Intoxicated Chapter 10 (NSFW)

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Lian Jue played with his body using his fingers for a while. Shen Tingwei couldn’t stand it anymore, so he laid down on the kitchen counter and begged him. “Put it in……put it in……”

Lian Jue’s hand that was pressing on Shen Tingwei’s back slid down, touched his b*ttocks, rubbed it hard, and then pinched a red mark on his snow-white b*ttocks.

The way he stuck out his a*ss, begging to be f*cked was too much like an animal dominated by physiological desire.

The more Shen Tingwei anxiously rubbed against him, the more Lian Jue deliberately rubbed his insides slowly. His two fingers moved in and out, the slightly protruding knuckles went deeper and deeper; his fingers slowly ran over the bumps on his inner wall until his two fingers were completely devoured by his soft h*le.

The hem of Shen Tingwei’s thin sweater that was in the way was pushed to his back, showing his slender waist that was beautifully arched. The voice that he let out was cloying and unsatisfied, sobbing as he moaned.


Lian Jue’s big hands held his buttocks, then his fingers pinched the soft flesh and separated his b*ttocks. His fingers pressed on the soft and tender flesh as he thrust inside his reddish hole, making tiny transparent bubbles.

His slender fingers moved in out of Shen Tingwei, his fingers seemed to be wrapped in a layer of transparent film. The dripping wet water flowed down his fingers, making Lian Jue’s cuffs wet.

Shen Tingwei was sent into madness by this torment. He grabbed Lian Jue’s hand from the back but his wrist was held by Lian Jue, locking Shen Tingwei’s arms on his back, making him unable to move.

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Lian Jue looked at his trembling lashes and inserted his swollen c*ck between Shen Tingwei’s slender and pale thighs. He fumbled through Shen Tingwei’s clothes and grabbed on his chest tightly.


Lian Jue held Shen Tingwei’s body to support him. When Shen Tingwei tilted his head, he was kissed aggressively by Lian Jue.

Lian Jue’s hot c*ck was buried in the root of his thighs, rubbing against his sensitive perineum. The hot wet and slippery head of his c*ck bumped against his tightly stretched taut h*le from time to time, making his body numb as if he was being electrified.

Shen Tingwei clung to the faucet post beside him, his breathing became even more rapid. Before Lian Jue could give a few more thrusts, his legs suddenly tensed up and a muffled moan came out of his mouth due to being blocked by Lian Jue.

Lian Jue’s fingers couldn’t move. His fingers were gripped tight by the soft flesh inside that suddenly contracted. He used the arm that was wrapping around Shen Tingwei’s chest to reach down and touch him, only to find Shen Tingwei had already c*m— his c*ck was twitching and was half limping in front of him.

Lian Jue separated his lips from Shen Tingwei’s lips. The flesh inside Shen Tingwei was still sucking his fingers fawningly. He rudely slapped Shen Tingwei’s ass before pulling out his fingers smoothly.

When he pulled out his fingers, the soft flesh sucked his fingers and made a popping sound which was a bit amusing.

Shen Tingwei’s c*m stained his hands all over, making Lian Jue frown. He wanted to rub it on Shen Tingwei’s clothes, but he suddenly changed his mind when his hand touched the hem of Shen Tingwei’s clothes. He traced along the hem of Shen Tingwei’s clothes to touch his lower abdomen.

His fingers were slightly cold from being stained with c*m, then he rubbed it against Shen Tingwei’s erect small nipples. The afterglow of his orgasm hadn’t yet passed so Shen Tingwei was extremely sensitive. When Shen Tingwei leaned his back against his chest, Lian Jue could clearly feel Shen Tingwei’s body trembling.

It was a very slight trembling. The kind of trembling that rose and fell along with Lian Jue’s teasing using his hands.

Lian Jue’s hands touched wantonly on the pit of Shen Tingwei’s stomach before reaching out on his collar. Lian Jue kissed the hair on his temples. The stuff smeared on Shen Tingwei’s face had a very light fishy smell. Lian Jue rubbed his lips with his fingers and said in his ears, “Suck it.”

Lian Jue wasn’t terrible to Shen Tingwei during s*x. This little bit of gentle words in his ears felt a little tender, so Shen Tingwei unconsciously did what Lian Jue said.

