The Best Actress is the Darling of My Heart

Chapter 55.1

By the time Xia Hongtao and his wife rushed to the old house, it was almost eleven o’clock.

In the meantime, Xia Shutong had already shown Old Master Xia the evidence.

There was the evidence of the car accident.

Before Xia Hongye had provided the clues, Xia Shutong really hadn’t found anything, not even the slightest lead. But when Xia Hongye definitively pointed at Xia Yuansi, everything came to light.

Xia Shutong quickly found evidence of Xia Yuansi colluding with the truck driver. The investigation could have ended there, with a report to the police and a case filing. However, the private investigator hired by Xia Shutong discovered that Xia Yuansi was tracking her — clearly harboring some other intent after the attempted murder. That’s why Xia Shutong patiently waited and continued her investigation.


During the investigation, particularly over the New Year period, Xia Shutong discovered that Xia Yuansi seemed to be aware of her relationship with Yun Feiwu. He even went so far as to send someone to follow her and Yun Feiwu. On the day they went to the aquarium, Xia Shutong and Yun Feiwu were photographed by Xia Yuansi’s people. This happened multiple times afterward.

However, Xia Yuansi was unaware that Xia Shutong not only knew about his espionage but also had hired her people to track those who were following her. Xia Shutong was well informed about everything the tracking team uncovered.

Xia Yuansi was unable to fully infiltrate Xia Shutong’s group due to his lack of resources and intelligence. However, Xia Shutong had sufficient manpower embedded within Xia Yuansi’s team.

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Xia Shutong decided to call the police at the Xia Family’s Old Mansion in front of everyone. This was to stop Xia Hongtao and his wife from making trouble with Old Master Xia later, thus avoiding any complications.


“Xia Shutong, where’s Yuansi? Where is he?” Xia Hongtao and his wife entered the room and glanced around, but they didn’t see Xia Yuansi. Xia Hongtao’s eyes reddened as he stared intently at Xia Shutong.

Xia Shutong leaned forward slightly, a smile in her eyes.

Old Master Xia also rapped the table forcefully.

Only then did Xia Hongtao turn to his father, shivering as he said, “Dad, Yuansi is my only child. You…”

Seeing his father’s stern expression, Xia Hongtao hurriedly changed his plea. “Dad, has Yuansi done something wrong? He’s still young and doesn’t understand things. My wife and I will apologize on his behalf; please don’t punish him…”

“Apologize for him?” Xia Cha sneered. “Will you serve his prison time for him?”

At the sound of Old Master Xia’s icy voice, a chill ran down Xia Hongtao’s back as if he had fallen into a cave of ice.

He knew his son well, and hearing the words “prison time,” along with Xia Shutong’s mocking smile, he had already guessed what might have happened.

“Dad, X-Xia Shutong…” Xia Hongtao’s hands trembling, he and his wife immediately knelt. “Yuansi is still young, please spare him. It’s my fault for not raising Yuansi well. I have let you down. He is my only son, Dad, you…”

With a “bang,” there was a loud noise.

Old Master Xia picked up the cup on the table and hurled it to the ground in front of Xia Hongtao.


He stood up abruptly, pointing at Xia Hongtao’s nose with a commanding presence. “A son can be born again, but what about the company? If your son ruins the company, ten years won’t be enough for you to save it!”

“You want the company; your son wants the company. Well then, tell me, how many chances have I given you?”

“In the beginning, you couldn’t even stand on your own feet–you were useless! I bothered to teach you time and again because you were my son. But what have you done? What state have you brought the company to? If I weren’t watching over our company, Tianjun, it would have been long gone. After Tong Tong’s car accident, I gave you another chance, yet in less than an hour, they kicked you out. How can you blame me? If you’re not capable, don’t bother struggling!”

Old Master Xia didn’t prioritize sons over daughters, nor did he care about continuing the family line, but that didn’t mean he was an enlightened parent.

On the contrary, his dominance was extreme, and his desire to control his descendants was no different. Xia Hongtao grew up in his shadow.

As a child, aside from studying, Old Master Xia did not allow him any hobbies. When he grew up, he was forced into the company and then into a marriage with Miss Zhang, a match from a family of equal social standing.

A son? Old Master Xia doesn’t care. All he cares about is someone who can manage the company well and take good care of the Xia Family’s business.

However, Xia Hongtao indeed lacks the talent for business. Following in Old Master Xia’s footsteps, his personality has become distorted and self-conscious. When Zhang Yirou was alive, he felt inferior to his wife, so he sought lovers outside. After Zhang Yirou passed away, he brought his lover back home. At the company, he failed to meet his father’s expectations no matter what, but he was also unwilling to give up. Thus, he placed all his hope on his son.

At this moment, Xia Hongtao’s legs were trembling on the ground. Yet he still pushed forward on his knees with teary eyes, saying, “Dad, please let us see Yuansi at least, to hear what he has to say…”

Old Master Xia squinted his eyes and did not nod.

Consequently, Xia Shutong also lowered her gaze and sent a message.

Soon after, a bodyguard brought Xia Yuansi in under duress.


