Pet Dog

Chapter 29 – The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (3) The doggy stick and the flower hole

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi

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Chapter 29: The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown1摇啊摇到外婆桥, this part is of a Chinese nursery rhyme song, and when translated, it means, rocking all the way to grandma’s bridge, however, doesn’t that sound strange? (3) The doggy stick and the flower hole

Su Xue whimpered obediently and licked his master’s face with his big doggy tongue.

Yue Xiujin gripped Su Xue’s long hair tightly, and the estrused flower hole tightened around the dog’s p*nis once more. He twisted his hips and fiddled with the dog’s pe*is, causing the gl*ns to hit the mouth of the uterus with each stroke, the same place which was sucked easily by the dog’s big tongue was now sucking the top of the doggy gl*ns, as if to seduce the gl*ns into the inside of the meat cave.

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With that said, Yue Xiujin swinged his waist and hip faster, his s*xual organs were shaking, lewd fluids flicked out of his gaping holes from time to time, his fleshy and wanton hole squirmed wildly around the meaty, thick and fierce dry dog ​​p*nis, Yue Xiujin leaned forward and kissed Su Xue’s dog mouth, Su Xue froze. 


The meat flower could not help but straighten up his p*nis to cater to the master’s dryness.

“Su Xue…aghhh”

On the top of the delicate uterine wall, the flower hole was completely connected with the hairy root of the p*nis. Two large and sensitive, sl*tty lips were softly placed on the hair of the root of the pe*is. The erect fleshy pedicle swelled in a circle and trembled shakingly.

“Here…” Yue Xiujin murmured, pulling the dog’s hair with both hands, and the g*nitals shot out one by one, falling on Su Xue’s chest and mouth, and the fleshy flower sprayed obscene water like he was incontinent, and immediately squirted the root of his p*nis. Yue Xiujin was in a mess, his fleshy tract spasmed continuously, and the uterus began to shrink. Su Xue’s entire p*nis was squeezed from the gl*ns to the base, and the convulsive flesh licked the p*nis. The feeling of being tightened by the uterine mouth made the organ suffocate.

Yue Xiujin lost his strength and fell softly into the arms of his pet dog. Lying in the arms of his pet dog, Yue Xiujin groaned and twitched slightly, half-squinting his eyes to enjoy the unfinished orga*m, the fleshy canal was still connected with his pet dog. The red, scarlet p*nis was beating, burrowing in as if there was a treasure in between the l*wd water.

Suddenly, the big dog lifted his hips, and the dog’s p*nis suddenly came alive, no longer being dried by the flower hole, but took the initiative to dry the nasty flower hole.

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