Intoxicated Chapter 9 (NSFW)

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Shen Tingwei looked a little dazed. The light reflected by the crystal chandelier was reflected on amber eyes. His reaction seemed half a beat slower before he shook his head, “I’m not on drugs.”

Lian Jue glanced at him, “Then you’re just a drunkard?”

Shen Tingwei’s skin was very pale and his lashes were long. It was unknown whether his droopy eyes were due to discomfort, or it was just a habit. However, when he looked at people, he would always half-droop his eyes; looking innocent and pitiful which made him look so pure that everything he said was pure and innocent.

It was exactly the type that men could hardly resist.

“……No.” Shen Tingwei still shook his head, “I’m just in heat.”


He said this straightforwardly. Although he could hear a trace of embarrassment in his tone, there was no embarrassment on his face.

Lian Jue leaned back on the sofa. His gaze that fell on Shen Tingwei was calm, but his tone was serious. “So what?”

Shen Tingwei’s lips pursed lightly, “……I want to do it.”

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“……do you want to make love?”


Lian Jue met Shen Tingwei’s gaze for a while, then he retracted his gaze. He stretched out his hands to find the cigarette, but he suddenly remembered that it was in his jacket pockets.

Lian Jue wouldn’t smoke in front of others. One reason was to maintain manners and politeness, and the second was he rarely felt the need to use cigarettes to suppress the irritation— but now, he needed to.

Lian Jue stood up to get it, but when he passed by the sofa next to him, his arm was suddenly grabbed. Shen Tingwei asked in a panic, “Are you leaving?”

Lian Jue looked at his hand, and the irritation that hadn’t come calmed down rose, “You want it that much?”

The omega’s special physical condition left Shen Tingwei no excuses to refuse. Lian Jue’s body was too close, his hot breath gushed over and overwhelmingly wrapped him. The breath made him dizzy and his knees trembled. He nodded his head subconsciously and involuntarily.

He heard Lian Jue curse in a low voice before shaking off his hand and walking away. He didn’t turn his head because Lian Jue’s footsteps quickly stopped not far behind him, followed by the sound of a lighter.

Shen Tingwei’s fingertips still had the temperature from Lian Jue’s arm. The faint woody masculine scent in the air where the other party had stood still hadn’t completely dissipated.

Shen Tingwei sniffed the scent that was clearly of no use to him, then he raised his hand that still had the temperature from Lian Jue to touch the scalding hot glands on his nape.

When he was in high school, in the school’s physical health class, it was once said that the omega’s estrus usually appeared after differentiation, and occurred in periodic times. The duration of estrus varied from 3-5 days a month. If the estrus wasn’t relieved, it would be definitely by a fever that wouldn’t go away until it was temporarily or permanently marked by an alpha— only then this torment could be temporarily or completely relieved.

Shen Tingwei’s experience in this area was too barren. He didn’t know if doing it with an alpha would relieve the heat of estrus in his body, and he didn’t know if doing it with Lian Jue would feel good.

It was a bit difficult for him to recall the things that happened in bed.

He still had some vague memories of what happened last night, but soon every part of his body was controlled by Lian Jue. If Lian Jue wanted to make him comfortable, then he was comfortable. If he wanted to torment him, then he was tormented. Afterward, his whole consciousness was stirred by the pheromone he released, and couldn’t remember anything clearly except for the soreness left on his body.


However, judging from the fact that he was able to sleep peacefully after doing it, the odds weren’t bad.

Today was the second day. If he got lucky, there would only be a day left.

The restlessness that had been going for quite a while calmed down a little when the hot glands sensed the familiar breath.

Shen Tingwei breathed a sigh of relief and moved his hand away.

The heat that was temporarily soothed was like a greedy and impatient little beast. It could not be completely satisfied, it ran amok inside the body and intensified even more.

Lian Jue turned his back to Shen Tingwei, half leaning against the open kitchen connected to the living room, then he threw his tie on the kitchen countertop and smoked a cigarette.

The slightly bitter scent of tobacco was mixed with the lingering sweetness of the whole body, and the more intense scent of wine diffused from behind. Lian Jue didn’t turn his head, he just slowly exhaled a puff of smoke from his mouth, and glanced sideways slightly.

Shen Tingwei was separated from him by the cold black marble kitchen countertop. He didn’t look closely or pay attention to Shen Tingwei’s expression. He expected that he still had that droopy eyes and pitiful appearance.

After smoking half a cigarette, the person behind him still didn’t speak.

“Come here,” said Lian Jue.

