Pet Dog

Chapter 30 – The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (4)

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 30: The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (4) 


The dog’s p*nis appeared to start thin and then gradually increased in thickness, filled with full of momentum when it really stuck in the flower hole. The meat rod glided in the flesh wall little by little, even squeezing into the folds of the fleshy walls, resulting in them being flattened. Wriggling, the wet hole was like sucking desperately from its mouth, and the flower hole kept secreting lewd water.

Su Xue could not bear the wet, tight and hot feeling, his long p*nis suddenly swelled, and the thickest part of the doggy meat rod pushed the fleshy mouth to the limit, turning into a translucent pink. The pink circle shrinked hard while attached to the scarlet p*nis and squirmed slightly, the two flower lips were completely separated, and hung on the fully expanded flower hole, as if two petals were wrapped around the thick dog p*nis, and a trace of obscene water continued to flow, and fell onto and along the meat rod to the long hairs on the dog’s roots.

The fleshy pedicle at the top of the lewd petals was pulled by the inserted dog d*ck, getting rubbed teasingly.

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After Yue Xiujin got used to the soreness of the gl*ns pounding on the wall of the ut*rus, the pleasure he felt became stronger. The fear of being pounded, which might break the ut*rus, by a big dog made him expect that the dog would go deeper, and his weak willpower would be broken in front of the pleasure. Feeling like a depraved b*tch, only the pleasure of the dog’s p*nis and the root hair coming into the flower hole could satisfy him.


The human c*ck was squeezed between his and Su Xue’s abdomen, buried in the thick and soft doggy hair. Every time he was thrusted in by Su Xue, the h*rny rod  would face forward. The female and male organs trembled together happily.

“Ahhh…it’s going to be broken… Su Xue…ahhh…” Yue Xiujin’s own l*st was filled with the smell of a big dog by the body fluids secreted by the dog’s p*nis. From the ut*rus to the fleshy tract, it had completely belonged to the big dog. It had become the shape of a big dog’s penis, which was perfectly wrapped around the big dog p*nis.

Yue Xiujin was quickly convulsed by his pet dog, his round two-parted buttocks shrank, his fleshy tract became stiff, the fleshy walls began to swell and tighten, and even the ute*us began to shrink. However, the dog’s p*nis with penile bones only felt that the fleshy passage changed. It was tight, but the speed of thrusting did not slow down at all. After a while, the big di*k reopened the fleshy passage, rubbing the flower walls and the ut*rine mouth strongly, and drying the ut*rus.

Yue Xiujin’s face was lying in Su Xue’s arms, tears and body fluid continually flowing. Su Xue watched his master’s eyes become more and more blank, knowing that his master was about to org*sm, he was connected with his master’s uter

*us and flesh, he was so excited,the only thought on the big dog’s mind was to make his owner orga*m, ejaculate together, and violate the owner’s ut*rus with his fluid.

The ut*rus and fleshy way became a real passage for the dog’s meat rod to enter and exit. Yue Xiujin hugged Su Xue, “Here…ahhhh…”

He cried and was climaxed by Su Xue, still being thrusted in by the dog’s p*nis. He was spraying water by the l*wd flower hole, resulting in Su Xue’s lower abdomen and his hind legs being wet, and the long white hair was stuck together in locks.

“Ooo…” Master, I want to shoot you with my seeds too!

Su Xue cried, and the pe*is buried deep in the master’s flower hole trembled. The knot of the p*nis immediately swelled, jamming the ut*rus mouth, and nailing his master to his p*nis firmly.

The folds deep in the fleshy canal were completely flattened by the knotting dog p*nis, turning it several times larger, but Yue Xiujin, who was stuck again after having s*x with his pet dog for the second time, had been mentally prepared for a long time, staying without struggling to wait for his pet to shoot inside him.

The dog that had accumulated for seven days sprayed the ut*rine walls strongly and powerfully. Su Xue deliberately controlled the speed of shooting. Not all of his seeds were shot at the owner, but one after another, continuing to spray the ute*ine cave, and this small ut*rus filled up little by little, but each strand of the dog had too much volume, and soon, the hot dog fluids overwhelmed the ut*rus.



Yue Xiujin only said one word, his eyes rolling up and he was shot to org*sm by the dog, and the flower hole stuck by the dog’s p*nis spewed lewd water. All the spewing slu*ty water was locked in the womb by the huge p*nis knot.

The flesh was conquered by the dog’s pe*is, and the flesh was controlled to continue to expand and trapped the dog’s squeezed fluid, while the ut*rus that was internalized gradually expanded as the dog got more and more fluids out.

The pleasure of being shot erased Yue Xiujin’s last trace of shame.

He just likes Su Xue’s great cock, the huge amount of dog seeds in his c*nt, he is willing to be Su Xue’s c*nt…Dog c*ck’s c*nt…

Su Xue suddenly felt his stomach contact something hot, and a scent of urine came. It turned out that the owner had peed on him. He licked the owner’s body fluid.

The eyes and abdomen feel that the owner’s belly is more and more bulging because of him. The dog does not hesitate to show his owner his strong fertility. Only a strong male dog like him can have such a strong fertility.

Yue Xiujin didn’t know how long his pet dog had been shooting, he only knew that he had org*sm again and again, and he ran out of his fluid, and no matter how much water was sprayed from the flower hole, he did not bring out a trace of the dog until the p*nis knot shrank and the dog’s p*nis moved out from the flower hole. The mixture of liquid inside came out, and the thick dog sem*n instantly poured out and flooded Yue Xiujin’s legs.

At this time, Su Xue turned him down and let him lie flat on the doghouse, then leaned forward to sniff him between his legs, and stretched out his big tongue to clean it up for him.

Yue Xiujin’s belly bulged out in a circular arc, one can imagine how many dog seeds are inside, how can it be licked by simple cleaning.

The smell of the master was mixed in his fluid, which induced Su Xue to patiently lick the loose flower hole, his big tongue pulled two petals of wet flower and the lips stretched. The white matter inside the flower flowed more, and Su Xue couldn’t help thinking of his master’s org*sm. At that time, the two holes sprayed, and it couldn’t help staring at the flower holes in fascination.

I want to see my master spasm and spray my liquid with the small holes below.

Su Xue no longer used his tongue to take out the liquid from the flower hole, but licked her master’s sexual org*ns and fleshy pedicle, and put one of his front paws on his master’s bulging belly.


Then click.

The pleasure of g*nital and fleshy pedicles being licked by the dog’s tongue, the dog’s paws pressed on his stomach, and the pleasure of the dog sem*n rushing out of who*e hole, all hit Yue Xiujin. Yue Xiujin’s long hair was messy, and his slender and tall body twitched. The two originally laid flat. The long legs were also bent, the thighs twitched, the buttocks were slightly lifted, and a lot of dog’s c*m spurted out of the loose flower hole.

Su Xue quickly licked his master’s genital and fleshy pedicles, forcing his master to reach org*sm, squirting a lot with his flower hole.

After the liquid in the master’s flower hole was sprayed out, Su Xue could clean up his master’s lower body. His only dissatisfaction was that he could not use the jade stone in the back hole of the master. It had been stuck in the hole for too long.

A disgusting stone, I really want to bite it off!


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