Intoxicated Chapter 8

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Lian Jue had been living in a villa in the suburbs for a long time, and then he adopted a child. The distance from school was too far, so for convenience, he bought a bigger house in the city and moved there.

The villa here had been vacant all the time. He had never thought of selling it, but he didn’t want to keep it for anything. It was a pity to sell it because it took him a lot of effort to choose the villa in the first place.

The assistant was startled when he saw Lian Jue getting out of the car. He quickly walked up to him, nodded, and called out, “Chief Lian.”

Lian Jue entered the door, then took off his coat, and the assistant behind him took it. The surprised expression on his face had long been collected, “What brings you here?”

Lian Jue didn’t say anything. He pulled on his tie to loosen it. “Where is he?”


“He’s in the guest bedroom on the second floor.”

Shen Tingwei was still sleeping when his arm was gently pulled by someone which pulled him slightly from his drowsiness. He struggled to shake off the confusion in his mind. Before he could open his eyes, he heard a man’s cold voice in his ears.

“Why are you still asleep?”

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Having his eyes closed for a long time, he was dazzled by the light and narrowed his eyes from the discomfort. After adapting for a while, he slowly opened his eyes.


There was a tall figure standing by the bed, his broad shoulders were facing the light coming in from the corridor through the door while holding a small card in his hand to read.

—It was his ID card.

Lian Jue’s gaze shifted to the somewhat dull-colored photo on the ID. The person in front of him had a pair of eyes slightly hidden and a dumbfounded expression. Compared with the photo, he was much more vivid, especially his delicate willow-leaf-shaped eyes. Even without smiling, the corners of his slender and uplifted eyes contained an irresistible tenderness.

Lian Jue raised his eyebrows slightly and his words carried undisguised sarcasm, “Work permit?”

Shen Tingwei was stunned for some unknown reason. “What…?”

Lian Jue obviously didn’t intend to stay on this topic for too long, so he threw the card back on the bedside table. “Since you’re awake, then get up.”

When Shen Tingwei sat up on the bed, his vision turned dark for a moment. It was probably because he had been lying for too long that he got blood congestion, or maybe due to low blood sugar because he hadn’t eaten for long. He raised his hand and rubbed on his temples, then closed his eyes and waited for it to pass— he suddenly realized that what Lian Jue said might not be a good thing.

His heart sank, but he couldn’t refute it.

Shen Tingwei couldn’t remember what happened before he fainted, but based on the current situation, it was obvious that Lian Jue had saved him again.

Shen Tingwei slept in the bed for an afternoon. His shirt was crumpled, his cuffs were pulled back to his elbows, exposing his thin pale arms. The red marks on his wrists hadn’t completely faded away, and the slender wrist bone looked so fragile as if it could break with a pinch.

The assistant didn’t know Shen Tingweu, so he didn’t dare to change his clothes rashly. He could only prepare clean clothes and put it next to the pillow.

“Thank you,” said Shen Tingwei with a hoarse voice.


His somewhat gentle voice mixed with the sweet and greasy smell in the room sounded nice.

Lian Jue glanced at him. “Change your clothes and come out.”

When Lian Jue left, he didn’t close the door. Shen Tingwei waited for his footsteps to be far before raising his hand to unbutton his shirt.

A tormenting numbness spread down his spine when the collar of his shirt rubbed against his hot glands. Shen Tingwei’s hand paused, he leaned against the bedside and let out a sigh of relief. He waited for the strange sensation to calm down before continuing his actions.

It took him a long time to change his clothes then he went downstairs.

Lian Jue was sitting on the sofa, holding something like a report in his hand. Hearing the sounds, he placed down the thing in his hands before looking up at the person coming downstairs.

Shen Tingwei walked over with some hesitation. The style of the thin knitted shirt on his body was originally loose-fitting, and because the size didn’t fit him, the neckline was opened wider, revealing a thin clavicle. Noticing Lian Jue’s gaze, he pulled on his collar unnaturally and called out in a small voice. “Mr. Lian.”

Lian Jue lifted his chin to one side.

Shen Tingwei was sitting on a single sofa. The pure cotton gray pants were a bit bigger, and the pant legs hang loosely to the ground. He subconsciously pulled up the pant legs, revealing his slender and porcelain white ankles in sight. Lian Jue only felt that his action was deliberate and flattering.

“What do you want?”