Shen Tingwei went around the kitchen countertop and came to Lian Jue. Lian Jue gestured at him with his gaze, but Shen Tingwei didn’t understand it right away. He just hung his head low and looked at the floor under Lian Jue’s feet. Some long bangs concealed his eyes, but he didn’t move.

Lian Jue couldn’t figure out why Shen Tingwei always made himself look miserable. It appeared as if the person who had been calculated by him, was bullying him which made people angry.


Lian Jue couldn’t figure it out, and he simply didn’t want to figure it out.

“Kneel down or get lost.”

Lian Jue waited patiently for a while, but Shen Tingwei didn’t move and couldn’t help but sneer.

Laughing at his cheap pride and low-quality reservedness.

Compared with his previous seduction, at this moment, his appearance didn’t look innocent at all. He just looked stupid. Lian Jue only felt that his actions were annoying.

Lian Jue was just about to say that Shen Tingwei should get lost when he knelt down in front of him.

There was a cigarette between Lian Jue’s fingers. The accumulated ashes fell down, carrying a light spark. It landed on Shen Tingwei’s exposed clavicle outside the neckline. He was burned by the ashes that his shoulders shook slightly, but he bit lips and didn’t make a sound.

The ashes spread out as Shen Tingwei raised his arm. Lian Jue saw that the skin on his collarbone quickly turned red. It was the size of his fingertips, just like a hickey.

Shen Tingwei unfamiliarly released Lian Jue’s belt buckle. He didn’t have too many occasions where he needed to wear formal clothes, and he rarely wore belts with this kind of metal buckle. His finger fumbled on the belt buckle for a long time before he touched a small buckle.

He tried to move the buckle and the belt buckle opened accordingly. Shen Tingwei took a deep breath before continuing his hand movements.

The sound of a zipper being unzipped sounded abruptly in the quiet environment. Lian Jue leaned lazily by the kitchen counter, looking at him indifferently with lowered eyes.

The light gray cotton underwear wrapped the bulging thing between his crotch. It didn’t seem erect, nor it was slightly erect, but the size was big enough to shock Shen Tingwei.


He reached out his hand to touch it but was stopped by Lian Jue. “Use your mouth.”

Shen Tingwei’s eyelids became heavy with heat. He pressed his lips against the soft fabric of the underwear. The tip of his nose moved up, and his nose was filled with a not unpleasant but unusually strong smell.

Lian Jue’s c*ck got an erection under the touch of his lips, and its shape became more distinct. Shen Tingwei’s lips slovenly traced the shape of Lian Jue’s d*ck through the cloth. He moved his lips up, held the edge of his underwear, and pulled it down.

The erect c*ck popped out of his underwear and hit Shen Tingwei on the bridge of his nose. The hot contact made Shen Tingwei feel like he was burned by it for a moment. He wanted to hide, but the back of his head was clasped by a wide palm.

“S*ck it.”

A voice ordering him above his head sounded. Shen Tingwei closed his eyes and braced himself to meet the stiff c*ck in front of his eyes.

He stretched out his tongue to lick the head where a transparent liquid was secreting. It didn’t taste good and Shen Tingwei had some difficulty accepting it. The tip of his tongue went around the glans to lick his thick shaft first.

The hot and wet tongue licked the protruding veins on the shaft. From the top to the bottom, his saliva wetted Lian Jue’s c*ck. He licked it for a while, only to notice Lian Jue’s displeasure. He moved his lips and held Lian Jue’s c*ck inside his mouth.

Before he could adapt, a hand pressed on the back of his head and quickly applied force. He was unprepared and Lian Jue’s c*ck went deep into his throat. His eyes immediately turned red, he resisted and tried to pull out.

Lian Jue didn’t release his hand.

The depths of the soft and fiery mouth contracted frequently, sucking Lian Jue’s c*ck tightly. Lian Jue’s cold and pale slender fingers brushed through Shen Tingwei’s hair and let out a muffled groan from his nose.

Shen Tingwei’s mouth was too small and his cheeks bulged. The feeling of retching being blocked by Lian was extremely uncomfortable.

There was a thin layer of tears in his eyes, and the corners of his eyes were stained with bright red. His throat contracted tightly, he couldn’t swallow the saliva in his mouth and it accumulated too much and dripped out along the corner of his lips.

He couldn’t make a sound, so he could only raise his moist eyes to look at Lian Jue.

Lian Jue wasn’t used to the look of his red eyes crying or not. With a cigarette in his mouth, his eyes half-squinted, and his raspy voice was somewhat ambiguous.

“Does s*cking a c*ck need to be taught too? Useless.”

