Chapter 14 – Torn Lace (HH)

She threw him a teasing wink as she played with herself, then she slid her finger out of her wet folds and spread them open for him to see.

There was not a single man who would be able to remain calm after that, and Cheng Yuzhou was no exception.

“You really are a vixen, my little Guo’er!” he groaned. “I’m going to f*ck you until you can’t get out of bed tomorrow!”

He strode toward the bed and lifted the transparent gauze from her lower body, revealing her smooth, twitching entrance. It was a feast to be enjoyed, a sacrifice to be offered. 

He wrapped her naked legs around his waist and said “You asked for this!” before sinking inside her eager body. At the same time, he raised his hand and landed a punishing slap on her plump bottom.


When the pleasure and pain from being penetrated and spanked at the same time mingled together, Tang Guo moaned even louder than before.

“Right there! More!” With the pleasure overwhelming her mind, the girl completely let go of her restraint. Her body twitched and twisted under him, her walls sucking crazily on his shaft as though trying to squeeze him dry.

Under the man’s relentless attacks, it took almost no time at all for her to feel a climax approaching. Waves upon waves of pleasure washed over her until one last slap of her buttocks pushed her over the edge, reducing her to a weak, shuddering mess. Lewd juices squirted from her slit and left a wet stain on the bedsheets. 

This time, they didn’t stop after just one round. Cheng Yuzhou moved as though he were possessed and f*cked her late into the night until she collapsed from exhaustion and fell asleep in his arms. Afterward, he carried her back to her room and changed his soiled bedsheets and blanket to 

The next day, Tang Guo was so tired that she could barely get out of bed. The pain she felt in her hips and waist was unbearable, and she walked with a visible limp. Every step she took sent a surge of burning pain up her sore legs, and her poor, ravaged entrance stung with even the slightest of friction, regardless of how soft or smooth the fabric of her panties was.

She had no choice but to go commando for the day. When she finally came out of her room after changing into her school uniform, Cheng Yuzhou was eating breakfast in the dining room while his wife had just returned from the hospital and was catching up on sleep in the master bedroom.

The man walked toward her step by step and carefully pulled the miserable Tang Guo onto his lap. His hand habitually reached under her skirt to caress her thighs.

“Ah, little Guo’er didn’t wear panties today!”

“It’s all your fault!” she complained, pouting cutely while rubbing her buttocks on his crotch area.

“Who was it that kept begging me to keep f*cking her last night? Don’t you like it when I’m rough?”

“I do. I like it when you look at me with that hungry gaze, and I like it even more when you fill me up with your essence,” she said shamelessly, all while wearing an innocent expression on her face. 

Cheng Yuzhou couldn’t help but lean down and kiss her. His hand moved behind her and slapped her still-tender buttocks. 

“That hurts!” She moved coquettishly on his lap and hugged his waist, pressing her soft chest against his hard one. 

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