was that he was afraid his plan for divorce had to be pushed.

“I understand. Because I became blind, there’s no way you can immediately divorce me, am I right?” She intelligently exposed his thoughts, letting out a light mild laugh. “You’re afraid they’ll say you’re cold and ruthless, that you shouldn’t abandon me at a time like this.”

That’s right, this was indeed what he was hesitating over. She’d guessed right. Ke Mu Yu secretly grit his teeth.

“I will hire the best doctors to treat you, I’ll definitely let you see again.” He made a gloomy promise. “But, Yi An, if I find out that you’re lying to me, I’ll definitely make you pay the price.”

After laying down this threat, he turned around and opened the door.

“You, where are you going?” Her expression was panic-stricken. “Don’t…leave me all alone.”

“Don’t worry, in a time like this, I’ll definitely fulfill the duties that a husband should fulfill.” He gripped the doorknob, trying hard to keep his anger under control. “I’m going to take care of the hospitalization procedures for you.”

After he spoke, he loftily left the hospital room, leaving his wife sitting on the bed alone.

She quietly contemplated. Like a ceramic doll, she didn’t move at all. After a few minutes, she extended her hand toward the tea table, picked up the cup of tea that the nurse had poured for her, and calmly sipped it, one mouthful at a time.

Her pale cherry lips lifted into a thought-provoking smile.

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