The Best Actress is the Darling of My Heart

Chapter 54.3

Qian Lingling glanced unintentionally into the rearview mirror inside the car and saw the two behind embracing. Xia Shutong’s hair brushed against Yun Feiwu’s chin, while Yun Feiwu affectionately tried to lower her head to kiss her hair.

Qian Lingling: “…”

She raised the soundproof partition very considerately.

Xia Shutong was resting with her eyes closed in the car. Seeing that there was still some time before they reached the suburbs, she took the opportunity to explain the whole situation to Yun Feiwu.

Yun Feiwu listened quietly, nodding from time to time.


After arriving at the estate in the suburbs, Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu got out of the car, while Qian Lingling stayed inside. The van parked in the garden also came to a stop, its doors tightly shut.

Xia Shutong instructed Qian Lingling with a few words, then took Yun Feiwu by the hand and walked into the house.

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Holding Yun Feiwu’s hand, Xia Shutong walked to the table and then, with a smile and a squint, said: “I won’t lie to you, Grandpa. I have come to trouble you for two reasons.”


“The first matter,” Xia Shutong said, placing Yun Feiwu’s hand with hers on the table, “is about the matchmaking you set up for me with President Zhou, including the variety show. You said you were worried about me being lonely and wanted someone to look after me. Well, I’ve found that person, but it’s not President Zhou.”

Old Master Xia instantly grasped what Xia Shutong meant. He was speechless for a few seconds, then chuckled with a hint of displeasure, but after seeing Xia Shutong’s honest gaze, he sighed in resignation.

“Well, my Tong Tong has grown up and has her own opinions now. Not bad, not bad.” Old Master Xia sighed and then looked towards Yun Feiwu once again.

This time, Yun Feiwu did not avoid his gaze. Instead, she smiled and said, “Grandpa Xia, rest assured. I will take good care of Xia Shutong.”

Her gaze was indifferent, and her voice was gentle, without a trace of fear.

Old Master Xia shook his head and stopped speaking.

He knew who Yun Feiwu was. The Xia family would not have been able to find Xia Shutong at all if it had not been for that incident involving Yun Feiwu back then. At that time, Old Master Xia had a faint feeling that Xia Shutong’s feelings towards Yun Feiwu were not quite right. It was not a matter of romantic feeling, after all, Xia Shutong was only nineteen years old at the time, and Yun Feiwu was even younger. It was that their affection for each other was too “deep”.

How profound must one’s feelings be to sacrifice one’s life for another?

Old Master Xia has not forgotten the nineteen-year-old girl, whose face was covered in blood, and whose eyes seemed timid but hid a frightening tenacity. It was precisely that look in Xia Shutong’s eyes that later made him determined to groom her as his successor.

But that is a story for another time.

Old Master Xia was cold-hearted. He could not understand the deep feelings Xia Shutong had for Yun Feiwu, and he thought it was just childish ignorance that she would naturally outgrow. Hence, after taking Xia Shutong away, he erased all traces of her past and forbade her from contacting Yun Feiwu again. Sure enough, Xia Shutong never mentioned Yun Feiwu again – not even once.

In October of the previous year, Yun Feiwu signed a contract with Wutong Entertainment, but Old Master Xia didn’t think much of it. He had watched Xia Shutong grow up and knew her to be heartless and cold-blooded, perhaps even more so than him. He thought Xia Shutong brought Yun Feiwu into Wutong Entertainment for the company’s benefit, not for love, so he never paid much attention to it.


Old Master Xia didn’t anticipate that, after seven years apart and many twists and turns, these two would end up together.

His eyebrows slowly furrowed and his fingers tapped on the table unconsciously.

He sensed something vague cross his mind in a flash, but he couldn’t grasp it.

He shook his head and glanced at the two people across the table again.

Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu ignored his aggrieved expression, snuggling together in a sickeningly loving manner. They didn’t speak, but their glances conveyed undeniable flirtation that was impossible to block.

Old Master Xia felt the vexation in his heart dissipate significantly.

Well, he thought, there’s no controlling Xia Shutong anyway. If she can find someone she likes to be with, that’s not so bad. Besides, he felt a secret relief in his heart when he thought about how Xia Shutong didn’t hide her relationship from him and even brought her partner home for him to see.

“Ahem.” Old Master Xia coughed loudly twice, prompting the two people opposite him to separate and sit up straight.

“Tong Tong,” Old Master Xia said with an amiable smile, “you’re not a child anymore. You can be with whoever you like. Do you really need to have a special talk with Grandpa about it? I’m not some evil mother-in-law who would break up lovers with a stick.”

The implication was clear—he wanted to know what the other matter was.

Xia Shutong smiled and said, “The other matter concerns Xia Yuansi.”

“What kind of trouble has that boy Yuansi caused you this time?” Old Master Xia leaned back and narrowed his eyes. “You’re both adults now. If there’s any conflict, just sort it out privately. Why bother Grandpa?”


Although Old Master Xia no longer had any real power, he still had the aura of an old fox.

His message was simple—if Xia Shutong couldn’t handle Xia Yuansi, then her leadership of the Xia Family was questionable. He couldn’t regain his former authority, but he could still make a snide remark.

Xia Shutong shook her head and said, “Grandfather, you’ve misunderstood. I don’t need your help. It’s just that father and the others will surely come to annoy you. I came here in advance to save you from their hassle.”

“Oh?” Old Master Xia said.

And then Yun Feiwu look at her attentively.

Xia Shutong met Yun Feiwu’s gaze and continued, “Grandfather, do you remember the car accident I had last year? I found out that Xia Yuansi orchestrated it. He also plotted to kidnap me this year, but I uncovered the evidence before he could act. To save their precious son from jail, Father and Auntie will surely come to beg for your help.”

Old Master Xia closed his eyes and furrowed his brows, deep in thought.

Xia Shutong could still discern a trace of anger on his face.

A smile formed at the corners of her lips.

She understood Old Master Xia very well.

He cared nothing for blood ties or family affection, nor for the gender of his descendants. Even after retiring, he kept up a facade of a kindly grandfather and a filial granddaughter with Xia Shutong, but inside, he was cold and detached.

He cared about Xia Shutong, but not as his granddaughter. He cared about the leader he had groomed personally.


The only thing that could anger Old Master Xia was anything that threatened the company’s interests.

And now, the company was in Xia Shutong’s hands. Whoever targeted her, targeted the leader of the Xia Family that he had cultivated carefully—his company was at risk.

How could he not be furious?

Right then, Old Master Xia’s phone rang.

After the call connected, Old Master Xia activated the speakerphone, and Xia Hongtao’s voice came from the phone, sounding like he was crying:

“Dad! Xia Shutong, s-she took Yuansi and we have no idea where she locked him up. You must help us to protect Yuansi. Dad, we only have Yuansi, my only son, and he is your only grandson.”

At this point, Xia Hongtao’s voice suddenly stopped because he heard a faint sneer from Xia Shutong on the other end of the line.

“Father, you are disturbing my breakfast with Grandfather.”

“You’re asking about Yuansi? He is right here at the Old Mansion. Why don’t you and Auntie come over as well?”

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