The soft hair spread out between his fingers with a chill, Lian Jue raised his chin and spit out the cigarette, then he clasped Shen Tingwei’s head and thrust his hips for a while in his mouth.

“Wu……” Shen Tingwei was forced to raise his head, and tears were oozing from the corner of his eyes. He closed his eyes and clutched the smooth seam of Lian Jue’s pants.

All of a sudden, his eyelids twitched and his expression frowned in pain. A small amount of ash fell from the cigarette butt that was about to be burnt on Lian Jue’s mouth and happened to fall on the corner of his eyes.

But the pain quickly disappeared not long after it touched his eyelids, and was replaced by somewhat crude rubbing.

Lian Jue wiped the ashes from the corner of his eye with his fingertips and the hand that was pressing on the back of his head also loosened. He took the cigarette butt in his mouth and threw it to the sink next to him, then he turned on the faucet to flush the cigarette butt.

Lian Jue shook the warm and moist tears on his fingertips and frowned. He said impatiently, “It’s not damaged. Why are you crying?”

Shen Tingwei opened his eyes, his eyelashes were wet with tears. Lian Jue’s c*ck was still in his mouth, and couldn’t speak.

The corner of his eyes was a little redder than previously, it might be from being burnt or by crying.

Lian Jue took his c*ck from his mouth, picked up the man from the ground, and pushed him back on the cold table. His firmly erected c*ck was resting on Shen Tingwe’s a*s and pulled his face. “I’m asking you, why are you crying?”

Shen Tingwei turned his face, the tip of his red nose was shining, and mumbled in repetition, “It’s hot.”

Lian Jue told Shen Tingwei that he was being squeamish. He placed his hand on his chin, and touched the red spot at the corner of Shen Tingwei’s eye to check if he had hurt his eye just now.

His hand was about to touch Shen Tingwei’s eyelids, but he suddenly caught it.

Shen Tingwei dragged Lian Jue’s arm towards his body. He pressed Lian Jue’s palm to his lower abdomen, sprayed his hot breath on Lian Jue’s face, and gently rubbed his dry lips against his chin.

“I feel so hot……”

Lian Ju paused, frowned at his dissatisfied face, and rubbed his lower abdomen with his palm.

Shen Tingwei suddenly raised his chin and gasped.

“Shen Tingwei, did you grow up taking aphrodisiacs?”

Lian Jue’s hand moved along the hem of his clothes and pinched his nip*les, which hardened at some point. “Why are you so lecherous?”

“Ha……” a moan leaked out from Shen Tingwei’s mouth. His waist collapsed lower, then he turned his head to kiss the side of Lian Jue’s face.

Lian Jue twisted his nip*les and bit his lips that were rubbing against his face. “If you want to be f*cked, then hold back your tears.”

Shen Tingwei sobbed. He couldn’t hold back his tears at all.

He was a little shorter than Lian Jue. He had to stand on tiptoes when he wanted to rub against Lian Jue’s c*ck. His legs were weak and unsteady, he just tried to rub on Lian Jue a few times, before his legs collapsed again.

Fortunately, Lian Jue didn’t take what he said seriously. He slapped his a*s through his pants, scolded him for being a sl*t, and tore off his loose pants hanging from his crotch.

Lian Jue gripped Shen Tingwei’s wet c*ck, and the liquid from the head made his palms full of sticky liquid. He had never seen such a man who could be so wet. His hands weren’t gentle, he hastily stroked his c*ck a few times before touching Shen Tingwei’s narrow waist.

He grabbed Shen Tingwei’s waist and asked him to stick out his a*s. He held his penis before grinding on his a*s.

As he rubbed his c*ck, a flash of strangeness appeared on Lian Jue’s eyes before stopping his movements. He took off his hands from Shen Tingwei’s chest and clothes. He pushed Shen Tingwei’s waist to the kitchen counter and touched Shen Tingwei’s a*s with his hand and found that it was dripping wet again.

Shen Tingwei’s clothes were raised to his chest. When his warm skin touched the kitchen countertop, his body shuddered instinctively. He pressed his forehead on the cold marble surface, clamped his pair of legs, and groaned and gasped for breath.

Lian Jue was confused by his weird physical condition. At this moment, he thought he was panting. He ran his fingertips in Shen Tingwe’s a*ss a few times casually before inserting his fingers. The water flowed out and wet soft flesh inside sucked his fingers.

“Ngh……” Shen Tingwei groaned, his legs weakened. His body was about to slide down again but he was pulled back on his waist by Lian Jue.

Lian Jue squeezed his two fingers together, stirring the water inside his hole. His face was seldomly became dazed.

“Can someone leak this much by s*cking a d*ck?”

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