Pet Dog

Chapter 28 – The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (2) The owner inserts the dog’s p*nis into his body

Chapter 28: The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (2) The owner inserts the dog’s p*nis into his body

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi

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Chapter 28: The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown1摇啊摇到外婆桥, this part is of a Chinese nursery rhyme song, and when translated, it means, rocking all the way to grandma’s bridge, however, doesn’t that sound strange? (2) The owner inserts the dog’s p*nis into his body

The slimy and hot big dog’s p*nis was bouncing and was full of vitality. Yue Xiujin could not help but put the flower hole on the sturdy stem’s body, and was immediately scalded by the big dog pe*is, the flower hole shrank, and there was a hot stream in the fleshy honey pot, and even the s*x organ in front could feel it. The p*nis was hot, expecting to shoot out the load soon.

Yue Xiujin was riding on his pet dog’s furry belly, his s*xual organ stood dripping with l*wd fluid, and it landed on his pet dog’s snow-white belly. The flower hole was pressed on the pet dog’s sarcoma stalk, and his hands grasped the long hair on his pet dog’s chest. Waist and buttocks swayed back and forth, the honeyed flower hole pressed against the sarcoma, sliding back and forth on the stem.

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“Does Su Xue like his master?” Yue Xiujin asked charmingly. “If he likes his master, lick his ni*ples.”


As he said, he rubbed his nip*les that had been pointed with his whole palm, and attracted Su Xue’s gaze to his chest.

I like… barking… I like the owner the most…

Su Xue was so excited that he wanted to bark twice, licking his master’s ni*ples with his big doggy tongue without hesitation, and numb his master by licking immediately, and the water did not even take a few moments before coming out.

The flower hole rubbed his pet dog’s huge p*nis, and the nip*le was licked by the pet dog. Yue Xiujin held up his chest, closed his eyes and touched his legs. Pinching the two lips, he wrapped his pet dog’s pointed gl*ns quickly, the stick was rubbed and stroked, having no choice but throbbing wantonly. The gl*ns gave him unprecedented psychological satisfaction.

He felt too comfortable. He could put this big guy into his hungry flower hole immediately, ride on this big guy, and use his slutty flower hole to dry it.

Yue Xiujin loosened his fat lips. He raised his butt and held the dog’s p*nis to the twitching flower hole. He then slowly sat down. The flower hole swallowed the dog’s meat stick little by little. The dog’s p*nis became thicker as he went down to the base, breaking the meat wall. Stretched from tight to loose, even the original deep folds of the flesh wall were stretched a lot shallower, and the raised sarcoma on the stem unceremoniously scratched the folds.

The pointed gl*ns topped the uterus mouth, beating gently on the tender place, telling his own vigorous vitality.

Even if his body could stand the dryness in the womb, Yue Xiujin did not dare to get a dog’s penis into the womb subconsciously. He sat on Su Xue’s belly, feeling Su Xue’s p*nis beating it’s way in the fleshy way, he felt comfortable and peaceful.

It turned out that you could mate like this! Su Xue always thought that the posture of riding on his master from behind was the most correct mating method. Now he knew that his master could mate with him when riding on his stomach.

The feeling of the tip of the uterus sucking the gl*ns made Su Xue want to put the rest of the stick exposed outside the flower hole into his master’s warm hole.

He licked the master’s face and whimpered excitedly in the master’s ear.

Yue Xiujin gently kissed Su Xue’s nose, and said charmingly: “Su Xue obediently don’t move, your master wants to use your reproductive organ, and you can call out a few times when you feel comfortable.”


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