Xia Yuansi had been locked up in the warehouse all night since yesterday evening. He had not eaten anything until now and had been doused with several buckets of water. He was barely clinging to life at this moment. However, when he saw the person in the room, he became agitated and struggled to rush in. “Ugh—”

Xia Shutong waved his hand, and the bodyguard removed the rag from Xia Yuansi’s mouth and stepped back to the door.

Chai Lan, his mother, rushed forward and embraced Xia Yuansi. “Yuansi, are you alright?”

Xia Hongtao glanced at Xia Yuansi and stood up shakily, his eyes red-rimmed as if about to bleed. He did not care for his son but pointed a finger at Xia Shutong. “Xia Shutong! What have you done to your brother? T-this is a crime!”

“What crime have I committed?” Xia Shutong shrugged her shoulders. “Your son plotted the car accident. He failed to commit murder, then foolishly tried to kidnap me. And again, it was your son. Oh, and look, he locked himself in the warehouse he prepared. I just had people rescue him.”

“You’re talking nonsense! What evidence do you have?” Xia Hongtao bellowed out, driven by desperation. He knew that Xia Shutong had all the evidence, but he still shouted in defiance.

As soon as he said these words, Old Master Xia slammed his hand on the table hard before Xia Shutong could even reply.

His expression was terrifyingly cold. If he had not been so far from Xia Hongtao, he would have slapped him.

Xia Hongtao, not daring to challenge Xia Shutong anymore, took two steps back and clutched Xia Yuansi’s shoulders anxiously. “Yuansi, say it, you didn’t do anything. Apologize to your sister, apologize.”

Xia Yuansi staggered a few steps, feeling his head spin intensely.

He couldn’t understand how things had come to this. He had prepared for everything. He knew that Xia Shutong had been in cahoots with Yun Feiwu for years and that she had always used the Xia Family’s resources to support Yun Feiwu. The audio recording was the evidence!

But why was Yun Feiwu here? Why hadn’t Grandfather reacted? It must have been Xia Shutong’s sweet talk that had bewitched Grandfather! As long as he revealed everything, Grandfather would surely take his side!


Xia Yuansi failed to see the pity in Xia Shutong’s eyes.

He had been busy plotting a kidnapping, unaware that Xia Shutong had almost fully infiltrated his people. He didn’t even know about the change in ownership of Tianjun.

“G-Grandfather, don’t believe Xia Shutong’s words! That b!tch!” Xia Yuansi stumbled out of his mother’s embrace and took a few steps forward, pointing at Xia Shutong. “She has been deceiving you! She has used the company’s resources to support Yun Feiwu for years. I have evidence. I sent out the audio last night.”

“It’s in her phone! Xia Shutong, if you dare, take out your phone.”

Xia Yuansi’s vision had started to blur, and his steps were unsteady. He suddenly lunged forward, charging at Xia Shutong, his demeanor like that of a maddened ghoul.

Before he could reach Xia Shutong, Xia Yuansi felt a dull pain in his chest and stumbled backward.

Yun Feiwu had kicked him back.

She stood protectively in front of Xia Shutong, her eyes calm and filled with murderous intent.

She was like a bloodthirsty lone wolf.

“What are you doing?” Xia Hongtao and his wife exclaimed as they immediately went to shield their son.

The bodyguards at the door heard the commotion and quickly ran in.

Coincidentally, Xia Hongye descended the stairs at that moment, yawning. “Ugh, what’s all this noise about?”

No one answered.

She looked around and mused to herself, “Oh, I get it now. Didn’t my little brother plan a car accident to murder our Tong Tong? So, has the evidence been uncovered? Tsk tsk.”

“You knew about this?” Old Master Xia shot her a look.

Confronted by Old Master Xia, Xia Hongye’s voice diminished instantly. “Yes, Grandfather. That is, my brother previously approached me, hoping I would collude with him to murder Tong Tong, but I refused.”

“Y-you…” Xia Yuan Si trembled with rage. “Xia Hongye! How does exposing this benefit you? Clearly, if Xia Shutong died, we would be the beneficiaries.”

He had essentially admitted his guilt.

Xia Hongye sighed and turned to Xia Shutong. “Tong Tong, I recorded Xia Yuansi when he first came to see me. I’ll sell you the audio for a million. Do you want it?”

Even though the audio was not crucial as evidence now, Xia Shutong nodded agreeably.

Xia Hongye shook her head at Xia Yuansi and said, “Brother, you see, this is the benefit. You’re too greedy.”

Then she walked to the dining room and started to eat brunch on her own.

In the living room, Xia Yuansi gasped for breath, his eyes bloodshot. He pointed at Xia Shutong and persisted, “Grandfather, believe me! Everything I said is true.”

Old Master Xia stood up again, waved his hand dismissively, and said sternly, “That’s enough. I’m going upstairs to rest. Tong Tong, you handle this as you see fit.”

There was still anger in Old Master Xia’s eyes, but Xia Shutong vaguely felt that his emotions were somewhat different from before. However, she only glanced briefly before diverting her attention. She ignored the cursing of her brother, father, and stepmother, and took out her phone to call the police.

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