Kisses Make Me Grow Taller

Chapter 81.4 Newcomers?! (4)

“Brother Bai Rong, come here. I’ll take you to find the cave.” Lu Ya, who just ran to the side, waved at Bai Rong and said in a low voice.

“Okay…” Bai Rong picked up Kuku and walked over.

Lu Kun looked at Lu Ya and followed twenty meters behind them.

Lu Ya was indeed good at finding the chirping beast cave, having found one just ten minutes later. He took out a piece of fragrant grilled rumble beast meat the size of a nail from his bag and punctured a brown thread on it, burying it shallowly two meters away from the cave.

“In normal circumstances, the chirping beast comes out within half an hour. If it hasn’t come out in half an hour, it means that the cave is probably empty and you would have to change to another cave.”


There were a lot of empty caves here. After all, a chirping beast would have at least three caves, moreover, it was capable of running very fast, so the rate of catching a chirping beast was very low. To be able to catch for a day was considered quite a lot.

“So… do we wait now?” Bai Rong looked at the two men lying on their back after the meat was buried several meters away, and whispered to Lu Ya.

“Yes, we wait.” Lu Ya quickly built up a small but long strip of mound, “Come here, we have to hide.”

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The group of people laid behind the mound for twenty minutes, but there was still no movement in the cave. Bai Rong rubbed his sore arms and wanted to change his posture, when suddenly, an extremely small voice floated out.


Seeing that Lu Ya and Kuku didn’t respond at all, Bai Rong gently tugged at Kuku’s sleeve, pointing at the cave and before Kuku made a sound, he made a gesture, expressing, “It’s coming out.”

Kuku immediately signalled his understanding and on the inside, he couldn’t help but feel surprised and proud, the corners of his lips raising slightly. As expected, his Bai Rong was still the best and the most powerful, to be able to detect them this early!

When Kuku turned his gaze back again, he saw a shadow emerging from the mouth of the cave through the sand hole that was dug. He immediately stepped out and leapt towards the chirping beast.

In the instant that Kuku jumped out, the thread in Lu Ya’s hand began to tremble. Lu Ya was taken aback for a moment, and then became angry. He was so angry that he almost wanted to scold this unruly “pig teammate” of his for alerting the prey, preventing the chirping beast from layings its claws on the meat, he was simply driving the chirping beast back to his cave!

However, because Bai Rong had spotted the chirping beast early, Kuku stepped out and caught the chirping beast the moment it reached out its claws to grab the piece of meat. Kuku pounced out the moment the chirping beast pressed its claws on the meat and blocked its escape route. The chirping beast was immediately alarmed and let out a sharp screech, hurriedly fleeing to the right side but before it could even run 4 meters, Kuku picked it up by the neck.

“!!!” Lu Ya, who had witnessed everything next to him, stared blankly in shock.

He didn’t realize that this pig teammate of his was so amazing?!!

That speed of his must be faster than his brother?!!!!!

Bai Rong hurriedly walked over and looked at the chirping beast in Kuku’s hand with joy, “Kuku is amazing!”

Kuku curved his eyes and smiled, “If it wasn’t for Rong…Brother reminding me in advance, I wouldn’t have been able to catch it so easily. How do we deal with this chirping beast?”

“Cut off the neck and put it in a bag.” Lu Ya walked up to them quietly, and handed them a bag with a complicated gaze.

Kuku glanced at Bai Rong before doing so.


“Brother Bai Rong, since you caught this. You should have it.” Lu Ya put the bag into Bai Rong’s hand. Seeing that Bai Rong wanted to refuse, he quickly said, “Don’t refuse, this should belong to you anyway.”

“But if Lu Ya hadn’t taught us, we wouldn’t have been able to catch them this smoothly so this one should still go to you. “Even though this first spoil of war was very tempting, Bai Rong still knew how to act with propriety, quickly stuffing the bag back into his hands, “You’ve contributed a lot and you also found this cave. You also taught us the method on how to catch it so we can’t take it…”

While the two of them were engaged in a discussion, three wretched looking people walked towards them from the side. Lu Ya quickly pulled Bai Rong to the mound and turned around to walk ahead. Lu Kun, who was watching from behind not too far away, also walked ahead.

“Those three aren’t any good people. They usually like to snatch other people’s things. Let’s avoid them.” Lu Ya whispered.

Even though these people didn’t dare provoke him because of his brother, it was the right decision to stay away from them.

“I see…” Bai Rong nodded, and dragged Kuku to follow Lu Ya. The three people’s words floated over to their direction.

“As soon as you see a person who can’t run fast under the weight of gravity, you know that the person is a newcomer, perhaps he might even have a spatial button, how about it, why don’t we go and rob him?!”

“Bah, are you sure that person’s a newcomer? I saw that person holding a chirping beast in his hand! Motherfucker, what kind of newcomer can instantly capture a chirping beast?!”

“Why not, even though he caught a chirping beast, not being able to run fast is a fact. He might have even caught it out of sheer luck!”

“Ah, Ma Sa. Even if you say it like that, you shouldn’t be that clueless. Otherwise, why else wouldn’t you have gone and done it yourself? Why else would you call us and have us think of a plan?!”

“La Dun’s right. That person was so tall. He’s probably about 1.9 meters!! I don’t think he’ll be that easy to deal with. Ma Sa, are you sure you want to pick a fight with him?!”

“Big deal. We can just go back and find two more people to work with us. You guys can’t be that scared right? In any case, I’m about to go over. This is a once in a blue moon opportunity, are you sure you guys aren’t going?”



“Brother Bai Rong?” Seeing Bai Rong suddenly stop in his tracks. Lu Ya turned his head in doubt, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Rong wore a shocked and dazed expression, his heart quivering because of a sudden conjecture, his hands clenching tightly.

A newcomer who’s 1.9 meters tall?!

Could it be Mu Chongyan?!!!!

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