Pet Dog

Chapter 31.1 – The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (5) There is still only the mention of the dog owner’s hole.

Title: Pet Dog

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 31 The owner “rides” doggy, rocking all the way to Chinatown (5) There is still only the mention of the dog owner’s hole.


After licking repeatedly in his master’s sensitive chrysanthemum hole, Su Xue still could not lick the jade d*ldo out, but contradictory to the dog’s wishes, it was licked deeper and deeper by his tongue. Moreover, the broken stone was worn so that his master’s pleasure hole could feel good, his intestines squirmed, and his owner’s whole body trembled. Su Xue was even more annoyed by the existence of the jade d*ldo.

“Wuuu!” Unreasonable!

Su Xue laid on his master’s legs, barking angrily at the jade d*ldo in the trembling chrysanthemum hole.

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With the peristaltic movements of the intestines, the broken jade was squeezed out little by little, but after a while, Yue Xiujin was sweating profusely. It was not that he did not want to take the jade d*ldo out, but it was just that after the sl*tty back hole had become loose and deep since being loved by his pet dog and when his pet dog was f*cking his flower hole, the stout dog’s p*nis moved the jade d*ldo by the force, which also made the chrysanthemum hole h*rney, and he could not bear to leave the jade d*ldo.


This won’t work. 

Even if he is lustful, he could not keep the jade d*ldo in his needy chrysanthemum hole every day, so it was better to let his dog pacify his chrysanthemum hole regularly.

Su Xue watched his master’s two pleasure holes fluttering with l*wd water. The usually obedient doggy felt itchy, trying to lick his master’s wet, slippery holes to help his master expel his potential rival, the broken stone. 

If the stone licks the back hole deeply, then I will lick the hole in front of my master.

Yue Xiujin did not know that his pet dog had begun to covet his two small holes again. At this time, the jade d*ldo was about to squeeze to the opening, but he still could not get out the d*ldo. He opened his buttocks with both hands and concentrated on controlling the intestines to discharge the jade d*ldo. Through the twitching opening, one could finally see the round head of the jade d*ldo’s back handle.

Su Xue turned his face back, leaned his nose to his master’s wide open flower hole, sniffed the flower hole hard, and suddenly showed infatuated eyes.

Um… it smells good…

Su Xue turned over and lay on his back, so that he could not only see the flower hole of his owner that was loosened by him, but also the chrysanthemum hole when the owner kept squirming and trying to get rid of the broken jade. He felt that he was too smart, that just from lying on his back, he could understand so many benefits.

“Su Xue, what are you doing… ah…” The long dog tongue drove straight into the watering flower hole. The jade d*ldo had just reached the mouth of the back hole, however because of the sudden stimulation, the warm passage suddenly tightened and sucked it back. Yue Xiujin beat Su Xue’s stomach hard, but this little strength did not hurt Su Xue. “Pull it out… Hmm…”

In the meaty flower hole, Su Xue licked the raised part that was squeezed by the jade d*ldo in the excited neighbouring hole. At this time, Yue Xiujin was basically riding on his dog’s mouth, spreading his legs to let the pet dog’s tongue lick his meaty way. Yue Xiujin wanted to raise his waist to prevent Su Xue from licking the needy hole, but his waist was sore and weak. 

The dog’s tongue was gently licking the meaty walls, and the rough feeling particles were scraping and grinding the meaty passage inch by inch, making the sensitive hole water out even more.

Yue Xiujin was licked into a pool of spring water by his pet dog, with the tip of the dog’s tongue sticking into the folds of the fleshy walls, carefully depicting the lines of the folds, and deepening the shape of his master’s fleshy passage into his mind. Yue Xiujin could not concentrate on expelling the jade d*ldo in the chrysanthemum hole at all. The s*x organs felt half cooked.


“Hmm…can’t remove it anymore…ahhh…Su Xue…you’re a bad dog…ah…” The dog’s tongue licked deeper and deeper, and Yue Xiujin’s strength was licked away by him. He lay down softly. In Su Xue’s lower abdomen, Yue Xiujin pushed his as* and let Su Xue lick his hole to his content.

The chrysanthemum hole in the middle of the two buttocks were joined together. Su Xue tried hard to lick the protruding wall in the meaty way, squeezing the jade d*ldo out bit by bit, and had to squeeze the broken stone out of the chrysanthemum hole through the meaty wall parting the two pleasure holes apart. Watching the jade d*ldo’s round head moving extremely slowly, the transparent intestinal juice flowed out of the folds of the chrysanthemum hole, coating his master’s flesh, and then flowing onto Su Xue’s tongue and into his mouth.

Su Xue licked his flesh harder and harder, forcing the jade to roll out earlier.

The hole is melting… Ahhh… I can’t bear it anymore…

The dog’s tongue and jade d*ldo squeezed the fleshy membrane between the chrysanthemum and flower holes. Yue Xiujin was about to be licked madly by Su Xue. Suddenly, his face inadvertently encountered a fluffy bulge, and the top of the bulge was poking his cheek, feeling slippery. It was pointed, fleshy, and exuded a trace of fishiness.

It was Su Xue’s s*x organ that had retracted into his body.

Yue Xiujin smelled the dog p*nis that had not completely retracted, and only the gl*ns remained outside. In the dark, he could only see the outline of the dog’s gl*ns and its hairy roots.

This is Su Xue’s doggy c*ck… the doggy c*ck that stabbed me to shoot and squirt… just in front of my eyes…

This thing that makes me so happy and willing to be fu*ked… is right in front of my eyes…

Yue Xiujin’s drool was evidently visible.

Can’t lick…The hole can be licked by the dog, but my mouth can’t lick the dog’s c*ck…

Lick…just lick…


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