Lian Jue’s facial features were deep as if they were carved out. When he pulled a long face, he looked cold and sullen.

Shen Tingwei was stunned. The expression in his eyes was somewhat astonished. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about……”


Lian Jue didn’t have the patience to beat around the bush with him. Before Shen Tingwei could finish his words, Lian Jue interrupted him. “Money or project?”

Shen Tingwei froze and his hands that were clenching on his pant legs tightened. His voice was still hoarse, but it was colder than before. “Mr. Lian, I’m very grateful to you for saving me, but I’m not selling myself.”

Lian Jue laughed all of a sudden. He discovered that it was always difficult to maintain his temper and demeanor in front of him, and there was mocking in his tone. “Then what do you want to do?”

Shen Tingwei’s lips slowly pursed, and his expression a little stiff.

“Taking aphrodisiacs and going to the streets to find someone to get laid with?”

Shen Tingwei was speechless. Lian Jue’s gaze was as sharp as a thorn. Shen Tingwei got a little scared of his gaze and stared at his knees in panic.

He was in a daze for a moment, and the strange uneasiness in his heart surged up again. His fingers couldn’t help twisting the soft fabric of his pants. After hesitating for a long time, he decided to speak.

“What…does your body smell like?”

Lian Jue was asked a baffling question and his brows furrowed. “What smell?”

Shen Tingwei’s ears turned red and pressed his knees together. He asked unnaturally, “Yesterday, the scent on you…what was that?”

Lian Jue stared at him coldly. “What’s the problem?”

“Amber Topkapi.” Lian Jue caught a glimpse of the confusion in Shen Tingwei’s eyes and he added impatiently, “Perfume. What’s the problem?”


“Perfume…” Shen Tingwei repeated to himself as he lowered his lashes.

“Do you like it?” Lian Jue narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t help replying in sarcasm when he saw his expression. “Or you can’t help but be in estrus once you smell that scent?”

Shen Tingwei turned a deaf ear to his sarcasm. When he raised his head again, there was a mix of emotions in his eyes that Lian Jue couldn’t understand.

As if to confirm something, he looked at Lian Jue. “Aren’t you a beta?”

Lian Jue stared at Shen Tingwei with a complicated expression for a while. He realized that he was serious and not joking, that he almost laugh from anger instantly.

Lian Jue’s eyes darkened. He felt that this person was extremely unreasonable. “Did you come to me to return to your childhood?”

Shen Tingwei couldn’t understand what he meant by returning to childhood. He didn’t know why Lian Jue always reacted strangely when he mentioned beta, but Shen TIngwei saw clearly the annoyance in his eyes. He vaguely guessed that the beta that Lian Jue had understood wasn’t the same as what he said.

He twisted his pants from nervousness and the faint awry feeling in his heart finally reached a conclusion.

Why can’t he buy inhibitors in the pharmacies;

Why all the people he encountered in the past two days didn’t have a pheromone;

Why everything here is weird and feels unrealistic;


Shen Tingwei was confused. The more he wanted to figure out the situation, the more the questions in his head got disordered and felt dizzy after thinking about it for a long time.

Shen Tingwei’s expression was too ugly and his actions were too restrained. As Lian Jue looked at him, he recalled Kangtong’s uncomfortable expression of fidgeting his hands and feet in front of Chen Chulian yesterday.

Lian Jue suppressed the irritation in his heart and retracted his cold gaze from him. He picked up the physical examination report on the table and roughly read through it.

Someone should come and check his brain.

The annoyance he tried to suppress was stimulated by the scent of alcohol lingering under his nose, it was unable to go up or down. Lian Jue repeatedly confirmed several times, and the blood test result in his hand clearly showed that Shen Tingwei hadn’t drunk any alcohol.

“What’s wrong with your body?” Lian Jue out down the blood test report and decided to ask him directly, “It smells of wine.”

Shen Tingwei’s breathing was heavy and his dry throat made it difficult for him to swallow. He thought for a while but realized that he couldn’t find a suitable alternative word due to his dizziness, so he could only tell the truth.

“……I’m in heat.”

Lian Jue raised his head and looked at Shen Tingwei with an unclear expression.

He realized that the man in front of him was even harder to understand. He made him cry and pant last night but didn’t hear Shen Tingwei say even half a dirty word. Saying those words at this time made Lian Jue feel baffled and a little funny.

This kind of method to seduce was simply inferior.

“Are you taking drugs or are you a drunkard?”

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