A fiery mouth wrapped around Lian Jue’s finger. His soft and wet tongue gently licked on his fingertips.


Lian Jue’s breath was hot against his ear and his ears tingled as Lian Jue nibbled on it. Shen Tingwei was suddenly reminded of lovers caressing each other, an unexpected image that was far from the truth.

Before Shen Tingwei could come back to his senses, Lian Jue’s c*ck slid past his entrance in one quick thrust. Shen Tingwei had no time to prepare himself before Lian Jue started f*cking him.

Shen Tingwei opened his mouth to scream; Lian Jue slid a finger into his mouth before Shen Tingwei could do so then two fingers followed, pressing his mouth open and pulling out his tongue as Lianjue drew him into an embrace, drilling ferociously into his h*le.

Lian Jue wasn’t wearing a c*ndom this time. Shen Tingwei was taken aback and struggled instinctively. Lian Jue’s soaked hand went from Shen Tingwei’s rear to his semi-soft erection, gripping it firmly.

“Don’t f*cking move.”

Lian Jue panted heavily. It was a completely different experience compared to yesterday. Shen Tingwei’s entrance was softer, wetter than when Lian Jue wore a c*ndom. He could feel even more wetness secreting from Shen Tingwei’s insides. Shen Tingwei’s walls spasmed and contracted, sensitive flesh tightening with each thrust Lian Jue made.

While Lian Jue was f*cking Shen Tingwei, he panted into Shen Tingwei’s ear, “Didn’t you beg me to put it inside you just now? Don’t pretend to be chaste now, sl*t.”

Shen Tingwei whimpered and was unable to speak. His saliva dripped and coated the back of Lian Jue’s hand.

The first floor of the flat had a wide view, with bright lights hanging over his head, making Shen Tingwei dizzy. He closed his eyes and felt even more embarrassed at the sounds he and Lian Jue were making. His ears were filled with their moaning and panting, with squelching sounds of c*ck sliding in and out of his body and skin slapping harshly against the skin.

Lian Jue f*cked him from behind for a while. His pants were hanging halfway down his knees, getting in the way.

Lian Jue pulled his c*ck out of Shen Tingwei’s body. The base of Shen Tingwei’s thigh was red from exertion and a trace of c*m was dripping down on his thigh. Lian Jue couldn’t help but give it a smack.

“You’ve leaked this much, despite thrusting for a short while.”


Flinching from the smack, Shen Tingwei accidentally bit the tip of his tongue. His tears streamed on his cheeks at the pain.

Lian Jue turned him around. His brows furrowed upon seeing the tears on Shen Tingwei’s face. “What are you crying for?”

He pulled Shen Tingwei into a hug, arms wrapping tightly around Shen Tingwei’s waist. The stinging on the tip of Shen Tingwei’s tongue hadn’t passed; unable to hold back his tears, he rubbed them all on Lian Jue’s shirt collar instead.

Lian Jue put the man on top of the marble table, unbuttoned two buttons of the shirt at the neckline. He took off his shirt, pulling it over from the top of his head. He held his shirt and rubbed it on his face savagely.

Shen Tingwei’s pants were yanked off by Lian Jue. His slender waist and crotch were nestled between Lian Jue’s legs, then he pulled Shen Tingwei’s thin pale calves towards his body.

Shen Tingwei’s vision spun as his whole back fell on the kitchen table. Lian Jue’s palm was cushioned behind his head, not allowing him to be knocked solidly onto the marble surface.

It wasn’t Lian Jue being considerate, but if Shen Tingwei really knocked his head, it would be troublesome because he’d cry for a while. It was the first time he saw a man as squeamish as Shen Tingwei. He’d cry while having s*x, and he’d cry if he was even in slight pain.

The width of the kitchen table wasn’t enough. Half of Shen Tingwei’s body, especially below his waist was hanging suspended in the air. Frightened and worried about falling down, his legs subconsciously tightened around Lian Jue’s waist to keep his balance.

Lian Jue thrust in again in this position. He just moved twice when Shen Tingwei caused trouble again. His legs that were hooked around Lian Jue’s waist stretched out in front and pushed his hips away using his knees.

“What do you want again?” asked Lian Jue, who was impatient from being stopped.


“You who’s begging to be f*cked, is scared of getting a disease?”


Shen Tingwei’s eyes became red and pitiful. He looked at Lian Jue with a slight pleading in his eyes.

