Chapter 13 – Pleasuring Herself (h)

Their combined fluids were turbid and abundant, eventually dripping from the girl’s legs to the floor, leaving a small puddle of obscenity.

Cheng Yuzhou took off his own underwear and used it to clean Tang Guo’s legs before pulling up his pants and tossing the soiled underwear into one of her shopping bags.

“Come and zip me up. If it wasn’t for you, my little brother wouldn’t have come out in public,” he teased.

She blushed then frowned. Nonetheless, she helped him tuck his soft member into his trousers and carefully pulled up the zipper. The man decided to ask for a mile after taking an inch.

“Help me wash my underwear when I get home. After all, it’s dirty because of you.” 

“Okay,” she agreed with a nod.

When the two returned home, Mrs. Cheng was still at the hospital doing overtime. Tang Guo personally washed Cheng Yuzhou’s underwear and hung it up to dry in her own bathroom. Afterward, she sorted out her new clothes and put them in the closet. Just in case, she’d picked up a few sets of underwear for him too and also hid them inside her bedroom.

Taking advantage of his wife’s absence, Tang Guo decided to give the man a little surprise by wearing one of her new lingerie sets. The translucent pink gauze skirt was as thin as a cicada’s wing, trimmed with white lace at the hem, and ended halfway down her thigh. Her erect tips and privates were covered by little red hearts. 

She sprayed a little jasmine-scented perfume on her body before sneaking off to his room. However, there was no one inside. She briefly glanced around before noticing the sound of water coming from his bathroom. Seeing that he was in the shower, she decided to sit down on the bed and wait for him. 

When he came out a few minutes later, he was naked save for a bath towel wrapped around his lower body. “Why are you here, little Guo’er?” he asked in surprise.

“I’m your present, Yuzhou! Hurry and open me up!” she replied coquettishly. She laid down on the bed and bent her knees before slowly parting her thighs in a seductive pose. Contrary to her expectations, Cheng Yuzhou stood there without moving, seemingly unaffected.

Somewhat frustrated by his lack of reaction, she slid her hand downward. Pulling aside the skimpy cloth covering her entrance, she carefully dipped a finger inside and recalled how he had pleasured her in the car. She pushed her finger deeper, feeling her warm walls clench around it. 

Since it was her own finger, the feeling of penetration was slightly different from when Cheng Yuzhou was doing it. Nonetheless, she was aroused just from knowing that he was watching her. When her finger was drenched in translucent liquid, she slowly lifted the skirt, fully revealing her bare entrance to his eyes.

As though an invisible force was pushing him, he unconsciously walked to the bed. The towel around his waist was thrown to the ground, and he gripped the base of his stiff member. Without moving his gaze away from her, he began to stroke himself. Seeing this, Tang Guo realized that she needed to work hard to tempt him.

Removing her finger, she smeared the juices on her mounds and imitated his usual ministrations, pinching and pulling on her erect tips as her legs constantly overlapped and rubbed together. This scene aroused the man to the point of pain.

“Yuzhou, I want you to f*ck me so bad,” she moaned.

The man tried to calm himself and said, “You just lost your virginity today, and I’ve already f*cked you twice. If I do it a third time, you won’t be able to walk properly tomorrow.”

“I don’t care, I want your c*ck inside me now! I’m already so wet. If you don’t believe me, come feel my p*ssy for yourself!”

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