Chapter 12 – F*cking in Public (HH)

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When the man’s right hand slid down her hip and tried to get between her legs, Tang Guo deliberately closed her legs tightly, trapping his hand between her thighs, unable to pull away or go further. 

At the same time, she rubbed her erect peaks vigorously against his chest. Since they weren’t contained in a bra, a generous expanse of her attractive cleavage and milky skin were visible when he looked down her collar. The fullness, softness, and sweetness of her chest overtook his senses.

“Little vixen, are you trying to seduce me? Hm?” he chuckled as he gave her bottom a sharp slap.

She cried out in “pain” and buried her face in his shoulder, then she began to lick and suck on his neck. When she saw his Adam’s apple bob from the stimulation, she immediately perked up like a wolf cub who found a prey before moving her face and gently biting on his Adam’s apple.

The look on his face as he tried to restrain himself was impossibly sexy. Tang Guo let go of his waist and turned her body so she could touch and stroke his member through the fabric of his pants.

Soon, he was panting. He gripped her buttocks tightly and moved his hips, thrusting his growing erection against her small hand.

“I’ve only f*cked you once, yet you’ve already become so insatiable…” he groaned before turning his head and observing their surroundings. The adult magazine section was located at the back of the store. The bookshelves were tall enough to block the sight of strangers, and if anyone approached, they would be able to hear the sound of their footsteps.

“You can’t wait until we get home, hm? Then I’ll satisfy you now.”

He whipped her body around, pressed her chest against the bookshelf, and made her bend over. Then, he unzipped his pants and lowered his underwear just enough to allow his member to be released.

“Hold onto the shelf!” As soon as the warning fell from his lips, he lifted her dress and rammed inside her drenched entrance, causing her body to jerk forward from the strong impact. Her hands suddenly flew up by reflex and caught the shelf just in time. The skirt of her dress slid down and covered the place their bodies were connected.

This time, Cheng Yuzhou was relentless. He started out deep and fast, hitting the entrance of her womb each time he plunged inside. There were no breaks in between his thrusts; it was raw f*cking, not lovemaking. His shaft was coated in her juices, and as he continued to plunge in and out of her body, several drops of fluid dripped onto the floor.

Tang Guo bit down on her lower lip, almost drawing blood in her effort to suppress her voice. Her upper body dug painfully into the bookshelves, her tender peaks rubbing harshly against the smooth spines of the books and magazines. The reckless man held tightly onto her delicate waist as he pounded her from behind. 

They didn’t speak, but she could feel his hot breath against her nape, 

The pain, the pleasure, the thrill of doing it in public, and the fear of getting caught by someone led a surge of brewing tension in her body, bringing her higher and closer toward the peak. Cheng Yuzhou suddenly changed the angle of his penetration and attacked her sweet spot with the tip of his member, sometimes hitting, and sometimes grinding.

She couldn’t help but cry out when reached her climax, wet juices squirting from her entrance, soaking his member, and splattering to the floor. Her legs promptly gave out, causing her body to slide down the bookshelf, but he held her up by her waist. 

Even as her walls twitched and spasmed, he continued to thrust in and out of her, prolonging her climax as he pursued his own. Tang Guo whimpered and closed her eyes, her mind blank from the pleasure. When he felt his own climax draw near, he suddenly sped up his thrusts, causing her soft mounds to sway uncontrollably in response. 

Finally, with one last jerk, he spilled inside of her. Her walls squeezed around his length as the hot, wet sensation sent her to the peak again. He pulled her back against his chest and slid out of her twitching body. White fluid slowly trickled from her entrance and ran down her thighs.

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