Lian Jue’s c*ck became harder from the look in his eyes; Wanting nothing more than to f*ck him to death, he pulled his legs apart, braced him in his arms, and pushed hard inside.

“Don’t worry, I’m not sick.”

Shen Tingwei’s voice became hoarse. In the end, he couldn’t speak. He could only frown and moan.

Shen Tingwei was really delicate, Lian Jue had been f*cking him for a long time. As soon as he f*cked him hard, he cried out that it was too deep and begged Lian Jue to do it lighter.

Lian Jue saw him crying like he was really in pain. There was nothing he could do but to let him go. He thought to himself that next time, he should at least get something to put in his mouth.

Then, Shen Tingwei came again. He trembled and shot on Lian Jue’s abs.

Lian Jue lifted his shirt and harshly wiped his own c*m back onto his nipples. He also wanted to c*m, so he simply picked up the man from the kitchen counter and f*cked his thighs.

Shen Tingwei was so weak and didn’t have the strength in his body after c*mming twice. With only his tailbone supporting him on the edge of the table, it was too small for him to support his body, so he nervously wrapped his arms around Lian Jue’s neck.

His soft lips pressed against Lian Jue’s neck. As Lian Jue f*cked him, his lips rubbed on Lian Jue’s neck like a kiss.

Then his lips were kissed, and his force of slamming into him became stronger. Even Lian Jue’s gasps became heavier.

Shen Tingwei’s eyes suddenly widened and struggled to push him. Lian Jue, who was annoyed with him, wrapped his arms around the man and lifted him from the kitchen table. He kissed his lips to prevent him from making a sound.

His only support was gone. Shen Tingwei’s body fell down from his struggle and Lian Jue’s c*ck suddenly went because of his actions.

Shen Tingwei trembled violently and even Lian Jue froze.

“No…” Shen Tingwei grabbed his shoulders nervously and shook his head. His eyelids were so red, they looked like they had been dyed with rouge. “No…”

The c*ck pressed against the wet, hot, and slick place. As if pushing the head to go deeper, Lian Jue frowned and tried to slam into it a little.

Shen Tingwei suddenly closed his eyes in pain. “Ugh…”

Lian Jue’s breathing suddenly became thick and heavy. His c*ck was wrapped in a tight and wet small gap, quickly contracting and sucking him tightly, like a small mouth sucking. The sudden pleasure instantly broke his sanity.

He wrapped his arms tightly around Shen Tingwei. He pressed his forehead into the crook of Shen Tingwei’s shoulder, panting as he quickly thrust a dozen times before finally injecting a large stream of c*m inside Shen Tingwei’s body.

Shen Tingwei shivered from the heat of his hot c*m and buried his head in Lian Jue’s shoulder. He clung his hand onto his arm, smooth nails digging into the stretch taut muscles of Lian Jue’s arm.

It wasn’t very painful. Lian Jue thought it was good. He hugged Shen Tingwei for a long time, but Shen Tingwei was still clamping on his c*ck and refusing to let go.

Lian Jue felt comfortable and didn’t rush to pull out. He walked to the sofa and sat down with the person in his arms.

Shen Tingwei sat on top of him, his head buried in his shoulders while his body was still shaking.

Lian Jue had fun in this s*x and was a little more patient than before. He hugged his back and slowly traced along his thin and prominent spine. He said with some amusement, “Did it feel that good?”

The person in his arms didn’t say anything or move.

After a while, Lian Jue felt something was wrong. He grabbed Shen Tingwei’s nape and pulled him away from his shoulders. Only then did he find that Shen Tingwei was crying. His lashes were wet with tears and hung on his lashes. His expression looked like he wasn’t feeling good.

Shen Tingwei, who was pulled by him, frowned. He raised his arm and slapped the hand that was placed on his nape.

The force wasn’t light. The sound of slap was clear, hitting the back of Lian Jue’s hand slightly numb.

Shen Tingwei’s voice was hoarse from crying. His voice trembled, but his tone was fierce. “Go away!”

Lian Jue couldn’t figure out what kind of temper he was having all of a sudden. The tenderness he had just now disappeared in a blink of an eye. He pressed his waist up and thrust it hard inside him. There was a thick layer of displeasure in his brows.

“Do you have a suction inside? How can I move with such tight clenching?”

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